Wednesday, December 22, 2004

...meh hipon aku..huhuhu

that's supposed to be "sipon" but everytime i speak it, it comes sounding like hipon..(though i did have shrimp for lunch)... i know i haven't been blogging, but there's not much to tell anyway.. i've been mostly staying at home, except last weekend where i helped mom with her bazaar and mostly manned her booth.. Raymond also helped me, for the first 2 days (for which i am eternally grateful.. i love you pangs!) 'cause my mom had parties to attend to (my mom has a better social life than i have).. i did saw Tenten last Friday at Megamall.. i texted her and told her to drop by our tiangge and she did more than just that.. she even bought 6 oatmeal brownies from me! yey! i guess i don't show it, but i really enjoy selling and helping my mom in her business... it's a different feeling of fulfillment when you see the stuff you made are actually appreciated and bought by some head's full of ideas now, and i really want to make mom's business bigger and better..

anyway, i'm online cause i have to start modifying the eqgroup sharepoint site.. but then i found out that i need Frontpage 2003 for me to configure it fully.. grrrr.. oh yeah, pasko na pala this saturday.. i had just finished wrapping my presents for my inaanaks (there are only 3 of them) and i'm still in the process of wrapping the other gifts to my radix officemates.. i'm attending their Christmas party tomorrow.. sumali pa nga ako sa exchange gift nila eh (bwhahaha kapal ano) pero di ko kilala yung nabunot ko.. it's a guy and i just bought some shoe bag and a towel from Human for him (150 worth daw eh).. since i started working, i don't get excited anymore when it's christmas time 'cause it only meant one thing to me.. GASTOS! waaah. it's not for the PAL type of person..(palamunin).. sabi nga nila, ang Pasko ay para sa bata.. i just don't enjoy it anymore..especially this christmas, wala na si lola.. (/me tingin sa taas)

on a happy note, ate ging's going back tomorrow! i do miss her ( and envy her! she got to watch Maroon 5 on concert! waaah), it's kinda sad when we eat out and i automatically tell the waitress "for 5 po" then i say.. "ayy! 4 lang pala kami".. plus, i wanna tell ate ging something.. siya na lang hindi nakakaalam sa family eh hihihi..i still have to buy a christmas present for her pala.. i already bought mom's (a Red Earth All Around Concealer.. she kept on using my Cinema Secrets one) and Ate Chary's (Maybelline Forever Metallics Lipstick and EyeBrow Duo).. i didn't buy Ate ging's present yet 'cause she can be quite picky so i'm gonna buy hers at Essences or Beauty Bar in Makati..baka sapukin ako nun pagbinigyan ko ng Maybelline, harharhar.. (keh ate Chary kasi, 500 bucks lng ang budget ko, dhel yun din yung value nung binigay nya sakeng sandals, LOL!) keh Dad, nagshare kami ni Ate chary to buy him this pair of shoes na nagustuhan nya, buti na lng, nakakita si Daddy ng cheaper shoes! Guys' shoes are sooo expensive! yung napili ni Daddy, tag 800 lang kami ni Ate.. woohoo!

i took this quiz pangs linked me to..

Which OS are You?

paalam muna, have a merry christmas!

pangs ko, mnmnmnk!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 really, really, reaaally lazy dude

okay. so the title's me. i'm supposed to be in Makati today and yesterday for my meeting with Clive and Greg but i had to cancel it yesterday so i supposedly moved it today and tomorrow BUT i dunno what's with me (or is it just my lovely, fluffy pillow) that i seem to have trouble getting off my bed. i had my alarm on so when it turned on around 6:30 am.. it just took me exactly 2 seconds to shut it up and go back to sleep.. i dreamt that i was already taking a shower, putting on clothes, then i heard my cellphone ringing. in reality, i was still in my bed (don't you just HATE those kind of dreams... pinapaasa ka na nakatayo ka na! grrrrr) and salivating my pillow (ugh).. it was my pangs who i know is sooo pissed at me (that's the main reason i blogged this blog) for being the lazy person that i am...waah i can't help it. waking up is suuuch a hassle. i really don't know how i'm supposed to find a job next year if i keep this up. arrrggh. I just emailed them (Greg and Clive) and told them that i can do it in the comforts of my own home (plus i don't want to go there and spend the day installing all the software that i need) and have something to show them by the end of the week.

and pangs.. waaah please don't be angry at me (or whatever word you want to describe your mood now).. did you know that i already met his mother and his sister? i was so drastically nervous at first but his mother kept on smiling at me and his sister was downright nice that i had no problem swallowing the food that i was eating..(that was my fear, that i would be so nervous that i wouldn't be able to eat) and his friends are cool and you could see their personality already.. wilson's the loud one, romeo's the quiet one, and ame.. well i haven't really seen that much from him but he seems to be the "dramatic" one..(he had a fight with his gf)

anyway, pangsssss.. i keep on disappointing you.. and i'm so sorry! it's just the way i am i guess,.. lazy, papalit-palit ng isip, sleepaholic.. but i'm not changing my mind next year.. nope, never! i just hope that you feel the same way still. i'll somehow make it up to you,..okay? ILYsm!

Monday, December 06, 2004

...busy, busihan

yep, i'm kind of loving my life right now (obvious buh, ndi tuloy nakakablog, hehe).. ei, belated happy birthday to me! thanks to everyone who greeted, texted, emailed me last Nov. 27.. salamat sa greetings! i had a GREAT birthday! mom, dad, raymond and i went to Isabela 'cause it was my pamangkin's christening.. ninang ako! since it was gonna be a long weekend, we decided to make it LOOOnger and left for Isabela on Friday morning (nov 26)..nov 28 pa yung binyag kaya tumulong din kami keh ate marian mamili ng grocery and prizes sa games.. before that, eve ng 26th eh we waited for my birthday tas binigay ni pangs yung gift nya saken... waaah it's soooo cool.. yung lomo action sampler camera na lagi naming tinitingan sa montage sa greenbelt! wahahaha. super thanks my pangs! check out these photos of my super cute inaanak!!



cute nya noh! and syempre capture and cuteness nya sa camera ko! meh time pa nga na nadelay yung pagprint ng pictures kasi nagulat yung nagpaprocess at bakit daw meh 4 shots sa isang print.. harhar.. gusto kong sabihin.. tagabundok nga kayu! hehe, parang nalaman ko lng din yun this past month lang ata..

these are shots naman of howell, the cute but very, very pikon (mana keh tita che, lol) pamangkin (anak din ni kuyuh manel) na pagnatatalo sa ps2 eh pinapatay yung console! at grabe, tsaket manungtok uh! lol pasalamat siya cute siya hehe.. super gwapo siguro nito pagtanda..fave ko yung second shot, meh light effect pa kasi!


and of course, this is me, pacute parin. harharhar.


asteeeeeeg ng camera ko dibuh? again, courtesy of my pangs. mwahmwahmwah ily!



and these are shots from Isabela, from my father's camera.


sumasama rin ako keh momi sa bazaar nya sa megamall eh,.. nakikiraket buh ehehe.. kwento ko later.. bye for now!