Sunday, February 29, 2004

just heard a re-make of Yellow. don't know who the band/girl was. kainis. was a sucky remake.. i mean, the song was only good because of his voice.. (sorry, don't know Coldplay's lead singer's name) .. without his vocals, the song isn't even likeable.

i just hate remakes.

except counting crow's remake of ghost in you. and oasis' wonderwall.

i hate the rest.

la lng. just ranting.. pasok na naman bukas... *sighs* bye all!

Thursday, February 26, 2004

/me wapaks ate cha. AS IN *WAPAKS*

this is ALL your fault. tiningnan ko tuloy ulit yung last 'correspondence' namin.

nice site gewi. :)

from pidru
[email] [homepage]
8:45 am - Saturday,March 22, 2003

WAAAAAAAAAH. last year pa pala yun. *ngalngal*

System Time: 1:28 PM
ei ei.. i've decided to submit an entry to "What book has changed your life?" contest by Powerbooks. I'm not much of a writer, and the book i've chosen is nothing deep or philosophical like East of Eden or Paulo Coelho's books.. i also wanted to write about those books but it's difficult to put into writing how much i believe in angels, sacred rituals, etc now.. so i decided to write about Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.. here's what i wrote..

I have been working for more than 3 years but I had no savings, no investments because I would spend my salary the minute it touches my hand. After reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I started evaluating my whole life. I had been buying nothing but liabilities! Now, I try to assess every little thing I buy. I have completely changed my money habit and have renewed vigor in my work because I know if I work hard, I would soon have my own money to invest on. As Mr. Kiyosaki said, "Focusing on my own business, developing assets, made me a better employee. I now had a purpose.” My only regret is not learning about the book sooner. Can you imagine how hard my money could’ve been working for me by now if I started the instant I was earning?

well.. it's not winning piece material but it's a way to get people to read the book also.. that's probably the main objective of the contest anyway..

My sister's gonna write about "Four Agreements".. that's a good book too.. but Rich Dad, Poor Dad really changed my life.. the contest only requires 150 words or less which is just TOO short that i had to delete half of what i've written in my first draft.. i had stuff like..

"When you're single, living with your parents and considerably young (23, in my case), motivating yourself to work can be extremely difficult especially when no one is depending on your income." lol! i've learned soooo much from that book like stuff on how to build your financial IQ, or what assets are (i've learned them in school but accounting can be PRETTY BORING) and secrets of the rich.. it said stuff like "rich people buy luxuries last, while the poor and middle class tend to buy luxuries first".. which is soo true 'cause i would find myself buying the whole clinique line when i can do just as well with a johnson's baby powder on my kikay kit, lol! Also, Mr. Kiyosaki said this "the rich buy assets. the poor only have expenses. the middle class buys liabilities they think are assets." ps2s, cellphones, dvds.. shittss.. i've got a whole lot of them.. basta, the most important rule i've learned is to know the difference between an asset and a liability.. and i should only concentrate my efforts on buying income-generating assets.. after my assets produce income, that's the time to buy luxuries.. not wasting my job salary on personal effects that have no real value once i get them home..(i quoted Mr. Kiyosaki hehe).. i've talked non-stop about it.. to my friends, my sisters, my parents.. i mean, nobody talked to me how i would handle my money once i started earning my own.. my parents would tell me (like Poor Dad on the book) to study hard to get a good job when they should've taught me to study hard to give jobs.. that's why rich people with kids will produce rich kids..they teach their kids how they would handle money and make the money work for them.. the great thing about the book is it doesn't tell you to quit your dayjob.. it encourages you to be the best employee for you to start earning and to start minding your own business. we work for everyone but ourselves.. we work for the company we work for, the government through our taxes, for banks that keeps our money.. we make everyone else richer! that's why he said we should "mind our own business"... a business where our money works for us and not the other way around..

System Time: 2:09 PM
..syempre all this talk about making money made me call up Jul Nuique for their website... i guess we had a misunderstanding because i thought they didn't want to make a site any longer 'cause it would mean that they would have to show pictures of their products that could be pirated by other companies in the same line.. so i told Poy (Jul's younger brother.. about my age) to call me when they've decided what they want in the site and who their audience will be.. BUT poy said it was ME who was going to call them back.. nyerks.. good thing i called and jul said again that "ako lang daw hinihintay nila" .. nyeks again.. anyway, i'm going their on saturday to talk things through and design a database (read: to MMM as in Make More Money!).. they want something that would have 2 access levels, the higher level containing the new products while the lower one would be for general viewing..

uy excited na ulit ako har har har.

System Time: 5:47 PM
grabe. this is the text message i received from dex yesterday.. "*mwaaah* HAPI 3RD ANNIVERSARY MI. ang tgal n natin mi. mi sori s lhat n ngawa ko 4 d last 3 yrs. ang dami kong pgku2lang but still ur der. salamat sa lahat. I LOVE U."
sweet diba? but my first reaction was.. "3 YEARS!?" ndi ba 2.. tas putek.. napaisip ako.. kasi kami na nung naggraduate kami eh, that was 2001.. so 3 years nga pala.. hahahaha! eh on off naman kami eh (tska naglalaho siya dati noh) kaya siguro nakatatak sa isip ko na 2 years.. lolz.. gosh. ang tagal na nga. hehe. sige alis na rin ako.. punta pa ko powerbooks.. babay!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

okay. so i'm a little bit disappointed. hmm.. i guess not just a bit.. perhaps a little more than a "bit". BUT.. you know.. hmm.. ahh ewan. just making something out of nothing.. sige. i'm just gonna shut up.

gudnite all :)

System Time: 2:59 PM
something's wrong. my clock's not working. it's not fucking moving! can't believe it's only 3 pm. i feel as if i've stared at my monitor for ages. it's taking all my willpower not to go home already.. maybe it's because it's a holiday tomorrow and i can't wait to have my movie marathon.. hay.. excuse pa ko eh lagi naman akong ganito pag alang ginagawa lol..

System Time: 3:11 PM
people often ask me 'bout dex.. you know, the usual stuff like how is he doing or how are we doing (as a couple).. i give my usual answer like "okay lang" or "ganon parin" but actually.. it's great.. especially these past few days. maybe it's because of lara's wedding that we keep on talking 'bout our future together..(tsaka nagpapakasweet *ehem* na rin ako hehe) or maybe because tomorrow's our 2nd anniv and we're excited 'bout that.. we have nothing special planned.. but just the thought that we've been together for 2 years makes me feel really giddy and special.. after the "Milan" incident, i try to put more effort in our relationship and fully appreciate how lucky i am that i have him as my bf.. i mean, what the shit was i thinking about? ranting 'bout pc here and my so-called impossible love.. my friends are always complaining 'bout their bf's insensitivity, unfaithfulness, immaturity etc.. dex has been nothing but great to me... even if we sometimes fight 'bout petty stuff...he always comes around (even if i'm the guilty party) and talk things through..

i love you dextergelbolingomomikowbesprenkowasawakow

My blog yesterday, February 23, 2004:

System Time: 9:27 AM
gud mawnin! almost didn't go to work today (monday blues) but i remembered that today is roni's interview in prumerica and i want to be here to see her..didn't hear from eboy but roni said that she'll also be interviewed later.. (yey!)

System Time: 11:58 AM
currently experiencing electricity fluctuations.. okay lang dito, meh UPS ako but it's kinda scary if the electricity fluctuates when we're inside an elevator.. nakagenerator lng kasi tas nagpapalit palit ng power source.. ay ang init. ay wala na namang kuryente.. ay meron na.. hehe scary.

System Time: 1:00 PM
ala palang pasok sa Wednesday (feb 25, edsa) buti na lng pumasok ako..kungdi 3 days lng ako hehe.. last saturday was lara's wedding.. ang saya.. not only the wedding but the fact that it's the first time dex and i've been together for one whole day since he got here last august.. after the wedding, we went back to lara's house to watch her open their wedding presents.. kakatawa, they got 4 oven toasters, 3 dish drainers, 3 starter sets, 3 rice cookers and a lot of other stuff that doubled.. lol! but they did get a tv, dvd player, washing machine, etc.. twas so cool to watch lara and jp open them up with people hollering their guesses as to what the gift is.. (ang gagaling manghula ng mga matatanda, lol).. yung paglector ko, meh times na yung priest na yung sumasagot kasi nawawala ako at ndi ko alam na ako na pala.. kasi naman adlib ng adlib yung pari lol..pero all in all okay naman daw sabi nila kate..

System Time: 2:07 PM
they're hereee! eboy and roni, i mean.. IT people are in a meeting so medyo maghihintay hintay pa sila.. teka.. labas din ako maya maya, kakabato naman dito eh..

System Time: 5:03 PM
mukhang kukunin si eboy.. she has a strong COBOL knowledge and maganda daw interview nya.. sana nga makuha siya para meh makasama ako dito hehe.. sana makuha rin si roni.. they still have one more person to interview, if that doesn't go well, they'll probably get roni.. c++ lang kasi gamit ni roni sa work, eh kelangan visual c++, vb and cobol..

System Time: 5:30 PM
hinihintay ako ni roni sa baba.. umalis na si eboy.. kasama pa kasi si hugey eh ayokong makita yung tao na yun. sige... babay na!
My blog last February 20, 2004:

System Time: 4:09 PM
my blogs for this week have been destroyed. how sad. i saved it all in a disk, when i tried re-accessing it, it said "Disk is not formatted. Format it now?" fuck fuck fuck. hay.


kakadepress namaaaan. naipon pa kasi. badtrip! can't remember half of what i'd written there.. hay.

babay na. bye.

meron pala akong isang natira. yung kahapon, kasi asa hard disk, buti na lng ndi ko pa nilipat sa lecheng disk na yun. hmpft. sige. babay ulit.

teka. naiinis tlga ako. if you write blogs, i'm sure you would know how i'm feeling. kakainis pag nawawala. GRR. sige. babay na tlga.

My blog last February 19, 2004:

System Time: 12:53 PM
had a looong talk with Aisha, my friend here at Prumerica.. (actually, 2 lang tlaga silang savior ko dito sa lintek na kumpanyang toh.. kung wala sila siguro naloka na ako lol).. ala kasi si Suzette, kya tumambay muna ako sa 'aquarium' nila.. ayun.. kasi nakwento ko yung panaginip ko the other night.. grabe.. nameet ko na si PC! lol! yeah.. sa dream nga lang.. pero parang totoo tlga kasi yung pagkaSHOCK ko eh feel na feel ko.. di ko maalala mashado pero ang naalala ko lng eh yung moment na nakita ko siya..basta nagkita daw kami tas sabi ko.."PETER??!!!??!!!!" sabay hug keh 'peter'.. tas yun nagising na ako.. edi kinuwento ko yun.. edi syempre si Aisha parang, sino si peter diba.. kaya ayun LOOONG kwentuhan.. pagkagising ko from that dream.. natuwa ako.. remember my wish list in life? i wished na sana mameet ko si PC.. feeling ko, nafulfill na yung wish ko.. even if it's just through a dream.. 'cause it felt real.. his hug was real, my shock was real (lol).. so in a way, para talagang ginawan ni God na magmeet kami..

hahaha. kakatawa ako. pero pramis, happy na ako. i can cross that one out of my wish list. i know i haven't talked about him here for the longest time.. kasi it's my way of moving on.. kasi i usually re-read my blogs and i just decided na ayoko ng mabasa ang tungkol sa kanya.. kasi, matagal na akong nakapagdecide na i won't try to forget him 'cause it's simply impossible.. instead, i promised myself not to get sad when i think of him.. paminsan, iniimagine ko na nagwowork na siya, tapos sinusundo nya gf or asawa nya sa work din tas sabay sila uuwi.. hehe.. ang weird ko noh.. eh, wala na akong alam sa buhay nya eh, so.. ayun, imbento na lng dibuh, lol.. it makes me happy to imagine him being happy. ^_^

di na nga ako sad nung nagkukwento ako keh Aisha 'bout him.. (oki payn, nalungkot pero super super konti lang)

shiiiiiiiiit. parang nabuksan ang pandora's box. LOL! parang nagiba yung dam. (pakorni ng pakorni..mais.. WAHHHHH) after kong itype na ndi na ako nalulungkot eh nalungkot nga ako. LOL. kainish. hahahaha. *lukaret na*

ang tanga tanga ko. grabe. lol! naiiyak ako para sa taong ndi ko pa nakikita. bwahaha. sa taong kinalimutan na ako. bwahaha. hay layp. *focuses on my dream* hapitotshapitotshapitots. nahug ko siya dun.. hehe.. *focus ulit*

my deadline's on tuesday to figure out why the graphs are behaving this way.. (putek na trabaho toh.. pwede bang sabihin, .." ma at pa!").. i've been tracing this program and after 17 functions and a TON of variables.. i feel more confused than ever.. di parin ako nakakakita ng liwanag hehe.. powtah. kaurat.

siguro kaya ko napanaginipan (eto na naman ako...) si pc kasi galit parin saken si dex.. dba dba dba? meh logic ba sinabi ko.. teka.. nalulungkot na naman ako.. kasi namaaaaaaaan (eto na tlga ako).. khet ndi na kami madalas mag-usap, magparamdaman man lang sana siya.. arrrghh (sakal sarili) KASI KAYA AYOKO na siyang ikwento dito eh, lalo lang nahahalata na meh topak na ako sa utak.. *kamot ulo*


siguro asa states parin siya. tas crush nya yung neighbor nya. (tangible dibuh.. arrrrg) tas sa sobrang torpe nya siya na niligawan nung girl. tas sinagot nya hehe. siguro magaaniv na sila, tas dhel rich na siya, naghahanap na lng siya ng diskarte para magpropose. LOL. ohdibuh. alang wenta wento ko. ala man lng conflict. hehe. ahh.. bago siya magpropose.. feeling senti siya.. tas meh naalala siyang certain someone na taga antipolo. narealize nya na mahal nya parin yun kaya uuwi na siya ng pinas para dun na lng magpropose. AHAHAHAHA. tangina ko. lol! ay ay ay, ndi.. mas maganda toh.. asa states parin siya.. nung papasok na siya sa werk, nabalitaan nyang meh bago silang opismeyt.. tas pagkita nya.. ohmigod walang iba kungdi ang kanyang mahal na taga antipolo! AHAHAHAH. hay. muret. *sakal sarili*

System Time: 2:10 PM
ohmigod i called eboy. WAHAHA. sa sobrang naloloka ako eh tinawagan ko siya. at okay na kami. AHAHAH. taena kasi iniisip ko si peter,.. tas syempre, dhel friend ni eboy yun, naisip ko rin.. at siya lang tlga yung nakakaintindi ng feelings ko bout peter.. hehe.. wow. oh dibuh meh mabuting nagawa ang pagiging lokaloka ko. bati na kami ni eboy!!!! yehey!!!

System Time: 2:55 PM
ang lamig. kainis. (i'm such a whiner, noh?) ay, onga pala.. asa akin na yung kopya ng misalet ni lara.. mega practice ako kagabi haha.. chet pano kung nagsasalita lang eh pumiyok ako haha. katawa siguro yun.. mamaya hanap ako ng damit para sa wedding nya sa sabado.. grabe, bibili ako ng dress. sayang sa pera. hmpft. laki na pala tsan ni lara, to think 3 months pa lng siya.. pero ganon tlga daw yun eh.. pag alam ng lahat na buntis ka, tlgang mabilis lumaki.. pero pag tinatago mo.. parang nakikisama rin yung paglaki ng tsan mo.. yung pinsan ko, si gracie.. hanggang 7 months natago nya! tas nung nalaman na ng lahat.. ayun.. biglang lumobo.. tas yung dito rin sa prumerica.. ganon din pero 3 months bago nya narealize na buntis siya.. tas yun, biglang laki rin.. ako naman, gusto ko lang mabuntis para tumaba.. hahaha.. sama ko..speaking of taba.. grabe, tama kaya yung weighing scale nila dito sa prumerica.. yun yung inaadjust adjust pa na parang manual yung pagtimbang.. 95 lbs daw ako! lol! grabe wish ko lang har har har..ay, nakasapatos ako nun eh.. 10lbs kaya ang sapatos ko? hehe malamang..

hay. putiik. pano ba tong graph na toh. shete.

System Time: 5:21 PM
improving na ako sa graph.. i see the light.. kinda.. lol.. anyway, kita kami mga 6 ni ate ging.. babay!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

My blog last February 13, 2004

System Time: 10:27 AM
.. people here at prumerica are listening to Joe's Love notes.. and after reading the letter, joe played my fave fave song.. "If i was the one" by Ruff Endz.. it's my song for .. hehe.. secret.. it's pre-valentines day and i don't want to let my thoughts wander to the brink of unfaithfulness.. but i still love the song.. i used to listen to it one whole day without getting tired of it.. i used to watch Centerstage just to hear that song.. (it's the song they dance to in the 'play')

since everyone's talking bout valentines day, i'm reading an all-time classic romantic novel by Judith McNaught... none other than "Whitney, My Love".. am supposed to be doing my VB (YES, I'M BACK IN VB, THANK GOD!) program but how could i concentrate with everyone talking 'bout heart-shaped donuts, sir dennis' flowered blouse and the singletons (old single ladies, *stifles a laugh*) having a ladies' night tonight.. i had to celebrate valentines in my own way, hence, the reading of this lovely loovelyy l-o-v-e ly novel.. (courtesy of #bookz in undernet.. i labyu sistah thanks for telling me 'bout the channel) i could hardly recall reading this particular Judith Mcnaught novel.. hmm.. maybe i haven't read this at all! it's just i've ALWAYS known Whitney, My Love.. perhaps i just imagined reading the book, lol..

System Time: 10:53 AM
everyone's not here.. so i took advantage of my solitude and called Jing, just to talk about lara's upcoming wedding.. you know, girl talk.. dresses, gifts.. we're both uneasy in wearing a dress so at least i found someone who would sympathize in my dilemma.. which reminds me...shit. i still have nothing to wear. >_<

basahin ko na lng muna yung whitney.

System Time: 1:33 PM
just realized it's Friday the 13th.. am not the superstitious type.. think i've deleted every single chain-email i've received, even after reading it from start to finish does not make me worry that anything bad that might happen to me could be 'caused by something as inconspicuous as a forwarded email..

still reading Whitney, though i was able to correct some bugs in my program in between chapters..(i'm the multi-tasking queen.. har har har)

i had this very, very weird dream last night.. i dreamed that ate chary and my cousin, kuya don were getting married.. lol! how creepy is that! everyone was there in my dream, like it was one of our normal family gatherings..i even had a fight with some of the people in "the church", and considering my war-freakedness, that just adds up to the normality of my the whole event.. i only remember bits and pieces, but that was mainly the general picture of my dream..i woke up uttering "ewww" and would probably look at my sister and kuya don a bit more vigilantly from now on.. lol! kadirs.

System Time: 3:28 PM
it's been a lucky friday the 13th for me so far.. all of the IT people are on another meeting so i'm left alone again.. so, so happy 'cause i could continue reading the novel.. hehe..

basa ulit! brb

ahh cripes. they're back. >_<

System Time: 5:06 PM
yey.. babay!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

System Time: 2:38 PM
/me tingin sa Ties d Knot book ko.. waah.. it's taking all of my willpower not to go ahead and read it... i'm after all, supposed to be working..

ayun. nilagay ko ulit sa bag ko. makalimutan ko pa at maiwan ko dito.. baka atakihin ako sa inis pag nangyari yun lol..

ei.. ate ging told me she found my blog site in a google search for "ging espinosa" .. i tried it awhile ago and saw it on the 7th page.. it said "bangguu. ate ging called blah blah" hahaha.. everytime i mentioned her name on my blog, it would appear in the google web result.. kewl noh? lol

System Time: 3:14 PM
reading my Yahoo! email (only thru my phone).. wawa F4.. ndi na sila sikat lol! vanness, ken and jerry's movie flopped in Taiwan and in HK.. and vic's new album didn't sell that well either.. i think they should realize that they're only popular when their together.. the article i read compared their dismal 'success' to the release of 5566's cd which has sold more than 13,000 copies in HK (vic only sold 7,000).. eh kasi ngaaa 5566 yun, ndi naman sila nagsolo-solo.. ayan.. magsama na kasi kayong 4! lol! *affected ako mashadu*

System Time: 3:59 PM
..1 1/2 hours to go.. getting sleepy again.. -_-.. we're planning to go to baguio this march.. (dex and i).. meyydyo ayoko but dex really wants to go.. kakapagod kasi..sana kung 1 whole week.. tough luck..

ahh grr i wanna read Ties d Knot!!! >_<

System Time: 4:16 PM
..soooooooo sleeypiii -_-

System Time: 4:19 PM
i'll just tell you my wish list..(as in material things wish list)
1. me times three
2. five people you meet in heaven (err.. did i get the title right?)
3. summit books - 'mr. write', 'break-up diaries', and err.. forgot the other one.. i already have 'getting married'
4. catcher in the rye (hope i find this in IRC, #bookz, as sistah told me)

1. Coldplay (i want to become a legit fan hehe.. all i have are mp3s)
2. the new one from Incubus

1. free tickets to see Incubus this March
2. a new knapsack
3. a dress for Lara's wedding.. i'm going to be the Lector.. God, hope i don't screw up
4. share-a-load (penge load! lol)
5. a domain name

*sighs*.. so much for "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" lessons.. i'm a walking liability.. >_<

System Time: 4:51 PM
kung pwede ko lang ilatigo 'tong oras para kumaripas ng takbo eh duguan na siguro pwet nun.. waahhh ambagal..kanina ko pa iniisip kung magundertime na lng ako at umuwi na.. i only have 30+ minutes to go but it feels like a lifetime..

System Time: 5:13 PM
17,.. 17 minutes to go (sabay kulog) .. bwaharharrr (tawa ala count ng sesame)

System Time: 5:25 PM
babayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! *talon talon sa tuwa*
My blog yesterday, February 10, 2004:

System Time: 1:09 PM

it's the first work day of the week for me.. didn't go to work (again) yesterday.. oh-uh.. is this going to be a weekly routine for me? waah.. me and mondays.. boo-hoo. they just don't go together.. -_-

watched the Grammy's yesterday.. my fave band (at the moment) Coldplay won.. forgot for what.. hehe.. what's important is that they did and even had a standing ovation when their name was called.. Evanescence won over 50 cent for Best New Artist.. 50 Cent even went up the stage briefly while Amy Lee started her speech.. dunno what HIS purpose was.. probably to tell the whole world that he's a sore loser.. Amy just said "Thank you, 50" .. good thing she didn't say "Thank you, 50, for being SUCH a goood sport". i would have.. (war freak ako eh lol)

System Time: 1:48 PM
arggh. am so sleypi. -_-

System Time: 2:10 PM
/me nguya ruffles habang nagbabasa ng Yahoo! news.. finished the 'Entertainment' section.. am now on the 'Technology' part.. uyy..magkakabagong GameCube, though '05 or '06 pa daw.. as if i'm interested, eh di ko man lang nalalaro yung PS2 ko.. basahin ko na rin.. la ko magawa eh..

System Time: 2:29 PM
chet ambagal ng oras. -_-

System Time: 4:13 PM
met ria.. kwento-kwento.. dami eh.. 'bout work (reresign na pala siya).. bout friends (resigned na pala si roni).. bout me (NDI PA KO RESIGNED HUHUHU lol).. si bheng kakasal na this march 1.. si eboy suicidal na.. (hahaha. sori. natawa ako eh).. si anshe nakausap si eboy, binuwisit din daw siya.. sabi ko nga, wag na nilang kausapin yung alang wentang taong yun.. ungrateful bitch.. /me hinga malalim *erase erase*

System Time: 4:36 PM
borrowed Smallville season 3 episodes from Sir Philbert.. hanggang episode 8 ata.. yeyyy.. meh papanoorin na ko..but i'll probably be able to watch these this weekend.. i watch the recorded chino/koreanovela shows when i get home..usually finish around 11 pm then sleep right after..tapos na yung Dolphin Bay tsaka In Love with Angel (ganda ng ending ng ILw/ Angel).. pinalit sa ILw/ Angel eh Starry, Starry Night.. it stars the same girl who played Angie in IL w/ Angel.. yung isa,.. Loving You ata title, am not sure.. koreanovela.. andun si Raymond from Winter Sonata..

System Time: 4:57 PM
yeyyy.. alis ako ng 5:15, punta muna ako Powerbooks before i meet dex.. bibilin ko na Ties the Knot woohoo! hanapin ko na rin yung Catcher in the Rye.. bye all!

Friday, February 06, 2004

System Time: 9:08 AM
finished sistah's blog and i'm halfway through ruth's (next is erlyn's.. saya ko sa office ano? hehe).. ruth's blog got me singing champagne supernova again.. i just loved this song (past tense) back in highschool.. actually, i had an oasis phase back then, back on the what's the story, morning glory days.. but i also have their album after that, but it's not as classic as the 2nd.. (i also liked their first, forgot the album title)

/me kanta..

"coz people believe that they're gonna get away from the summerrrrrr... coz u and i, will live and die.. the world's still spinning round we don't know whyyyyyy.. why, why why whyyyyyyyyyyy"

hay. those were the days.

will finish reading ruth's blog. brb. (TGIF pala!)

onga pala ruth.. if you're reading this (sana tlga), i miss youuuuu. read more or less yung usapan nyo ni erlyn sa yahoogroups naten.. kasi, account i'm using is my sister's, and the moment i post my blog, nagdidisconnect na ako.. paminsan, naglilinger ako online (hehe), kaya medyo nabasa ko yung emails (pero konti lang).. hope you understand.. i read your blogs..copy it sa text file tas binabasa ko sa office..keep on posting uh.. *hugs* miss you sis..

and here's something i copied from her blog.. and she titled it.."something for bored peeps".. that's me! so here goes..

1.Have you ever been in love? yes
2.How do you know its love? i just do.
3.What makes you fall? hmm.. attentiveness.. thoughtfulness.. i fall in love easily..
4.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bad
kisser? i'd teach him to be better. practice makes perfect :p
5.What turns you on (at 1st sight)? at 1st smell actually, pag mabango tsaka malinis tingnan hehe
6.Are you the jealous type? dati.. but i've changed.. or maybe dhel secure lang ako keh dex.. past bfs were jerks..
7.Body or brains? gosh ang hirap. LOL! can't decide haha
8.Do looks matter? well, only if i cringe everytime i look at him..or if i don't care to look at him at all.. lol
10.The perfect date? lots of laughter and love can make any date perfect
11.What do you have that will make a person fall
for you? i really don't know
12.Do you still believe in courtship? not really
13.Flowers or chocolates? tsokolat ^_^
14.Kiss on the first date? i don't think so
15.Sex on the first date? nyeks.
16.What would you do if you find out
that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on
you? i'd break it off.. i'm not the "ipaglalaban-kita" type
17.Have you ever cheated on someone? hehe. kakarmahin na ko.
18.Fling or long term relationship? long term.
19.What do you think of holding hands in public? i don't think about it.
20.What do you think of kissing in public? i feel uneasy seeing people kiss in real life (not like when watching it on tv, ok lang yun).. kaya siguro ndi ako ma-PDA..i know nobody's watching but i still feel conscious bout kissing in public
21.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a
smoker? you'd have to ask MY bf this.
22.Ever fell in love with a friend of the same
sex? nope.
23. What would a girl/guy have to do to win your
heart? become my daily habit.
24. love song? i feel for you by kyla or lost in you by Ash
25. sad love song? dadalhin by regine hahaha.. "dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap ko.." sad, sad sad.. lolz.. ay there's another one.. love to love you by the corrs.."i'd love to love you like you do me".. wawa yung kinakantahan :~(
26. would you answer this survey? i already did.

System Time: 10:57 AM
just remembered.. visited my site last night.. was sooo happy to see that the awful banners are gone.. i dunno if it'll stay that way.. i'm thinking of making a new site.. a dynamic one.. yeah, i know i haven't even finished the nakng site.. but i need to learn to make a data-driven site so i could make sites for small businesses.. plus, updating static pages are suuch a hassle.. need to make a site just like where i'd just log in and update away.. (i feel another unfinished project in the making).. nyways, back to work.. brb

System Time: 12:17 PM
..still reading The Valkyries.. it's about angels.. talking to them.. seeing them.. and rituals.. or routines as they are more commonly called.. there were times that i found the book disturbing.. it's frightening to think of Paulo Coelho's past.. but mostly, it's enlightening, like every Paulo Coelho book.. i greatly admire him, as a magus and as an evangelizer.. he's doing his part to spread the word.. i feel that i have to have a magic marker whenever i'm reading his books to highlite phrases that i feel i should know by heart..

System Time:3:32 PM
..will drop by Radix later.. will get my medical assistance and allowance.. la na ko peraaa wahaha.. just when i'm trying to save money, i feel as if the whole world is conspiring for me not to succeed.. there's my cousin's debut this saturday and lara's wedding on the 21st.. (both need gifts and a new dress) .. then Incubus is coming to Manila! waah still don't know if i'll go but i WAANT to.. i love incubus waah.. then Powerbooks just texted me a while ago and said that Shopaholic Ties the knot by Sophie Kinsella is gonna be available soon and asked if i would like to reserve.. of course, i did so that's another 500 bucks.. hayyy.. ano ba tohhh.. keh hirap talaga mag-ipon. -_-

System Time: 4:53 PM
still waiting for 5:15 for me to complete my 8 hours.. babay na rin.. have a good weekend! ^_^

Thursday, February 05, 2004

System Time: 2:03 PM
had lunch at Pier One, Sir Felix' treat.. was his birthday yesterday and he treated the whole IT dept for lunch.. also bought a dozen donuts at GoNuts DoNuts.. ang korni ng name ano.. but when we went there, there was a long queue of people buying donuts so i suppose these should be good (plus the box said "insanely delicious!" lol)..
..grabe, i feel bloated hehe.. and sleepy -_-

i cried yesterday, here at the office.. nobody saw me, though, 'cause i went to the CR and locked myself inside a cubicle.. i didn't mean to cry.. (as if you can plan when you want to cry, lol) i didn't realize first that i was crying,but when i did.. i cried harder than ever..(silently, of course) i cried for the weirdest reason ever.. i never thought i'd ever cried about something like this.. the only times i've cried was when i was heartbroken or when i was being a brat and got frustrated over not getting something i want (hehe) or when watching a sad movie ..... i cried over work.. yeah.. work! it's a first for me.. before i had my flood fest, i called Ma'am Q at Radix..
me: "Ma'am Q? si geri po ito"
mam: "yes, ma'am. ang lungkot ng boses mo uh"
me:"obvious po ba mashado?"
mam:"bakit ma'am? meh nang-aaway na naman sayo dyan?"
me: *tawa na* "opo. waaah. ma'am hirap na hirap na ako dito!"
mam:"yaan mo, by march, darating na yung vc++ programmer.. meh tutulong na sayo"
me:"oki po"
mam:"gusto mo kausapin ko si joel?" (yung boss ko dito)
me:"ndi na po, ma'am"
mam:"konting tiis na lang.. basta, hang on ka lang dyan"
me:"thank you po mam"

.. that was just the gist of our conver.. she also said stuff like "sige, ibuhos mo lng saken lahat ng sama mo ng loob" lol.. i think she knew i was close to my snapping point..thankfully i didn't put on a show in front of the prumerica people.. after we hung up, i quickly went to the CR.. and there i cried. it's just that everyday here is a struggle.. i feel so pressured, being the sole debugger of this sucky vc++ program..and the error list seems endless..when i solve one, another error is's a fucking never-ending cycle..i constantly think about it when i'm awake, and have nightmares about it when i'm asleep..sure, i felt this way sometimes before, but that's different,.. that's visual basic! THIS, this is something i know nothing about but still, i'm trying my very best to understand i know how it feels like when you're told that "your best isn't good enough"..i told Ma'am Marivic, my direct supervisor, that i've reached my limit.. that i can't solve some of the errors, it's beyond me.. it's good that she understood, and told me how we could work around on some of the errors..the crying did me good though,.. like it cleared my mind and calmed me somehow after i let it all out..i was able to cross one out of the error list after that.. guess i just needed to release all the bad energy in my body..
it felt good to cry, to finally admit that i'm feeling the pressure.. i've been sort of bottling it inside, not even telling dex, or my friends how dreadful i feel at work.. like sir jojo, (parang handler ko sa radix for this prumerica project) he would always ask me "oh, geri, musta ka na sa prumerica" and i would reply in my usual "okay lang, sir" 'cause i assume that's what everyone wants to's like when you say "musta na?" to a casual don't really expect a "oh, my dog just died and i forgot to bring my wallet today so i had to ask my seatmate, a complete stranger, in the fx to lend me some money" answer. we're just polite people, trying to appear concerned about someone else's life..of course, to my close friends, i really would want to hear how his/her dog died and what the stranger said but to anybody else, a quick "i'm fine" is all the answer i'll be expecting. my fault was, i was too tired to share my work worries, even to my close friends.. it's just work after all, and i know i'll get the usual response like "kaya mo yan" or "work lang yan".. but now i realize that i needed to hear all those, no matter how repetitive.. everyone needs their 'support system' and i was a fool to think that i could keep it to myself..

System Time: 4:43 PM
grabe kumain na kami donuts, pero di pa nawawala kabusugan ko from lunch.. nyway.. alis na ako.. babay!