Monday, September 24, 2007

...on my 11th week

...and still no morning sickness (yey!). I experienced a bit of dizziness during my 6th week when I still wasn't sure if i was pregnant but after i've eaten, it went away. (so I thought i was just hungry). The only symptom I have is this constant hunger i'm feeling. and it's not the ordinary kind of hunger too.. its the i'm-so-hungry-i'm-gonna-pass-out-right-this-minute kind. so i've learned NOT to wait til i'm hungry to eat. cause the feeling's just not good. but it still hits me sometimes, and when it does it makes me so hungry and weak i have no energy left for eating so that's just not healthy. now i'm drinking milk (anlene.. cause i don't like anmum. huhuh. anmum tastes like crap) so i hope i absorb most of the calcium.

i find myself reading labels now.. always checking out nutrition information. my OB says i must gain at least 1 kilo a month. which is almost impossible given my history. i weighed myself yesterday and no weight gain yet. Next week is my 2nd check up, *sighs* I was hoping I would at least gain a pound or something.

i'm extremely lazy now. i'm lazy before but now its worse. my body feels heavy (even though i haven't gained a single pound) and it worsens with my feeling of inadequacy mixed with guilt with not helping in the house. sometimes i wish pangs and i are back home in our own house.. sometimes i miss my mom and my dad and my sisters.

i've told some of my officemates here (okay, most of them). i've told vivian because i need her OB. i told lynette 'cause she already knew i was delayed for 11 days. i told malvika and javern just because i want them to know (and i can bug them about eating lunch early because of that). i told raj because we were talking about contracts and i had to tell him about my situation (about not knowing if i'll want to extend my contract on december cause i'm pregnant). i told padma just now just because i wanted to. ehehe. so far, the only ones who don't know are my manager and my boss hehe! i'll probably let them know when they talk to me about my contract.

geeeeeeeezzzzz i'm so sleepy. i sometimes take a very expensive cab ride on mornings just to get to work. it was raining AND a monday. *sings.. rainy days and mondays always get me downnn* lol. u know i sang this to Malv, she didn't know the song. haha. i guess i'm showing my age.

last weekend, i didn't do much.. just slept and watched tv. i also watched 'Knocked Up' starring Katherine Heigl (u know, Izzy from Grey's anatomy).. its very appropriate movie for me to watch.. hehe. it did make me nervous though.. thinking about delivering a baby. wahaha. and i still can't imagine my tummy getting big. i had varied reactions when i told my family i was pregnant. i first told my mom.. she was happy but was still confused cause she said "di ko alam sasabihin ko sayo". next was my ate ging and she said "wow preggy. mukha ka sigurong butete". then i asked ate ging if daddy already knew and what was his reaction. he said "ang tagal pa". l o l. anyway, that's my family. only normal reaction was from ate chary who just said congratulations. hehe.

coincidentally my mom visited us here 3 weeks ago. she didn't go because she found out, it was already planned. but it was good timing cause i got to show her my baby's first ultrasound picture:

at 7 weeks:


it's as big as a bean. i know its hard to decipher it but tsugtsug is the one in the left. but during the ultrasound,i could see something fluttering, and it turns out to be the heart! so cool. ooh. i was so nervous about the first checkup i forgot to call raymond. haha. so when i was lying down and about to be ultrasound-ed, my doctor asked "is your husband here?" i was like "oh yeah. could you please call him?" lol! good thing the doc remembered or he would've missed out in hearing/seeing our baby's heartbeat.

it was pretty amazing to see it cause up to that moment, all i had was a stick telling me i was pregnant.


i was late for 13 days and i bought a test friday night. saturday at 4:30am, i went to the toilet.. read the instructions. pee, close the test firmly and then wait for 4 minutes. 1 dot ur not pregnant, 2 dots u are. sounds simple enough. so i did just that.. peed.. closed the test.. put the test down and wait a minuuuuuuute.. there's already two dots. i thought i should wait for 4 minutes. i decided to ignore and wait for the 4 minutes. then i looked at the test. 2 dots still there. got nervous a bit (i dunno.. that was my first feeling. i got a bit scared all of a sudden) and then prayed *thank you God!* i've been wanting to get pregnant for 3 months before this. i was already counting my period (without raymond knowing hehe) and my fertile days.

after taking the test, i went back to bed and woke up pangs whispering "Daddy.. daddy" then he woke up in a start and said "talaga? positive?" and he did this Edu manzano dance while lying down. (hilarious. regret not video taping it)

i told anshe that morning and she cried more than i did. (i got teary-eyed because of her). then i called vivian and told her and asked for her OB's number and the rest, as they say, is history.

i'm on my 11th week, and yep, i'm pregnant! :D

Saturday, September 08, 2007


halu guys! i actually had a blog before this but never had a chance to post it. anyway, there wasn't anything much in that blog, except on how excited i was for the bangkok trip..

had the bangkok trip and can i just say how muuuchhh i looove that country?? L.O.V.E. reminded me so much of home.. paglabas nga namin ng airport lahat kami eh (asa Magallanes ba tayo?) the outside electric poles, the billboards, the flyover, the traffic.. everything was the same except for the sanskrit signs haha.

we just spent 3 days there (bitin!) but i had a greaaat time shopping and sight-seeing. (si janey ask nyo kung nag enjoy magshopping haha! peace!) i bought 200 baht shoes, knock-off lacoste shirts (110baht onlyyyyy)and small items we don't buy here in SG cause its too damn expensive (panyo, medyas, bra, haha!)

i loveeeed the street FRUITS! they have something like dried bagoong which is just geniusss. the taste without the mess. (all for 10 baht!)

here's some of the pictures:

we went to ayutthaya, the ancient ruins:
so nice right? like i'm in cambodia or something (not that i've ever been to cambodia, but i've watched National Geographic)

in Bang-In Summer Palace.. so nice there.. like we were in China naman hehe.

another shot in Bang-In Summer Palace..

we went also to the Grand Palace..

and ooooh.. we met a celebrity hahaha.. check us out with alicia mayer! my dad will be so proud haha! she's very nice, .. i approached her and asked "pwede pong papicture?" and she said yes .. after the picture she was even the one who made small talk like "bakasyon din kayo dito?" .. after the pic we thanked her and went on with the tour

and a tour can't be complete without a jumping shot!

and a weird shot!

and a friendster shot hehehe!

i loved thailand!! i'm definitely going back there, even for just the fruit street vendors.