Friday, December 29, 2006

...happy new year weekend!

December 27, 2006

System Time: 4:57 PM

i'm on my 3rd week now at work, but still no access on anything. ho-hum. I guess that's good news uh, still have nothing to do. I think I'll be like this until January. I'll be attending a formal training (lucky me, none of the other pinoys were able to go to one) for 1 week on january 8-12 and it's a whole day thing so that means no work for me again. (hurrah? hindi ko na alam!!) I'm getting really bored na, tas ang taaagaaaaaal ng oras my gosh.

System Time: 5:03 PM

I attempted to go to HB and ask something about my access but I realized it's already 5:03PM and i'm planning on leaving by 5:30.. i'm not supposed to, pero wala naman akong ginagawa! i don't think anyone will notice since my workstation's awayyy from everybody else's. It'll probably take more than 30 minutes to troubleshoot whatever's bugging my ODBC connections. Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow. If it still doesn't work, then I'll ask.

System Time: 5:17 PM

it's Lara's Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Lara!!!!! sana nga matuloy yung tinext mo saken kanina!

December 28, 2006

System Time: 5:07 PM

We're going to start viewing flats today. We're just looking at hdbs for now, they're the cheaper ones. hopefully it's near an MRT, so it could justify the high prices at least. We'll be viewing 2 flats, one at the West side, the other at North West side. Pangs said to not keep my hopes high since he has experienced seeing dirty/ugly flats before. But i'm hoping the West one is at least clean, because it's supposed to be near the MRT. anyhoo, we'll know later.

I'm starting to feel a bit weird here at the office. I dunno.. weird in a sense that i'm left out or something. you see, the pinoys in our team are not allowed to group together.. a while later, we were even told to speak english when we talk amongst ourselves. (gosh watda diba) Anyway, that's not my complaint.. it's the pinoys din. particularly these 2 chinese pinoys, they keep talking and talking and when I ask something, they sometimes ignore my question, like i'm not there or they didn't hear me. And it's hard when they talk about other officemates in Tagalog (kaya kami pinagbabawalang maggrupo eh, kasi puro ganon ang usapan), they won't tell me who they're talking about. Dati nangungulit pa ako, now, after one question na "Sino?" then they say something like it's for me to find out, I just say "okay". I guess tama rin ginagawa nila para hindi ako maging prejudiced dun sa pinagkukwentuhan nila. I don't know, maybe I'm a bit paranoid because i was so hungry already. (We were waiting for the other pinoy) I guess, tinatancha ko pa ugali nila. Pero I'll shut up na rin muna. I'll go eat with the Chinese. hehe.

System Time: 5:50 PM

5 minutes to go before uwian. 6 ang uwian pero the company bus leaves exactly at 6. pwede na nga ako umalis eh. hehe. alis na nga ako. babay! Will meet pangs at Jurong East. Bye!

December 29, 2006

System Time: 11:05 AM

today is ate chary's birthday.. Happy Birthday ate!!!

Yesterday we went to see a couple of hdb flats. The first one sucked bigtime. It was dirty, had latrine toilets (yung asa baba, yung bowl lang tas magsqusquat ka para magwiwi. wahahah no way.) the second one was waaay better, newly renovated, all new furniture and appliances. Catch is, super mahal. 1200 for a hdb flat!? no way din! Tas 1 bedroom lang talaga. 2 room siya, pero the other room was smaller. I guess 2 bedroom na rin, pero unit was still small. Now I realize how nice our hdb flat is. I thought dati, bulok siya, maganda pala compared to others haha! first, the old hdbs here, yung elevator, hindi lahat ng floors! kunwari, ang elevator is for 1st, 3rd, 6th level lang. Then you have to use the stairs for other levels. Tapos yung latrine toilets nga. (nyeknyeks) Plus, our hdb flat pala is huge compared to others. 4 bedroom flat kasi siya, tapos malawak yung common space (living room, dining, kitchen). And, infront of our hdb, meh mini-gym, meh playgrounds pa (with S kasi 2 hehe). I received another email from an agent today, I think condo siya, pero baka hindi na namin tingnan kasi, ang mamahal. February pa siguro kami makakalipat, konting tiis lang muna ako para hindi naman kami magipit dahil lumipat kami ng bahay.

Ei, today is declared half-day ulit! yahooo! uwi na ako!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

...late update

Date: December 20, 2006
System Time: 4:16 PM
i'm so sleepy that i'm getting cross-eyed because of this. ser-ious-ly. i'm all alone here in my workplace, but i don't want to get caught by anyone sleeping. its a bit weird at first, working here in SG. sometimes, after waking up (okay, okay, antok na antok ako talaga ehhhh) to their chinese conversations, nagugulantang ako. Like.. asan ako? Bakit hindi ko maintindihan sinasabi? Then i remember where I am and hope that no one saw me sleeping. Makes me miss my previous work and officemates. At least there, i get to sleep during lunch harhar. There's so much stuff to get used to here.. the spicy food,(but at least our food is cheap, that's a
pro), writing in DD/MM/YYYY format.. (who does that? apparently, this whole country), their accent, (sorry? sorry? what was that?).. and speaking english all day. s u c h a hassle. lolz. really. i can't even deliver a good joke on english. harhar. you know what i mean? like example.. you wanna say "halos nalaglag puso ko sa takot" you can't translate that literally to "my heart almost fell ek ek", i might sound stupid so i just say "i was so frightened" but i feel nawawala yung essence ng aking pagkatakot. haha. and expressions like "walangyaaa" or "grabe namannn, now i'm just "haha. yeah,..that difficult uh?" L O L. Alang kwenta. Meh
naisip pa akong isa.. like "makalaglag panty!" LOL. can you just imagine how i
will say that. "My panty fell." or "Panty-faller" hahaha. hay.

Date: December 21, 2006
System Time: 11:35 AM
so hungry-lah. I just texted Daddy, asking him to email the Power of Attorney letter so I could sign it (it's for my last pay at CAI) then snail-mail it back to him. He replied and said he couldn't do it tonight because they're going to fetch Ate Ging at the airport. Nalungkot ako dun, kasi nainggit ako. I'm gonna spend Christmas for the first time ever without my parents, without the comforts of home.. Home meaning, Pinas. Mamimiss ako ng mga inaanak ko. haha. I've always been a diligent godmother, wala akong nakakalimutan uh! Tsaka hindi ako kuripot ehehe. Konti pa lang kasi,kaya i can afford not too. But wait, dumami na ata. There's Siege (yeah, as in Under Siege), Liam, Maureen and Iel. Wow, 4 lang ba talaga? Will have to clarify keh Mommy, hehe. konti lang pala. Anyway, I've started looking at toys here, they're pretty expensive, baka sa pinas na ako bumili hahaha!

Time for lunch, but no one's asking me yet. ho-hum. I wanna eat na!! Yayain nyo na ko please!

System Time: 2:45 PM
15 minutes to go before my informal training starts. I'm staying awake with the help of Yeng Constantino's Hawak Kamay. Napakatalentado ng batang ito. I swear, it's a really, really good song. Melody and lyrics, ang galing. Hindi predictable yung melody, basta maganda talaga. This is one of the few songs na unang rinig ko pa lang, nagandahan na ako. I thought a pro composed the song, siya pala. Gusto ko rin yung isang kanta nya na Pangarap Ko. Galing, she deserves to be the winner ng Pinoy Dream Academy. Gagastusan ko siya pramis haha. Bibili ako album nya. (pasalamat ang
ABS sa YouTube! hindi yung kakasuhan nila) I read somewhere that they're planning a "world tour" of some sorts. Sana pumunta sila dito. (gaaaah certified kapamilya na ba ang nangyayari saken!?) In Philippine Idol, the one who won was Mau. Isa lang macocomment ko.. "ewww." hahaha bad.

I got my picture taken today for my ID. Hopefully I get it next week. Grabe. Pasko na pala sa Monday! Meh kris kringle kami ngayon sa bahay, kakatawa si Jeff ni Anshe sobra. After reading nung nabunot nya, sabi ni Izar, "bakit pagkain? pwede ba ang pagkain!?" Edi wala sameng mashadong nagreak.. eto namang si Jeff, sabi, "HINDI BA PWEDENG PAGKAIN??" L O L. nalaman tuloy na siya, nagbunutan ulit kami. kasi naman, kung makareak eh, hindi man lang pasimple lolz. Nakakatawa pa yung sinulat nya.. sabi ni Izar "Chocolate. Pwedeng meh almond. Huwag yung may wafer. Pwede rin ang
Milk Chocolate. Wag lang kisses chocolate" or something like that. Basta ang haba haba pa ng requirements, hahahaha. Hindi na lang sabihin kung anong tatak ng chocolate ang gusto eh hahaha. Patawa talaga. The next day, there was a note on the kitchen, "Sa nakabunot ng sandals. Size 8 po. Boy po ako" LOL. Patawa talaga tong mga housemates ko hahaha. Yun ang mamimiss ko eh, pag lumipat kami ng bahay. Nahihirapan na kasi akong gumising eh. 2 hours ang allowance ko dapat sa biyahe! Grabeeh. Pag naging 8am pa pasok ko, di ko alam pano ako gigising. Si Pangs sinasabayan nya pa ko, kasi ang dilim pa eh! wahahah scary. Dito kasi, halos 7am na lumiliwanag. Siya tagatakbo ko pag andun na bus namin harhar. Was able to call Regi kanina, asked him if he knew any flats for rent on the West. Meron nga siya alam, okay na okay na ako dun sa kinuwento nya. HDB lang, 1 room for 800 sgd. Baka meh alam pa keyu, anywhere basta sa West, yung Green Line ng MRT. mag-go-google nga ako mamaya. No internet here sa office pa. huhu.

System Time: 5:36 PM
ooh, missed the 5:30 bus. Guess I'll have to wait for the 6 o'clock one. Dito pala sa SG, hindi ka pwedeng magsabi ng "can't" dapat "cannot". lolz. Tapos katawa, pagnamamalengke kami, syempre sanay tayo na "one half kilo of this, one half kilo of that" sasabihin seyu ng tindera.. "1 kilo? or half kilo?" (asa isip ko.. one half sabi ko eh!) dapat "half kilo" lang sabihin mo. sabi ko kela Anshe, pano pag 1/4? lolz. "250 grams" dapat hehe. sabihin ko kaya, "Uncle, 163 grams!" dapat eksakto uh.

December 22, 2006
System Time: 10:32 AM
yeheyyyyyyyy friday na! yahoo yahoo! 5:30 ako uuwi, pwede daw mas maaga pag friday eh. Hirap talagang gumising parin, i worked out a schedule that entails us to leave 30 minutes later than usual harhar. big deal na ano? basta maabutan ko yung bus which arrives at quarter to 9, darating ako ng office ng 9:05am. no one notices pa na i'm late kasi nakahiwalay nga ako ng workstation. Buti na lang. Buti na lng din Pasko sa monday, dahil no pasok! yahooey. Can't wait to start sleeping hehe. So ang nabunot ko sa KrisKringle namin is "sandals size 10 or t-shirt (L)".. 20dollar lang
ang budget namin uh, parang wala akong makitang na 20dollar sandals. Kelangan sale ang mapuntahan ko eh, yun lang pag-asa kong makakita nun. anyway, kung wala, t-shirt na lang.

December 26, 2006
Belated Merry Christmas! tapos na pasko? I was able to call my parents, nalungkot ako. slightly naiyak haha. kasi kakalungkot din pala na wala sa pinas. haay. Ate chary called me while they were at Sta.Mesa. Sabi saken ng mga Ninang ko "Che, namiss kita bigla! Wala akong regalo, eh!" wahahah! Samen kasi, pag meh work ka na, ikaw na magbibigay sa mga Ninang/Ninong mo. Oh, btw. Thanks Harbie sa card! really appreciate it! niloko pa ko ni Pangs, siya daw meh card galing seyu, ako daw wala ehehe. Anyway, sarap parin ng handa namin nung Pasko, c/o Jeff d Chef. Pictures to follow.. ang nakabunot saken sa Kris Kringle ay walang iba kungdi ang butihin kong
asawa! yahoooey! kaya lahat ng gusto ko, exaktong yun ang nakuha ko bwahahah. Yahoo! sabi naman ni Pangs, tipid daw na ako ang nabunot nya,kasi kung hindi, magseseparate pa siya ng Christmas gift hahaha. Ang hiningi ko sa kriskringle, black flats OR card wallet & keychain. Lahat nakuha ko hehe! SALAMAT PANGS!

System Time: 5:01 PM
meh email na ako! pero la parin internet. will be able to blog all my entries tonight. Nareceive ko na christmas wish list ng pamilya ko. Si mommy, blusher daw. Si ate ging, kahit anong damit from BYSI. I checked out the store, sabi ko, ang papanget, sa iba na lng hehe. Si ate chary, mall bag lang. (meh nabili nga ako eh, 10$ lng hahaha sa SEIYU, baka bumili pa ako ng iba) si Daddy yung Wireless Headphone daw, from Creative.. yung meh noise reduction. Baka sa mga Ninang ko, yung 10$ mall bag din, sana magsale ulit yung SEIYU. pagkasweldo ko sa January, bibili na ako nung sa iba, para hindi naman ako mashock sa February pagkauwi. Speaking of Leave, i'm
not even sure kung papayagan ako. Sana! kasi meh mga kasabay na akong uuwi eh. haay. Sana pumayag.

Yun lang muna. Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

...first and second day

elow! so happy to report that my officemates are pretty nice and that i have not been eating lunch by myself, harhar. that's like my biggest fear whenever it's my first time in a new company, feeling highschool.

okay, so first day, right at the gate where i still had to give an ID to security, a Pinoy (let's call him Kuya J.. i'm not going to say names na sa blog, kasi sa dating kong company, nagoogle nila blog ko eh! wahahah!) talked to me and said "applicant ka? interview?" tas sabi ko: "Ay, first day po!" tas sabi ni Kuya J.."uy, okey! May Pinoy dyan! matutuwa ka!" syempre katuwa diba hehe. So medyo nakangiti ako pagpasok sa office kasi meh friendly face kagad.

Sobrang antok ko nung first day kasi binigyan lang ako ng manual para basahin. Tapos ngayon, nakapwesto ako malayo sa mga ka-team mates kow. as in! meh stairs na pababa tsaka elevator between our areas. Tapos, ako lang mag-isa dun! wahahaha. sabi nga nila "You so lonely there-lah!" hehe korek. Nung mga 12pm na, pagkagaling ko sa CR, inapproach ako ni Kuya j, sabi saken "oh, san ka maglulunch?" syempre sabi ko "ay, hindi ko pa po alam" sabay sabi nya saken "teka, meh baon kasi ako eh pero kung ala sasamahan kita" tapos pinuntahan nya yung chinese na si ms.M at binilin na samahan ako maglunch. hahaha, nahiya ako ng konti pero super grateful. Bali nakasama ko nung first day ko si Ms. M na chinese, Ms. P na indian tsaka si Ms. V na pinoy. Yun ang una kong napansin, meh tendency kasi pag asa ibang bansa na magsamasama yung lahi diba? Samen, dinidiscourage talaga yung magkumpol kumpol ng ganun. Okey na rin, sabi saken ng manager ko, dapat daw lumabas ako sa comfort level pag ganon, kasi isang team lang naman daw kami. Okey, fine hehe. Anyway, bait nila, kwento sila, try kong maintindihan pero hirap talaga ng accent. Sana masanay na ako. After lunch, basa (kunwari) na naman ako, try kong intindihin pero nakakatulog talaga ako. Dumadaan minsan saken si Ms. E yung Admin, very nice din siya and very helpful. Sinamahan nya ako sa parang security building ek ek para kumuha ng temporary pass. Nung mga 3pm, dumaan yung isa pang pinoy si S. Hay, buti na lang kungdi nakatulog na talaga ako. Siya yung 2nd pinoy na nag approach saken (si Ms. V doesn't count kasi ako lumapit sa kanya eh heheh) tapos konting kwento about sa company. Tapos umuwi na ako. Maaga akong nakauwi, mga 5, paalam ako keh bossing dahil kukunin ko pa yung EP card ko, pumayag naman!

ay onga pala, they have their own canteen, ang mura by singapore standards! 1.8 sgd for meat+veggie and rice and fruit. oha, sabi ko keh Pangs, mas mura bumili, kesa mag baon! sabi naman ng mga pinoy S and P, give it daw a month and a half, magsasawa din daw ako ehehe.

Today was better because I was able to shadow some of the team members. Si S, tinuruan ako ng isang module, tapos after lunch tinuruan naman ako ni H. Dapat si H(chinese) magtuturo saken kaya lang meh ticket siya so si S ang pinaturo nya saken. Okey na rin kasi since pinoy si S, Pag meh tanong ako hindi mashado nakakahiya kapag stupid question hehe! Nakasabay ko sa lunch si S tsaka si P, fil-chinese naman. Both are friendly! so katuwa! Meh isa pang Pinoy si R, pero hindi ko pa nakakausap mashado. dumadami na nga daw kami eh hehe. si P tsaka si R, filchinese so hindi halata na pinoy sila pero pag nagsalita na, hindi mo makakaila hehe. Pinoy through and through.

So there. medyo kakalito kwento ko hehe, pasensya. pero bottom line is, so far, so good. tomorrow, dun daw muna ako upo sa area nila dun sa pwesto ng mga nakaleave para hindi naman daw ako malungkot dun hehe!

eto pala ang lonely area ko: (sabi ni raymond parehong pareho ng itsura ng area namin sa Pramerica)


and lookie what ms.E the admin gave me.. office supplies!! i love new office supplies hehehe!

yun muna, bye folks! iba naman pala name ko, Ann na ang name ko. I think Geri/Gretchen was too complicated for them. ehehe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 are the one

wooohoo! okey, okey,.. i'm not a certified fan of Sam but i DID find him cute when he was still at PBB and natatawa ako pag nakikipaglandian si Toni keh Sam sa TV, while she was hosting PBB tas iniinterview nya si Sam. Nakakatawa kasi talaga si Toni hehe. Anyway, i watched Close To You kahapon, (rating: 2.5 out of 5) tas etong You are the One today. Nagustuhan ko!! hahaha. I remember when this was showing, 2 officemate kong lalake ang nanood nito (they blamed it on their parents, friends, etc.) and surprise surprise, they both said that they liked it. Ang sexy pa daw ni Toni. Now, after watching it myself, i have to agree! ang sexy nga ni Toni! lol! Lalo na nung sumasayaw siya nung nakashorts siya hahaha. Pero gwabe. dito ko lang ulit nagustuhan si Sam. ang cute nya. eheheh. I liked the pacing of the movie, mas nagustuhan ko toh kesa sa Til I met You (actually, kung i-re-rate ko yung Til I met you, 3 out of 5 lng siguro). Maganda pacing, maganda yung storyline. I mean, it's not THAT original, pero i liked yung initial istorya, yung Consult siya tas taga NSO siya. I can EVEN forgive the song and dance sequence,.. it's that good!! Unlike yung Close To You, totally don't get bakit maiinlove kagad yung si Lance keh.. forgot her name, basta yung character ni Bea. Hello, kahit meh history kayo, isang araw pa lang keyu ulit nagkita noh. Tas mahal na mahal kagad. Mas realistic yung pacing nitong You are the One. Tas meh chemistry talaga tong si Toni and Sam. Hindi ako updated sa chismis uh, last I heard, ang gusto na daw ni Sam si Anne Curtis, or something like that. All I can say is .. SAYANG! hahaha. apektado aku. I like them together. hihihi.

Yun lang. I was supposed to get my medical exam today, ang aga pa naming nagising. I was totally ignorant of the fact that there was a time specified in my release form, it said, "4-5pm". D e m m i t. I called the hospital, and they said the earliest I could get it was 3pm. Oh Well. (stupiid). Kaya heto ako, nakahabihis na, pero okey na rin. At least nakanood pa ako ng movie. bwahahaha. Baka nagiging Kapamilya na ako uh. wahahaha. Ala kasing movies yung Kapuso eh.

Yun muna. Ano pa ba magandang panoorin. pinanood ko nga rin pala ibang clips ni Sarah G. Magaling nga talaga siya Harbie. Napanood mo ba yung clip nung nanalo siya sa Star for a Night. Kakaiyak. Parang pampelikula. Kasi kasama nya si Sharon, si Regine tas kinakanta nya yung Bituin walang Ningning. hahaha. (ay tama ba,basta Sharon song).

oh, one more thing. love our laptop! hihihi. Thanks Pangs. mwah!

Monday, December 11, 2006


no, it's not news about pacquiao. ehehe. ginaya ko lang si harbie, pinangalanan ko yung bago "kong" gadget. (evil laugh insert: mwaaaaahahahaha) meron na akong este kaming laptop! we still don't know if we could afford it (l o l) but its here. yaan mo na, 24 months to pay naman eh hehe. we bought something sa gitna, not that expensive. Pacman kasi it's a Compaq Presario v3000 series. (Actually, it's japanese, don't ask why, so its Pacman-san) I'm not so sure about the specs (let's leave that to the husband) but i know it's a core 2 duo processor 1.8ghz with 1 GB of memory and a 100 gb of HD. i don't know the rest. but i do know i liked it the first time i saw it. we were supposed to buy a PC but changed our mind with this. Nadala kami sa pogi aspects hehe. Pangs still wants a Lenny (hehe sorry harbie, lenny na lagi tawag ko pag nakakakita ako ng Lenovo) pero hindi ko kasi feel yung itsura ng thinkpad. I'm still weirded out by the layout of the keys, pero lamnyo naman ako, basta makakadownload ako ng mp3, makakapanood ng youtube, makakapag YM (basically, mag INTERNET! ehehe) masaya na ako. We were supposed to buy the cheaper, AMD Turion one, but i don't know, umabot din kasi ng 1.7k dun eh with 200 bucks more, core 2 duo na kami so napunta kami dito. Pangs also got a deal for a laptop backpack so he doesn't have to carry his ugly thinkpad leather (smelly) case. And pinagbabaon ko na si Pangs.. magbabaon na siya for 2 years, l o l.

yun lang muna. i think mas mapapadalas na pagblog ko dahil dito. kasi pag uwi ni raymond with his laptop, i usually watch my japanese stuff. into japanese series na ako ngayon. I've watched Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce and currently yung Hana Yori Dango (yung meteor garden, pero japanese), kakatuwa. Meh kinakaadiktan na naman ako.

And nakanood kami ng House MD, yung third season, updated na kami. (Damn u Wilson!) tapos Heroes syempre (tanong ko lang keh harbs.. pano nabreak ni Silar yung glass? dahil ba ala yung negro?) tsaka bakit sasabog si Peter? ehehe.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

...jobless no more

yeheyyyyyyyyy! i'm no longer a bum!!! today was my second interview. after getting home, i got a call an hour after from my agent. Turns out I got the job! I went to my agent, signed the job offer (atat, ano? haha!) and submitted my employment pass requirements. I'll start work once my EP is approved. So probably, in a couple of weeks or so. One more hurrah for the job... Hurrah!!!

My bum days are a little bit different everyday.. sometimes I'd enjoy it, sometimes I'll be so bored. But all in all, i still feel that the hours go by quickly. Here's my daily bum sched:. wake up at around 8ish/9ish to kiss my Pangs good bye. (I usually do this with my eyes still closed, sometimes I would think I was only dreaming ehehe) then really get up at 10:30am. i would consider eating something. if i won't eat, i'll wait a little while longer, so brunch na. then it varies, if there are clothes to be washed, i'll dump them in the machine. if none, i watch the one channel in TV, if nothing's good, i go down the building and watch the people at the playground and gym. (oh btw, there's a mini gym infront of our HDB, it's really cool. it basically has all the needed equipment for you to get a full workout. i guess, except the treadmill, but there's something similar, something where you can glide/swing your legs to) then i sleep until 4:30 pm. Then I walk to the nearest hawker and supermarket and get stuff that i would need for our dinner. Then at around 5:30 i'll start preparing and cooking our dinner. Then our housemates arrive one by one at around 7ish, we'll eat, watch, chika. if it's a friday night, we usually play poker and pusoy dos. ayun. diba ang bilis ehehe. more so siguro kung meh cable kami. that'll be my first luho. cable, that is. woohoo can't wait.

hope everything goes well.. you know, my EP gets approved and all that. we'll probably move, so that i can be nearer to my job. Asa dulo siya ng daigdig ngayon eh. I travel for 1 1/2 hours from Pasir Ris to the Client in Boon Lay. Imagine that, alang traffic eh. 1 hour sa MRT and half an hour sa bus. grabeeeeh. so far-lah. Pati sila Uncle, paminsan ndi alam kung san yung client pag nagtataxi ako ehehe. So we're thinking of moving to the West. Dati balak namin na lumipat with Anshe and Ilo. Kung Redhill/Commonwealth siguro, baka pumayag sila. Baka masapok kami pag lumipat kami sa Boon Lay mismo hahaha. So we'll see. February pa naman yun eh. Kasi once a month lang sweldo dito, kaya more than likely, Feb pa kami makakalipat. Plus there's the one month advance, one month deposit and agent's fee (one whole month's rent worth) that we'll have to consider once we move to a new flat. Still, I'm excited. Wee! Can't wait.

That's all muna. Thanks sa mga bumati saken kahapon! I guess ito na ang big birthday gift ko from God. TG meh work na ako!! Tenkyu Tenkyu Tenkyu!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

...POW is gone. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

pow is out huhuhuhu. sabi ko nga eh, kung kelan ala na ako sa Pinas, matatanggal siya. hindi ko man lang siya napanood ng live huhuhuh. hope i haven't seen the last of her. there are rumors circulating that a major network has expressed their interest on her, after her contract with PI. sana totoo nga. to POW, wag ka na maiyak, marami kang napaligaya! she gave such an emotional speech nung natanggal siya, waaah napaiyak na talaga ako. sabi nya something to the effect of: "hindi ko akalaing tatanggapin ninyo ang isang katulad ko. hindi ako sumasali ng contests nga dahil dito, pero sumali ako kasi gusto kong kumanta"

hay winner ka parin saken. Mwah.

ei, sorry ngayon lang ako nagparamdam. it's my 2nd week now in SG, so far, okey naman. ang init dito-lah! mas mainit pa saten. i've been to one interview pa lang, kinakabahan na talaga ako. sana makahanap na ako ng work. parang nahihirapan talaga ako, ala kasi akong .NET experience, hay. bahala na. meanwhile, ako nagluluto samen hehe. so pinagtsatsagaan ng 4 na tao ang niluluto ko. good luck sa kanila, diba? l o l.

happy ako na magkasama na kami ni raymond. haaaay. kung pwede lang actually, wag na akong magtrabaho, okey lang din ahahaha. (tago keh raymond) medyo weird lang dito sa bahay kasi meh kashare kami, tas ang taas ng PUB (utility bills) nila last month, so meh konting issue with the housemates, pero sana maresolve din.

sigi, yun muna update. wish me luck sa job hunting!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

...on philippine idol

(this is going to be a POW thread. pagbigyan nyo na ako. si Harbie nga pinagbigyan nyo keh Sarah G eh, l o l)

*whew* pow chavez is safe! woohoo! i have to be honest. i actually let out a sob (which was so unintentional, believe me) when POW was being interviewed by Ryan A when she was called as one of the bottom 3... Ryan A asked her like what could she have done differently in her performance.. she looked really hurt and she didn't know what to say! She was like *big pause here*..ahmm.. i'm not perfect. every time i perform, i just give my best. (waaaaah insert wail here) I hope i'll be given a chance to REINVENT myself.

The reinvent comment is what truly, truly pisses me off. What more does Mr. C want when he said this to POW after her Got to Be Real performance? She already did Usher, she's awesome doing OPM ballad songs, now she's showing she has the moves with this performance. (will post the video below) she was the only one who was all out sa dancing na hindi na-off ang pagkanta. arrrggghh. naiinis na talaga ako sa kanya. Doesn't he know that he's affecting the sway voters? bwisit. kawawa si POW. I don't want her to gooooo. It's not only her singing, it's her personality that's totally endearing. After her performance last night, where she gave this awesome rendition of Nakapagtataka (on the new IDOL CD), waaaaah napaiyak talaga ako. (ibang level na rin ako. lol)

Bottom 3 was Ken, (my) POW (haha) and Apple,.. si Apple natanggal. When Ryan A. said.. "Ur safe.. POW chavez" i let out a big hoot which scandalized my parents hehe. ("HOYYYY ang ingay mo!") and then it was between Ken and Apple and I thought just for a teeny second that Ken-the-feathered-boa-gay-guy will be the one ousted and I was friggin happy for that short span of time. Pero its Apple, pwede na rin siya. I don't like her too.

Pano yaaaaaaaan next week hindi na ako makakapanood. Vero kaw na lang pag-asa ko, pag aralan mo pano mag upload sa Youtube! lol! buong show uh! hahaha!

Here's Pow's performance: (panoorin mo kaya ulit Mr. C noh? stop the POW-dissing please)

(If you can't view this harbie, just go to youtube and search pow chavez. Thanks to starmometer from for this video.)

Si Mamita naman wala ng ibang comment kungdi yung magskirt si POW. get over it! Once you stop teasing your hair, then POW will start wearing a skirt, okay? l o l. I'm not even sure anymore if its really the clothes that's bothering you or POW's sexual preference. hmpft.

Yun lang. POW is SAFE! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeyyy!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

...malapit na!

malapit na ako umalis! yehey!

thanks to my officemates na nagpadespedida saken. nag music 21 kami, had soooo much fun, videoke tsaka poker!

yesterday, met up with my Pre-com Kada, the newlywed erlyn, joy and tenten. its so good to see old friends talaga.

i'm feeling kinda under the weather lately. i dunno why,..i mean, ala akong sipon or ubo.. basta meh lagnat lang. so weird. i still have to report to work until tomorrow. katamad na!

Philippine Idol kahapon! oooh, am so scared for POW. I dunno what's up with Mr. C dissing her. Her performance was totally great! and for them to praise Jan? WTF were they thinking? They should watch Jan's performance again on tape. Siguro, iba ang vibe sa studio, nadala lang sila ng studio audience pero he was totally off key. My sister and I couldn't even look at the TV during his performance! We were cringing and everything, kami ang nahihiya para sa kanya. He wasn't in tune and the dancing was horrible. Totally not Ricky martin, more on William Hung! argggh. So awful. If Simon Cowell was the judge, he'd say "poor imitation. complete and utter mess!"

I was pleasantly suprised with Regine Tolentino, though. Definitely had doubts with her credibility as a guest judge, but she was really insightful and articulate. Quote for the night: (To Miguel) - "Meron lang 2 moves dun na parang.. ay, pa-girl" (something like that).. too funny!!! Miguel should've said in the slumbook portion.. "Miguel in one word?... GAY!" BWAHAHAH. so gay talaga.

I'm liking Gian more and more na. I didn't vote for him because I was so scared for POW, so puro POW lang vote ko. I told my sister she should vote for GIAN. (I think she did) If POW goes out, (please, wag muna!) keh GIAN naman ako. He was great last night too. I don't like Robbie Williams but I loooved his Rock DJ version. He was sooo hot! hot hot hot. ang gwapo ni GIAN. What was Aiza Marquez thinking? haha!

Results night, tonight. hmm.. sana si Miguel matanggal! (ASA pa ako!) feeling ko si POW eh huhuhu wag sana. Pwede na ring si Apple ang matanggal!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...wasted time


so i thought i would be able to finally load up my vision w with videos with my downloaded dvd converter. i spent the whoooole weekend converting the whoooole season 2 of LOST. I thought i was THE bomb because of that. soooo stupid! Why didn't I notice the signs that i will be one huuuge failure?

Sign # 1: it only had an average size of 70mb per episode. (wtf was i thinking?)
Sign # 2: the time it took for me to convert an "episode" was only 45 minutes. (WTFFFFFFFFF was i thinking?)
Sign # 3: i had a TRIAL version of the converter.

I should've known from previous experience that a whole episode would be about 300 mb AND conversion time was about 4 hours. d`oh! *wapaks sarili*

and you know what's even funnier? i only discovered this TODAY. just friggin today when i was watching "Over the Hedge" (yahhh, nagconvert pa ako ng "3" movies) and just when i was completely into the movie and trying to control my friggin laugh at the shuttle, the movie ended. I was like "meh napindot ba ako?" then i noticed that ALL my videos had "00:10:00" as its duration. akala ko ata 10 hours yun. L E C H E. i wanted to cry and throw out my player but the thought of Pangs saying "i told you so" stopped me. Pangs told me to check it. I did friggin check it! I checked each one for about 10 seconds. l o l. L E C H E again.

Anyhoo, I will try to move on and NOT think about our MERALCO bill (i did say i was converting the whole weekend right?) and all that wasted effort. (but its soooooooooo hard. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

In Philippine Idol, looks like ABC-5 is reading a couple of PI blogs because they have listened to their miniscule fans and shortened the voting time period for 2 hours (similar to AI) to attempt control over the rich-relatives-texting-brigade. Jeli said bye-bye yesterday, i was so pleasantly surprised. POW was AGAIN at the bottom 4 (which i totally predicted) but was saved, TG. because of the two-hour voting period, I had to text my fingers-off without waiting for any confirmation text so imagine being woken up til the wee hours of the morning by my mobile phone because the confirmation texts were finally being received. i was like, "how many did i friggin text?" L O L. I'm voting for a new Idol hopeful too, its Gian with his rendition of Superstar. Ang galing! ang gwapo pala nya. ehehehe. so gooo Gian and Pow! it was so funny at our house during the results show, we were all so nervous. Mom let out a big shout when Gian was declared safe and i was cringing on my seat when POW was at the bottom 2 of one group. Katawa si Daddy. He said "Bakit si Jeli natanggal, binoto ko yan eh!" I was like "watda? nagtext ka?" Dad said "Oo, Jeli to 2339 diba?" L O L. I said "Kaya natalo! kasi binoto mo! ngayon lang naging bottom yan eh. malas ka!" L O L. In fairness to Jeli, she did make a better performance than POW but I still don't like her.
here's gian's incredible performance, uploaded by starmometerdotcom.

here's POW's.. hay. you can do better.

(updated: ei. it wasn't bad pala eh. hihihi)

Kay POW naman,.. namen, namen POW.. gandahan mo naman song choice mo please? *sighs* sayang tinetext ko sayu, and hirap na ako magdefend sa forum seyu. L O L. not to mention defending my choice to my parents. I was like "prejudiced lang kayo kasi tibo siya!!!" bwahahaha.

Another thing I did in the weekend (while waiting for my friggin 10 minute videos. pak talaga) was Princess Hours. It's another korean series that I just love! i love it na. And so does my Dad, hehe. It's about a student whose grandfather got in a pact with the emperor because the grandfather saved the emperor's life or something like that. The emperor said, that the grandfather's apo will marry his apo, the crowned prince. So the girl only knew about that when the Emperor's Palace contacted them and her fairy tale life started. Syempre, hindi lang tungkol dun, daming twists which I am just too lazy to tell so just get the DVD and watch the series. and Syempre ulit, mas gwapo na naman ang 2nd lead na lalake. Always and forever na lang sa koreanovela. *sighs* We're still on the 12th episode, sana my dad doesn't continue watching it without me (asa pa ako.) here's the cute cast:


ooh, and i've got a flash report. as in ngayon ko lang nalaman, kainish. Erlyn's married na. to coocoo. sabi ko nga keh Erlyn.. "does this mean we can't diss him na?" lol. ni hindi ko nga alam na SILA ulit eh, let alone married. so, congrats na lang and i truly hope he makes you happy. (kasi kung hindi, sasabihin ko keh Sis joy ituloy yung request mo dati!)

that's about it. Don't forget to visit your departed ones tomorrow (or else, they'll visit you, bwahahaha)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

...8 days to go!

yehey, 8 working days to go, and i'm outtie. Can't wait to be with Raymond, finally!

Ala mashadong happening, marunong na akong magconvert ng videos. bwahahaha. ang bagal ngayon ng pc ko dito sa office kasi nagcoconvert ako for about 4 hours na. ang tagal pala nun. (buong movie kasi eh)

Kahapon holiday, kaya nakapunta kaming quiapo nila mommy and daddy. sinamahan ko bumili ng beads si mommy tas pagkatapos nakitingin ng pirated keh daddy. binili ko yung Princess Hours tsaka yung third season ng 4400. (yahooo, convert na ito!!)

sa PI naman, tingin nyo sa, andun mga videos. ang sipag niya, inupload nya lahat. di ko shado gusto performance ni POW, medyo sintunado, pero binoto ko parin siya, 40+ times! tapos lintek na yan, hindi nag eliminate. l e c h e. next week tuloy, 2 na naman, eh ang hirap ng ganon eh, mahirap manalo pag marami pang kalaban. kainisssssssssss to the nth power.

and lastly, super kakabwiset na talaga tong ipismeyt ko na toh. hay. buti na lang aalis na ako. yun lang! harbie.. gusto ko na ng heroes.. mag burn ka na ng episodes kasi mag papadala ako seyu hahaha.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

...pow pow pow

Finally found Pow's Till I met You performance in YouTube. Thanks to starmometerdotcom for uploading!

ang galing ni powwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! woohoo go pow! Bibili na talaga ako nung PI prepaid bweheheh.

Monday, October 16, 2006

...if i were pow chavez' stylist

yeah, she definitely needs one. (pow chavez from philippine idol) enough with the matching suits, what is the stylist thinking, making her look like nino muhlach?! someone should tell her to watch America's Next Top Model cycle 5 and look at Kim's style. They're both lezzies, anyway, so she should be able to adapt easily. What she wore last night was good, though. Its when she's performing that makes me want to *sabunot* her stylist. (or *her* if they're picking clothes themselves)

She should do the preppy look, *fitted* cardigans/sweaters over *fitted* polos, lose the baggy stuff, pow! it makes you look even smaller than you already are.

Someone should introduce Pow to Kim of ANTM Cycle 5

See? Let Pow do some layering!

Anyhoo, enough about her clothes, let's talk about last night. Pow's S A F E!! Yahoooeyyy! I voted about 10 times on my SMART phone, and 6 times on my Globe phone.. next time, I'll buy one of those Prepaid thingies so I can vote 20 times in just one entry. IMHO, Pow gave one of the best performances last saturday, and Mr. C didn't give her justice with that comment. It wasn't an OKAY performance, it was GREAT! and Mr. C's simply losing it by saying Jan (who?!) was his Philippine Idol for that night. I couldn't even remember what he friggin sang. (or who he is) It's not yet uploaded on Youtube, (sorry, my OFW friends) but she sang Til I Met You and she sang it beautifully. Earnest, sincere and so full of emotion. Love Yah Pow!!

Go Pow!

p.s. I don't get Mau fans. really. I absolutely HATE her personality. she's so bitter. enough with the *sanay na ako dito* shit when you're one of the bottom three. just be happy you're even there (after losing to Sarah G). her voice isn't all that recognizable. she's a belter, and that's that. and we've got loads of singers who are AWESOME singers but aren't on the same level as Regine or Sarah or whoever simply because they've got no likeability factor. It's not even on the physical thing, (i mean, look at Sarah G, she's not THAT beautiful but there's something about her that's definitely loveable) Look at Bituin Escalante, Dessa, etc. Do they even have fans? Mau's just another headcount amongst them. So stop whining and just sing and hope that you win some more texters.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

...what i like about it


There are dozens of reviews for Creative Zen Vision W that are definitely better and more detailed, so i'll just tell you guys what I really like and hate about it.

Things I like:
1. I could select any picture and set it as my Wallpaper.
2. Awesome, awesome, super large screen. I could control the brightness and even if i set it at 50%, its more than adequate.
3. Reviews said it didn't have the viewing angle problem that Creative Vision had. Never owned that one, so I couldn't compare. All I know is I could share it with my sister and we didn't encounter any problems.
4. It could play some DivX formats (emphasize on SOME, Div3 isn't compatible)
5. Extremely easy to use. Easy to transfer files, Menu very user-friendly.
6. Still believe that Creative beats out Ipod in terms of sound quality. by a distance.

Things I don't like:
1. Bulky. It looks weird when I pull it out of my bag and use it as a mp3 player.
2. No kickstand. I have to hold it while watching videos.
3. The buttons. It's pretty noisy, like an old Nokia celphone.
4. The thing I hate the most: I can't seem to play music or videos WHILE it's Docked. Hate that, cause I want to listen to music while I charge it using the USB. My Creative Zen Micro can do this, so I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong.

Well that's about it. I love that I could watch videos while commuting! So much more fun than reading a book, hehe. =) Medyo nahihiya pa ako kasi para akong meh spotlight pag gabi sa shuttle, so I try covering the sides with the included pouch so I won't disturb my seatmates. (and I usually sit at the very back of the van)

All this will not be possible if not for my wonderful husband. heehee. *mwah* love yah!

Monday, October 09, 2006

...21 days to go!

ohmygosh i'm so bored.

i don't have that much in my work load, since Tor (our US Team Lead) removed a heft of my tasks and assigned them to my other teammates because of my resignation. I thought this will be my free-for-all day, (like downloading mp3s, watching videos in YouTube, etc) but I just learned out that the Management has gotten strict with this. Actually, there's really a rule somewhere that bans downloading but it hasn't been strictly implemented. Buti na lang aalis na ako, lolz! Marami daw na principal's office last week, kahit mga bossing, pinagalitan. Example is itong katapat ko, (alam ko PM toh eh) siya daw number 1 sa bandwidth usage. As in pumunta si ET (our president) sa desk nya tapos pinagalitan daw siya right there. Good thing I wasn't there. 'Cause I'm a friggin Yahoo! Radio user and super lakas gumagamit ng bandwidth yun. Tapos I download pa mp3s sa Limewire, tapos I watch sa YouTube! wahahaha. buuuuti na lang. Sad lang, I can't watch na sa YouTube huhuhu.

Kakamiss si Pangs!! Happy talaga last week kasi magkasama kami buooong lingo. Probably the longest we've been together since he left for SG! Imagine that. huhuhu sad noh? Pero 1 month to go na lang, alis na rin ako sa wakassss. I even tendered(?) my resignation today, bad trip lang ala si GM, hindi nya tuloy mapirmahan. Leave ata whole week. Meh tawag na nga sila dun eh, Bula daw. kasi daw, bigla na lang nawawala! Oo nga, pansin ko nga dun, bigla na lang nawawala sa desk nya. Tapos nag se-second shift, eh hello, meh tao ba siya pag second shift? sino sinusupervise nya nun? Ay ewan.

Dun sa SG, had the chance to meet up with Janey and Regi.. katawa, sabi ni Jane nung dumating si Regi "oh, eto na ang family man!" tapos sabi ni Regi "oo nga, pero kayong 2 ang meh pamilya!" lolz.. oo nguh, anu. chikahan lang over pizza (c/o janey, thankssss!) , kakatuwa, tagal ko ring hindi nakausap yung 2 na yun. lalo na si Regi, di ko na maalala kung kelan yung last time.

Sa house nila Raymond, masaya din, kasi syempre andun sila Anshe and Ilo. Tumulong din ako magluto, kinain naman nila. lolz. kaya lang nagkasakit si Anshe (dahil kaya sa niluto ko? wahahah) pero selfish ko, okey na rin kasi meh nakasama ako sa house nung Thursday and Friday dahil absent nga siya hehe. I found myself liking the place very much, parang province ang lifestyle, slow-paced and relaxed, unlike sa city. Naglalakad kami papunta sa hawker centers, tapos meh grocery dun and wet market pag umaga. Nakabili pa nga ako jogging pants eh, 4.9SGD lng hehe!

Gusto ko na dun! kakainip! binilang ko nga eh, I have 21 working days to go before my resignation. Parang ang tagal pa! wahahaha. (tapos wala pang youtube! demmit!)

Ayun, sana bumilis na ang araw. Kakamiss na naman yung mag-isa akong matutulog huhuhu. Sabi ko nga sa asawa ko, (double lang ata size nung bed nya) wag na siyang bumili ng queen-size, kasi at least ngayon, instinct mong yakapin ako pagnagigising ka in the middle of the night haha! Sigi, next time na review sa Creative Zen Vision W ko uh, kainish kasi hindi ako makapagDL na ngayon (bwahaha kulit kow noh). Bye all!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


hi guys! am here in Singapore.. I had a job interview last Monday at Suntec Tower 2. It went okay (in my opinion), so I'm crossing my fingers. My agent said I got a positive feedback, but the client's still thinking about it. Sana nga matanggap ako, para paglipat ko dito sa November, meh trabaho na ko kagad.

Will be meeting Regi and Janey on Friday at Clark Quay (sana libre ni Regi, ala na akong pera, bwahahha).. am staying at Raymond's rented HDB, so okey kasi ang gastos lang namin is food. Si Anshe meh saket ngayon =( nagkatrankaso. tsk tsk tsk, wawa. Since I got here, I'm trying to help out in the cooking, kasi lagi sila Jeff (master chef) and Anshe ang nagluluto. So far, niluto namin, sinigang, adobong sitaw (bwahaha, namamaster ko na ata ito) tsaka fish escabeche. Ano kaya maluto tomorrow...

Ohmygosh meh GREAT, AWESOME news nga pala ako. I got a huuuuge surprise from Raymond when I got here. As I entered his room, last Saturday, I saw a card and a rose and a package in his bed. So basa ko muna yung card, (sweet sweet ng pangs kow!) tapus binuksan ko na yung box. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, I am now the proud owner of a Creative Zen Vision W !!!! wowowowow! So far, isa pa lang nadodownload ko na video, (ang laki ng files eh!) yung Smallville Episode 1 ng Season 6.. ang linaw! tas ang linaw din nung tini-V-out kow. Nakahanap na ako ng bilihan ng pirated dvd dito eh, bweheheh, malapit lang kela raymond so magcoconvert ako malamang para meh mapanood ako sa airplane!

Next time na more detailed review kasi hindi ko pa syado ginagalaw.

Dito rin pala ata magpapasko sa SG sila Mommy and Daddy and Sisters, mukhang hindi pa kasi kami makakauwi sa pasko.

Yun lang.. magblog naman kayu! (calling ria.. sige na nga TP, excused ka muna kasi meh saket ka hehe) si harbie na lang masipag hehe. bye guys!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

...the weekend that was

last saturday was our company's annual sportsfest, held in tagaytay highlands. call time here in the office was a horrendously early 5:30 am so i asked Liz if i could sleepover at their place in San Pedro Laguna instead. Liz agreed, and Jen and Cath invited themselves when they heard i was sleeping over at Liz's house.

*disclaimer: i'm not a JEN fan. this is the same officemate who said that my bridesmaid dresses were 'panget', so i can be pretty cruel*

we all agreed to come to work early so we can leave early, at around 5pm. Syempre, sino ang pasaway kungdi si Jen, who came at 9am (so now, we have to leave at 6pm) AND who was selfish enough to even go out after lunch (furthering our leaving time to 7pm!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAND nawawala pa siya nung pauwi na talaga kami. THEN when she finally got here in the office, without the slightest effort of apologizing or even giving an excuse, she asked us to wait for her kasi kulang pa siya ng 15 fuckin minutes sa work hours nya. Marthafocker!! I was exxxxtremely pissed off kasi I HATE late people because you have to respect other people's time. but mas pissed off ako kasi ni-ha, ni-ho, wala man lang sorry or ano, it was as if, we OWED her or something that it was okay for us to wait. we were here, standing in the office, carrying our shoulder bags, waiting for her. she came in, we all reacted "FINALLY" tapos sasabihin nya "KULANG PA AKO NG 15 MINUTES" sino ba hindi mabubwisit. si Cath nga bumubulong "at least, hindi ako nagpapahintay". hay. bwisit. I HATE paimportanteng people. arrgghh.

okay *breathe in, out* so when we got to the shuttle sa Landmark(syempre huminto pa siya sa Watsons sa Enterprise, ay, tsaka nakita ko si Zced, not related sa kwento)ang daming tao, haba ng pila, so kain muna kami. pagkakain, meh shuttle na, and okey nga biyahe papunta kela liz, walang traffic. got there after about an hour. met cute na cute na Cheska (anak ni Liz), all her dogs, and watched Curious George. Went out, smoked, then got back in tas tulog na. I will sometimes wake up to their voices, pero okey lang saken yun dahil I can sleep even kung maingay.

Next day, got up at 6:30ish, ligo then alis. We thought we would be late but we arrived just in time, and we saw fellow CAI officemates just walking from the parking lot. Hindi ako kasali sa mga games, nasali lang ako sa brutal, brutal game of agawan panyo. As in kakatakot. Meron nga, kumaway lang ako, putek, bigla akong binunggo and i was flat on my butt. ang sakettt! eh hindi naman tinawag ang number ko! langya! ouch talaga. First game was basketbol shootout (2nd place ang team namin), tapos yung obstacle course (kulelat ata kami) tas yung agawan panyo tapos badminton (3rd lang kami).

Lunch was at the chinese themed Summer Garden, sarap ng food, pero hindi ako mashadong nakakain. parang nalipasan ako ng gutom. Merong pork siomai, sharksfin, fried dumpling, pancit, yang chow and other chinese food. super busog kami, no one even wanted to touch the buchi, so nagkacontest sa table namin. Si Ronie, si Retzel, and one girl from the TYCO (i think) team, Jundy. Isang subo lang dapat yung buchi tas lalabas ang dila pagkatapos. Kakatawa talaga, lalo na yung 2nd buchi na kasi mukhang nasusuka na talaga silang 3, lol! Retzel was reined as the Buchi King (lol! must be pronounced fast.. BuchiKing!) and i don't think they can eat Buchi for a month after that.

After lunch, balik kagad sa SportsCenter, ang games naman are volleyball tas bowling. sa Volleyball nagchampion kami (yey go Red!) grabe, ang titindi nung 2 lalake naming player, nakakatakot mag serve,yung isa nagjujump serve. buti na lang ka-team namin yun, hahaha! ay tapos meh nadiscover ako, nakipaglaro ako sa mga nagbabasketbol in between sets ng Volleyball game tas una kong pangarap is yung bola, makatama lang sa ring diba.. aba, nakakashoot na ako! from the free-throw line! edi syempre, nung feeling ko, medyo ok ok na ang touch ko (naks), sabi ko dun sa 2 lalake (si Jasper and Sonny), "21 tayo!".. and syempre natalo ko sila, hindi namin natapos yung game kasi start na ulit yung volleyball pero 12 pts ako sila wala pang 6pts ata bwahahahha. pero nung bumalik ulit ako (sabi pa ni Sonny, "andito ka na naman! addict ka na!") hindi na ako makashoot, leche. lolz. beginner's luck lang ata. kinausap ko si Anshe eh, sabi ko, lalaban na kami sa mga boys dyan sa Singapore.. kala nyo, gagaling din kami.. (diba, TP?)

hihihi. yun lang. naging 2nd place lang ang team namin pero masaya yung sportsfest. Tapos sa bus, tinuruan pa kaming 2 ni mich ni retzel ng poker. kakatawa, walang pera pero merong nagfofold! seryoso uh? lol! tapos sinundo na ako ni daddy.. tapos, tapos na. tapos kinabukasan, hindi ako makabangon. wtf? lol! saket sa kasukasuhan, walang exercise. hanggang ngayon, 3 days after, masakit parin bumababa ng stairs. (alam ko na which muscles ang ginagamit pagbaba/pagakyat/paglakad. kasi ang sakeeeet eh)

ayun. kahapon hindi ako nakapanood ng America's next top model (waaah, Kim!) kasi nakatulog ako bigla. sigi, werk na ako. meh ibang pictures sa flickr ko, check it here

p.s. I love you Pangs! *huuuugs higpit*

Thursday, September 21, 2006 the finals!!

PANALO USTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super close game, they won by a point. woohoo!!!

go go go go go uste! they're now on the finals, against ATeneo.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

...greatest find

it's not a THING but a person.. she's Kim from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5.. ANTM is really delayed here so it's only cycle 5 that's currently shown here in cable.. after just watching the first 3 episodes, i am completely loving Kim, the out-there lezzie.. she's so beautiful, so funny.. natatawa talaga ako pag pinapanood ko siya kasi lalaking-lalaki kung umasta, with her showing her muscles to Sarah tapos nag push-up pa (pa-bibo! lol!)

i've googled about her.. top 5 lang siya (sad!!) and i definitely think Bre and Jayla should've been eliminated before her.. read a TON of her interviews (she's so smart! she graduated at Wesleyan University with honors), watched some other episodes at, and later found out she's now a VJ at MTV uber, MTV's channel shown at Universities and Colleges at the broadband channel.. too bad there's nothing uploaded in youtube, i just want to see more of her! what's with me and my favorites nowadays.. first POW, now Kim.. what does that say about me? LOL! speaking of POW of Philippine Idol, someone should show her pictures of KIM so she'll know how to style herself better and not look like Nino Muhlach with her baggy clothes.

Back to Kim, i found her MTVU blog.. so happy we have similar tastes when it comes to music.. i don't know if it's possible for me to love her more but i do, i do!! bwahahah! though most of the stuff she talks about, are completely foreign to me (i've downloaded a couple that are available in limewire), i recognize a few bands she mentioned like Spoon, Interpol, The Arcade Fire (i looooove Wake Up) and Talking Heads.. but I downloaded Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan and i looooved it. She's still modeling (saw her picture in Vogue-Knit(? something like that), her portfolio and other pictures.. she looks great! lost a bit of weight, but still awesome)

anyway, because of my recent addiction Kim, i think my boss Melanie caught me watching something in and instantly got a one on one meeting with her.. I got a "Geri, you seem distracted lately" so I just told her the truth that Yep, I am because naiinip na ako, gusto ko ng umalis. bwahahaha. paconsuelo, i told her that I'm trying my best to finish my pending items but its just difficult because i miss my husband and other senti stuff like that.. (i think she believed me)

i'll be going to singapore this 28th, am just counting the days. When I get back here, i'll be giving my resignation letter (hurrah!) and that's just one more month before I can be with Raymond for good. Yeyyyyy!

Ei, promote lang.. visit Raymond's blog, Singapore Daily Photo, kasi ang weird eh, tatlo na silang Singapore daily, parang kakainis, lalo na yung pangatlo. tsaka ang weird pa, bakit pinayagan pa na meh ikatlong blog sa DP family.. i mean, sure, sinasabi ng iba na the more the merrier, pero wait until it happened to THEIR city, let's see how they will feel. Plus, hello, hindi naman ganon kalaki ang Singapore, ang liit-liit nga eh, kaya parang ang weird na meh 3 photo daily blog for that tiny country. hehe yun lang. Raymond's pretty relaxed about it, ako lang ang naggagalaiti.(eh? basta yun)

yun lang.. comment kayo uh keh raymond!

Friday, September 15, 2006


i finally found Pow Chavez of Philippine Idol uploaded in YouTube! yahoooey! just wanted to show my hardworking OFW friends (hahaha jk mwah) who i'm rooting for in PI. This was uploaded by empressmaruja

I liked her right off the bat when she auditioned and sang a Jackson Five song. She's so endearing, an out there lezzi, but what the heck, i love her voice! I found out (thru that Kris Aquino voted for her 80 times. (I only voted for her about 10 times, and did a sneaky vote at Ate Chary's cellphone twice, hehe. Nahuli din ako kasi nakareceive siya ng text message na "Thanks for voting!" bwahahah) Ryan C. said to her "your voice is so full of emotion, kumanta ka lang, wala ng gimik, okay na". I completely agree!! Woohoo Pow!!! (pinakaba pa ako, akala ko hindi siya makakasali sa Top 4, muntik na akong magpatiwarik. Lalo na pumasok yung Jelli na minurder ang all-time Sergio Mendes fave song ko na Bridges!)

Lukas won at Rockstar supernova! I am soooo 2-0 at my reality TV show bets. First with Taylor Hicks for AI, now Lukas! hehehe. And now I'm betting Pow for PI. Go Pow!! I'm so happy I can actually now vote my ass off for her. Yahoooey!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

...insanely perfect

i'm talking about the UST Salinggawi Troupe at the 2006 Cheerdance competition!!! *insert roar here* I've always watched the Cheerdance (TG ala ng corny na Non-Stop cheer!) but I've never seen them this perfect. AWESOME!

i'm shaking with school pride right now. Go USTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! found this at YouTube, uploaded by Disharmony

p.s. of course they won.

Friday, September 08, 2006

things that i believe in...

ang sakit ng tsan ko huhuhu. najejebs ba ako? wahaahha. can too much yosi equate to saket sa tsan? hmmm. anyway. it hurts.., it hurts, you know. (i just had to say it like that)

today is friday, ergo, kakatamad day. (i'm still not sure what's more kakatamad,.. monday or friday.. watchathink?) today is also our "Now Showing Day." New gimik by our company to "bond" the CAI-STA employees (as if that will work). Anyway, we were given the task to pick a movie and show it our new big flat screen TV here in the office, and we picked Last Holiday. We didn't even tell our TL, that our copy is pirated. bwhahaha. Tinatamad na ako mag-stay, but since it's sponsored by our team, I have to stay and watch and be a good employee.

*big sigh* Today is also Ate Jhal's wedding, but I'm here, so I can't attend. (what's up with scheduling weddings on a weekday, anyway! kelangang pang umabsent para umattend uh. hahaha si harbie din nga pala, peace beng!)

Anyway(3), here's what i've been thinking. (aside from the fact that no one reacted in my the OC post, i'm kinda disappointed. No OC fans? you don't know what you're missing. lol)

You know how much sayings/quotable quotes(lol) we have? But there are some that I truly, in my heart believe in.

1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. - some people can't seem to find happiness in what they're currently doing. perfect example is finding the perfect job.. there's no such friggin thing! well, at least for 80% of us living in this planet! (boo to the extremely lucky 20%.. but i bet they still have their complaints) There will always be something about your job that irritates the hell out of you. I hate usapans like "uy sa ganito daw, meh Birthday leave sila, tapus 16th month pay sila, blah blah" then when you transfer to that company you find out that their YM is blocked (whatttt?) or that you get memos when you're late (haven't heard of flexi-sched?!) and so on and so forth. Then they complain again and the cycle begins.. "Uy sa ganito daw pwede mag YM, pwede mag Limewire.. etc., etc" I'm not a model employee okay, (don't get me started how many times i've had a one on one with our President here.. yeaaaaahh some employees never even so much as said "Hi!" to our president and i've talked to her about 4 times already since November).. Well, i guess I'm getting pretty sick of the usual conversations dito sa office. I mean, kung sweldo lang ang problema nyo, why did you friggin take the job in the first place?? It's not as if somebody forced you to take this job. It's as simple as this..Find happiness in everything that you do or else, you'll never be happy! hehe. aalis na rin ako sa company namin eh (so much for this saying), but it's because gusto kong magkasama na kami ni Pangs.

2. Time Heals All Wounds - Yep, it does. Just wait. =)

3. it's not actually a saying, but something I've read from Don Miguel Ruiz' book, The Four Agreements (Pangs will say here.. Yan na naman!), it's Don't Take Anything Personally.. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering. I completely agree. Sometimes people think that someone's life revolves around them. It's not even a case to case basis. Nothing we do, is ever because of another person. Just thinking about that, takes so much of the drama away. Even when it comes to love. (aha, debate here) I know it makes people sound extremely selfish, but really, why does a person love someone? I love Raymond because he makes me feel beautiful, makes me feel secure about my life, makes me want to jump up and down and shout that i'm the luckiest girl in the world. He makes me want to be a better person, a better wife. Me, me, me. When I get angry at a person, it's not because it's HER. it's because of my Life History, and how it affected me. There's no such thing as namemersonal. Kaya naniniwala ako, pag biglang meh nagsungit sa akin, with no apparent reason, I just think. Kawawa naman toh, she must be having a bad-ass day. or siguro, laging nangyayari sa kanya toh. or i think, someone has issues. or bini-ring up siyang bitch. lol.

ayan, sumakit ulit tsan ko. wahaha. babay people! have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i love summer!

not summer, as in winter spring summer, but Summer as in The OC summer. As in Summer and Seth. Sometimes I forget why I loved (note the past tense) the OC, but I stopped watching because Marissa is just plain irritating. Out of boredom I catched the show last night and Summer really makes me laugh out loud. (Plus the fact that Rachel Bilson is half-pinay is just icing on the cake! Ha!! I knew it!)

Do you know that they're a real couple off-screen? Waaaah kakakilig. lol! I think I loved Seth before Summer so I'm as much as a Seth fan as I am a Summer one. I mean, who doesn't love Seth? Funny, cute,... FUNNY! He's such an adorable, loving geek and Adam Brody plays him to the T. Don't they look awesome here? And they're pretty private with their relationship, and that makes me just like them even better. Hate hollywood couples who flaunt their love life then break up the next minute, makes them look like b i g fakes. oooh, I think I got excited for the latest OC season, 'cause guess what.. Marissa's Dead! waahahah. Aint I the luckiest fan? hihihi. It's like I willed(?) her dead. I've had enough of her bitch*n Ryan and I can't understand how she can't just TRUST ryan. that girl has a LOT of issues. good riddance. *evil laugh*

Love them! Love their banters, love how funny they are as individuals and funnier when they're together. Seth's favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie and thinks Foreigner is ten times cooler than Journey (Ryan's favorite band is Journey. YAHHH. Tell me about it, he's such a bore)!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank you Pangs kow!!

Originally uploaded by geWi.
waaaah ang sweet talaga ng asawa ko! I've been feeling down lately (what's new) and he surprised me again with flowers, with this note: "Cheer up Pangs! I love you! --- Emon" *hugs hugs hugs kiss kiss kiss* salamats pangs ko! Parang andito ka na rin (hehe naks!)

i love you! kikita na tayo sa 28! yahoooo!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

...p.s. I love you

System Time: 3:13 PM
grabeeeh. my TL got the Aussie job! Meh law daw sa Australia na pag IT, bawal ang below 6k. wow diba!? She referred me din, haaaaay, hopefully i get the call too.

anyhoo, i'm currently reading Cecilia Ahern's, P.S. I love you novel. Right off the bat, I knew this will be a great read. It starts off like this, Holly's husband, Gerry, died of brain tumor. Holly is of course, devastated. (I couldn't even begin to imagine if ever something similar happens to me *knocks on wood*) Months after Gerry's death, she got a call from her mom and said there was an envelope for her in their house. She didn't want to see anyone at first, but when her mom said "On the top of the envelope it said "The List"", she immediately went out to get it. Yung The List pala nila was some sort of game that they would do, like list of things of bilin stuff to leave for their loved ones. So, fast forward when she opened the envelope. Inside contained a letter, then 10 small envelopes (the kind you receive when you get flowers) with a month inscribed to each of them. Gerry died February, so there was one for each month for the rest of the year. Before I tell you what was written in the first one, konting history muna. Holly and Gerry used to fight over as to who will switch off the light before they go to sleep. And then after one of them finally switches the light off, he/she will hit a bedpost on the way back, so you can see why no one wants to do it. First envelope said "Save yourself some bruises and buy and bedside lamp. P.S. I Love you" awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ang sweet noh? yun lang, natuwa lang ako sa kanya. I've already opened the 2nd one, but I'm not going to tell you anymore what it contains, basahin nyo na lang hehe!

hope i could go home early, i'm still testing my script. bye guys! miss kita pangs. =(

P.S. I love you! (hehe, yahhh yahh corny na)

Monday, August 28, 2006

...not that bad

System Time: 10:14 AM
Monday. don't you just hate Mondays? I used to go to work late on Mondays.. then i realize, it puts me in a much worse mood if i do. It's hotter (stupid shuttles with poor airconditioning at the height of the mid-morning), traffic's much, much worse when I leave at 8am, and the day seems longer cause i'd have to leave at 7pm instead of 5pm.. when I haul myself from sleep at 5:45 am, it's waaay easier than all these combined. at least the waking up is only the hard part.

How was your weekend? Saturday I did my most favorite thing. I bummed out at home. Slept, ate, watched DVDs. (watched Friends with Money) Also helped my mom with her accessories. I don't do the actual necklace, I just help her with the pieces. you know, when i put a wire on a bead then i make loops on both ends? Anyway, that was my Saturday, fun eh? hehe.

Sunday, our usual mass at Sta.Lucia first. My ate bought my Lola a blouse and bought her a bag. Then off to Caloocan (at Kanto Tinio, HAHAHAH Morning Breeze, had a laugh at that with my parents.. I kept on repeating in my best konduktor voice.."Mga Kanto Tinio Dyan!!") It was Lola's birthday and we also brought Adobong Crabs and steamed corn. After that we went to St.Lukes to visit Ate Lala and her new baby! (not that she has an old one, well, you know what i mean) but this was not without Drama first. my drama inflicted family. Let's rewind to Saturday, while I was doing the looping thing with the beads and my mother was doing the actual necklace. Dad was standing (I don't know what he was doing, I think he was just passing by) and Mom says "Puntahan naten si Lala sa St.Lukes" (kasi nga kakapanganak pa lang nya) and Dad says "Ang hirap pumarada dun, anu?" or was it "Baka hindi mo alam kung gano kahirap pumarada dun?" (i think it was the latter) and then my Mom says "Edi bukas na lang tayo pumunta pagkatapos pumunta keh Nanay (Lola)" and then my Dad says "Okay". End of story right? So comes Sunday, after leaving Lola's place, we were at EDSA and my sister Ate Chary and Mom were talking about texting Ate Lala and asking her the room number. Ate Chary said "Mommy, Alam ba ni Daddy na pupunta tayong St.Lukes? Baka hindi ka narinig!" ('cause my dad has undiagnosed selective hearing) and then Mom says "Daddy, pupunta tayo sa St.Lukes uh!" and now the drama starts.

Daddy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi ko mahirap magpark dun! Akala ko pag asa Sta.Mesa na sila, dun na lang tayo bibisita!"
Mommy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi mo kahapon, pumayag ka!"
Daddy: "Diba sabi ko nga mahirap magpark dun kahapon!"
Mommy: "Oo nga, pero sabi ko, ngayon na lang pagkatapos pumunta kay Nanay tas pumayag ka"
Daddy: "Anooooo??! Bakit ako papayag eh mahirap ngang magpark!"
Me: *interjects* "I was there, you did say yes."
Daddy: "Eh bakit nga ako papayag? Eh mahirap nga magpark!"
Me: "I don't know, sabi mo Okay eh."
*daddy takes a right turn then goes on about the woes of parking*
Daddy: "Puro pahirap kasi alam nyo! Nakasakay lang kasi kayo dyan!"
Mommy: "TUMIGIL ka na nga! Ibaba mo na lang ako sa pwede akong kumuha ng TAxi!"
Daddy: "Kahit saan pwede kumuha ng Taxi ano!"
Mommy: "Edi dito na lang! Itabi mo na! Kaming 2 na lang ni Chary pupunta! Maiwan ka Che sa Daddy mo!"
*daddy ignores mommy, mommy continues her taxi idea*
Daddy: "Papunta na tayo noh." then in his most sarcastic voice, "Akala mo EMERGENCY"
Mommy: "Daaaaaaa-dy...Sinong nagsabing emergency? Hindi emergency!"
Daddy: "Eh meh taxi-taxi ka pang sinasabi eh!"
Mommy: *gets another idea* "Idaan mo na lang kami sa St.Lukes tapos umuwi na kayo ni CheChe!"
*stillness/quietness in the van, then we arrive at St.Lukes. Dad parks in front of Greenwich, in front of St.Lukes*
Daddy: "Hihintayin na lang namin kayo dito."
Mommy: "WAG na!! Umuwi na kayo! Tara, Chary!"
*Dad and me watch them cross the street*
Me: "Umuwi na daw tayo."
*Dad ignores me*

We ended up going to the hospital and leaving the van because Kuya Eric (Ate Lala's brother) pulled up right beside us and told us he always parks here and leaves his car there. I said "Daddy! iniiwan daw ni Kuya Eric kotse nya dito, tara na!" So I got to see baby Lourdes Therese (i don't like their chosen name. Lourdes is for Lola, Therese daw is kasi nagdadasal daw si Ate lala keh St.Therese for a baby..anyway, still don't like it, parang hindi creative. I'm gonna name mine Annika Sky. hehe.) and how baby LT cried without tears and started a crying frenzy in the nursery.

That was my weekend. So I guess, Mondays aren't that bad.

Friday, August 25, 2006

...buhat bangka

i haven't blogged much about my work here because 1. it's not interesting 2. i don't like it that much 3. it's not interesting.. ooh, i already said that.

today i received awesome news.. we have mini-teams in our team so we have Francium, Remedy (that's us), EWOK and ETC. (ETC stands for etc., the applications are too many to mention) So Jen, one of the members of Francium team will be moving to our team this September. Yesterday after the meeting, she was asked by our Project Manager to stay behind. Anyway, didn't think much about it until this morning when Jen approached me. Sabi nya:

J: "Ei geri, meh sasabihin ako sayo" (pabulong)
Me: "Anu?"
J: "Kinausap ako ni Melai (our PM) kahapon, tas sabi daw ni Tor (yung Team Leader ng Remedy sa US) ikaw daw ang #1 sa kanya sa team nyo sa appraisal. Kung baga, kaw #1, tas sunod si Ronie tas sunod si Liz (our TL)"
Me: *aghast* "Bakit?"
J: "Tungaks! Hindi nga rin ako maniwala eh!" (tas tawanan kami)
Me: "Kelan sinabi?"
J: "Kahapon nung kinausap ako ni Melai. Sabi kasi ni Melai, parang heads-up saken kasi ang dating is papalitan kita sa November, eh since kaw pinakamagaling dyan, baka mataas ang expectation nila saken. Yung tipong dapat same level din ang gawin ko"
Me: *still listening* "Grabe. Katuwa naman yan."
J: "Tas sabi pa ni Melai, sabi daw ni Tor na magaling ka daw magestimate, hindi ka naghahabol sa oras. Tapos kahit daw 5pm ka umuuwi araw-araw, hindi ka nadedelay sa tasks mo. Basta, ikaw daw ang meh pinakamataas na appraisal senyung 3."
Me: "Talaga? kakaguilty naman."
J: "Bakit?"
Me: "Eh kasi for the past 2 days wala akong ginagawa. hahahaha! tinatamad ako eh!"

So there. katuwa anu? who would've thunk? SERIOUSLY. That got me inspired for 2 hours. I got some work during that time. Then the feeling ended and I'm back to my lazy mode and ended up updating my blog.

Nahiya tuloy ako keh Tor. hehehe. This task that I'm currently doing is a rework of a previous script that I've done and it's so kakatamad gawin uh. (I hate anything that starts with re) So I've done a lot of monitor staring recently. At least it got me inspired for 2 hours. Better than nothing. I know when I excel at something, and I'm pretty sure this isn't one of my best-est work produced. Or maybe I'm the lesser evil amongst the 3 of us? Wahahaha. For now, I'll just think that someone appreciates what I've done and hopefully take something from that thought.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

...random things that irritate me the most

1. Shuttle newbies. - i ride a shuttle service from Makati to COGEO (in Antipolo) or if i'm running a bit late, from Makati to Masinag then I get a FX ride from Masinag to Cogeo. Shuttle newbies irritate the hell out of me. Those who pay (nangunguna ba) before everyone else (Shuttle rule # 1. Fares are collected by the passengers so that isang abot na lang sa driver), those who talk loudly inside the shuttle (Shuttle rule #2, Hellloo? senyu ba tong sasakyan?) and those who feel like i'm some sort of leaning post. (Okay, ok, i may Look like a post (:p) but please, don't lean on me, you stupid fat-assed girl, you weigh a ton) The ride usually lasts for 1 and a half-hours and people usually sleep on this time. Lastly, I hate those who are in earphones but you can hear what they're listening to. Worse when i can only hear the kilansing. Puhhhleaseeeee, is that a speaker in your ear? Do I look like i wanna hear Cueshe (no offense to Cueshe fans)? Arrrggghh. so kaka.

2. Mimicking people. - you know the type, when you say something mundane lng "Uuwi na ako!" and then they go ahead and mimick you, "Uuwi na ako". Diba kakairita? It's not a good example, so you probably didn't get it. Hmm... I'll try another one.. When you say "Yeheyyyyyyyyy Hahaha!" they go and say yeheyyy ha ha ha. l o l. hehehe. It's irritating right?

3. People who cross the street like the own the road. Can i just run them over for once? or maybe nick them a bit so they'll realize they're not the priority here? I especially hate those who put up a hand then when they get you to stop, they'll slow down their walk? I mean, WTF?! I already stopped my damn car for you and this is how you repay me? By walking like you're on the moon? Dagmadit!

4. Spitters. Do i need to elaborate? Wouldn't it make your day if someone's spit accidentally splashes on you? ewww.

5. Jeepney drivers who stop in the middle of the road. Are you really in a hurry? Will it waste too much of your time to actually put your vehicle at the side so that you won't cause traffic?

6. Filipinos living abroad who constantly say bad things about the Philippines to other people from other nationalities. And to those who say na wala nang pag-asa ang pilipinas. Come on, you're already there, living a privileged life, why do you have to bring Filipinos living here down? Will it kill you to talk about the Philippines in a positive way?

7. People who make singit to lines. Ang sarap kotongan. Seriously.

8. Someone kicking your seat. Whether it is in the cinema, or when you're in Mass, or in the office (if someone is near your seat). I wanna go behind them and kick their seat. See how that makes them feel.

9. Salesladies that follow you around in a store trying to "help". Really, if i'll need you, i'll call you. Kaya ayaw ko magBody Shop eh, notorious sila dito. They're so close, I can hear them breathing. If I tuck in my hair fast enough, I can knock them over with my siko. Isn't THAT irritating?

10. (mind you, this was supposed to be a 3 item list. i got carried away) Officemates that sing the SAME song in the office. I mean, really, I admit I sing out loud when I get carried away but at least I move on to the next song when the damn song finishes. I don't sing one single song for WEEKS. (yep, weeks, not hours, not days, WEEKS!) I swear, if i hear Wonderful Journey one more time (OVER MY EARPHONES! yeahh, it's that loud) I'm going to pull the cord out of your friggin computer.

*Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* l o l. sorry about that, i just needed to vent.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 theme song

... and i'll bet it's yours too. eheheh. exceptions for geek-workaholics. blech.

My Cubicle

Monday, August 14, 2006

...rediscovered music

Don't you just love rediscovering music you've loved and listened to in the past but forgot about it simply because you've found something newer and trendier? I have many musical interests (you can hit me with a boy band song if i feel like it) but I've always been a rocker at heart. I mainly depend on Y!Music (Alternative Station) to keep with the new songs now, so I'm not sure what's a "hit" in the local stations. However, I've been watching Rockstar:Supernova (which in my opinion, should just kick out all the other singers and make it a battle between Lucas, Dilana and Magni) and I just love the songs that they sing there. I've downloaded the songs sang there and most of them are 80s songs and I just love the 80s! i'm not talking much about the new wave stuff (though I'm currently listening to Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, is that new wave?) but the kickass rock songs.

I've got 3 David Bowie Songs in my mp3 playlist. Changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaangessssssss), All the Young Dudes (weeeeee! i love this song! this was in the Clueless soundtrack too. I love Clueless! ultimate chick-flick!) and Under Pressure which is sadly more known as the first few notes of the Ice, Ice Baby track.

I've rediscovered Heart, oooh, i just love their songs. Alone (sang by Carrie in AI), These Dreams (waah peyborit!) and all other songs like What About Love and All I Wanna Do I Make Love To You.

I even like Blondie now (also, because of Rockstar:Supernova) with their 'Call me' song and the mahalay na I Touch Myself song. (I don't want anybody else, when I think abouuuuut you, I touch myself! wow, kakaloka!)

The classic, Baba O'Riley from The Who. If you don't know song, I'll bet my as* off that you do and that you'll go "Aaaaaaaaahh, yan ba yun!" when you hear it. (Teenage wastelandddddddddd, it's only teenage wastelandddd) If you watch House,MD, that's the song he was playing 'pretend' piano and drums to when he was at the office and the Black former-owner of the hospital dude came into the office.

(it's not in the 80s) But found new love for the song Santeria by Sublime. Loooove the song (TY to Josh who sang this in the show, not because he sang it good but just for hearing this oh-so-wonderful-iwanna-go-to-the-beach song again)

I know Billy Idol (who doesn't) but I've been an IDIOT when it comes to his songs. Now, I love 'Rebel Yell' with ALLLL my heart. If you know any other awesome Billy Idol songs (aside from Mony Mony which I don't like because it gives me an image of my Ate Chary dancing to that and that is NOT a good memory), you've got to tell me 'cause I am (repeat) an IDIOT who doesn't know any better. (Update: I'm currently downloading White Wedding and Dancing with Myself)

Anyway, enough about music. Pangs was here from Tuesday til Sunday. (Ohmygosh, so sorry to Jane, hindi kami naka-attend ng wedding mo huhuhuhuh. Grabi kasi sched namin, we're trying to push everything to his 4day visit..nagulintang eh, nawala lahat yung plano namin. Waaah sorrrrrrrrrrryyyy Hope you had a beautiful one! and please speak to me parin. ehehe.)

He's back in Singapore again. (huhuhuhuhuhuh) *sighs* Any words I write cannot describe how devastatingly sad that makes me feel. So I'm just gonna shut-up and change the topic.

(listening now to Billy Idol's White Wedding. Waah I know this song pala, ganda!)

Am back to work now and what can I say but it's still SSDD (same shit different Day) today. I'll just listen to Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself (another awwweeesome song) and hope this day gets better.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...guilty pleasures (updated)

1. Regine Velasquez movies. heehee. yeah, i have absolutely watched every single Regine flick, because they're the kind of movies i like.. light, romantic chick-flick comedies. you know what my fave is (I forgot to say that this post is TOP SECRET!), the one with Robin Padilla, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw. wahahaha. Robin is H O T there! sooperdoopah gwapo siya dun. I think there was some sort of filter every time the camera focuses in on him. and guess what?? They've got a new movie coming up! It's titled Til I met You and they're currently now shooting (Well, at least that's what I read in the paper). Weeeeee! I frantically told my sister, Ate Chary that bit of news and as usual, she told me "ngayon mo lang nalaman?" Harumpft. Ateeeee, not everyone watches The Buzz/S-Files and records them.

2. Kim Rae Won. Who?? I first saw him in My Love, Patzzi (My Love, Cindy in the GMA 7 broadcast) and he was the bestfriend of the girl lead but turned out, surprisingly, the guy who gets the girl. It was really a surprise because he wasn't that focused in the story. Anyway, I liked him them. I loved him in the Korean movie, Little Bride. Then I watched another one of his films, "". I swear, this isn't something I planned, or that I look specifically for his movies in piracy lalaland in Quiapo, it just usually turns out to be HIM. I didn't even watch Attic Cat (where he's most known) because I can't stand the ugly girl partnered there with him. But now that they're going to show "Love Story in Harvard" in GMA 7, I am ecstatic. I don't even know why he's my favorite. He's not Lee Dong Wook handsome, just supremely ma-appeal. I liked the "" movie because he played a smoker there and gosh, he's such a gwapo smoker. heehee.


I think I'm so addicted to koreans that they are now part of my dreams. I dreamt that we were in Sta.Mesa. My cousins are there, they live in a compound so when we were young, we would all play hide and seek in Lola's apartment. Anyway, back in my dream, we were playing taguan and guess what, the Koreans were there. I can't even remember which Korean specifically, but they really where there. They even joined in the taguan game and hid themselves (there were at least 3 of them) under the dining table. In the 2nd round, I hid with them under the dining table because my cousins, even though they knew they were hiding there wouldn't call out to them because they couldn't even pronounce the friggin names, much less tag them. So I was pretty safe with the Koreans. Grabe, uber-weird noh? I'm not even going to contemplate what this means.

3. Gerald and Kim (from PBB). Ewan ko ba. I find them, endearing. It's suuuuch a guilty pleasure that I only watch their show in (search "Lovespell", ehehehe) and I can't even urge myself to google them and post their pictures here for I don't want their pictures in MY flickr account. l o l. I've only watched 2 episodes so far, but ooohhh, It feels so weird writing about them, hahaha. so enough already. i'm gonna zip it.

Pangs is going home tomorrow!!! yahoooooeeyy!! I can't wait I can't wait!! *dance dance* WOHOOOOOO!

ANDITO NA SI PANGS! loko yun, he got here around 2:30 PM today. He called me up, and all the while i was thinking he was still in Singapore, he told me "Pangs kowwww andito na ako sa tapat ng PBCom Tower!". sabi ko "niloloko mo ako!!" wahahaha. WAHAHAHAH. BWAHHAHAHHAHAAHHA! *naloka na*

i got his luggage here beside me, i'm still in the office. hmmm. ano kaya pasalubong nya saken? tingnan ko kaya! HAHAHAHA. joke joke pangs kow. I love you! kahit 1 day lang ang nadagdag, best surprise everrrrrrrrr!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...tapos naaaaaaaa

ayan reeyuh, hehe.

*one big sigh* nakakalungkot waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. andito na naman ako sa pinas. wala ng smelly na mrt, wala ng unrecognizable food, wala ng incomprehensible english. (i'm trying to psych myself out)

wala na rin Pangs. huhuhuhu.

how was Singapore? each of us will have a different answer, for sure. Kate will probably say, if it wasn't for my Mom, nag-enjoy siya magshopping. Mom will say, if it wasn't for me, mas nakatipid sila/mas madaming napuntahan at madaming pang reklamo. (i'm never going on a vacation with my Mom again. d o n ' t a s k.) Auntie Boots will probably say the same thing as my Mom, except mellow-er. and saken, B I T I N. hay.

(sorry Anshe, ndi tayu nagkita. di talaga kaya eh. *here comes the dreaded sabi ko seyu* sabi ko kasi seyu, dapat nagsabay na tayu ng flight papunta! *WAPAKS*)

was my first time to see the Budget Terminal, it was pretty nice and clean, and exceeded my expectations. same goes for Tiger Airways' airplane. It was pretty new, so there was nothing 'exciting' happening in that ride.

They stayed at Hangout@mt.Emily.. what you see in the internet is pretty much what you get. Plus, they have great english speaking receptionists (probably 'cause most of the backpackers staying there were caucasians) so they're easy to understand. Unlike the receptionist we got at Strand Hotel, where Raymond and I stayed. I cannot understand them! They might as well be speaking chinese. (it sounded chinese)

and back to my Mom.. *sighs* grabi, never again. natawa ako eh, si Kate nga sabi "sorry geri uh, pero your mom, she's testing my patience" lol! natatawa na lang ako pag nagrereklamo ako tungkol keh mommy tapus sasabihin nila Kate/Jing na "ano ka ba, Mom mo yun eh" ngayon, Kate can definitely RELATE. lol. alam na nya what the f*ck i'm talking about. constant reklamo hay. constant comment hay. NAKASTRESS!

hay yun muna. bitin kakainis.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

...malapit naaaaaa

2 days to go! yipee! *jumps for joy*

/me tingin sa bagahe, mga bilin ni raymond:
1. purefoods carne norte
2. purefoods sisig
3. goldilocks bopis in tetra pak (don't you just love this!!)
4. goldilocks lechon paksiw
5. goldilocks dinuguan (hindi kaya tumaas cholesterol mo dito pangs)
6. goldilocks cookies and cream polvoron
7. boy bawang (for your housemates hehe, 1 lng eh sori)
8. chiz whiz na malaki
9. Lily's Coco jam (sorry,wala ng Ludy's)
12. Kraft cheddar cheese (wala ba nyan dyan? lol)
13. Lucky Me ChiliMansi Pancit Canton
14. Lucky Me La Paz Batchoy

yan lang makita ko.. marami pa eh. lol. kakatuwang mamili. heehee! pangs, i don't think kakayanin ko ang tocino and longanisa. pag umuwi ka na lang!

YAHOOOOOOOOOOEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! malapit naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *talon talon sa tuwa*

Friday, July 21, 2006


i'm currently running a script that usually takes more than an hour to finish so i've logged in to friendster, something that i rarely do, only because the site is too damn slow. anyway, i was re-reading my testimonials, (please, those pertaining to you-know-who, could you please make me another one? ehhehe) and i was struck by Davis' testimonial to me, not because we were close or anything like that, it was because his was the most different from the rest.

here's what he had to say about me:

Geri is one of the quiet people I knew in college. She's one of those deep thinkers who sits in a corner while puffing her cigarette. I don't smoke... but I sure enjoy sitting around with her while she does. She's very nice actually. You can talk with
her about your problems, and she gives good advice. And you're sure that your secret is kept well. She can get quite weird when she's already comfortable with you. So try not to get too close to her... lol! joke joke joke!

It always is a fun experience to see Geri. =) Take care now! Miss ya!

btw, kelan ba mauulit yung happy hour?? bwahaha!

isn't that a hoot? l o l. i'd like to think he wasn't sarcastic or anything like that, heehee.

enough about the slowest-site-ever-created-on-cyberspace-friendster. Are you guys watching Rockstar Supernova? Are you with me that these guys absolutely suck? I mean, really, the girls-singing-boy-songs is not working. If they were in AI, Simon would have a fit. Sure it's rock and roll and it's okay to be pitchy or something but you at least have to be in tune, even just for the friggin chorus! The girl who sang It's My Life, or the other one who sang a pathetic version of Drive, or the Aussie guy,.. i am not impressed. kulang ng angst. lalo na yung Josh something, he has a nice voice, but, are you kidding me? He'll be eaten alive by the Supernova guys. I only like two so far, that's Dilana and Lukas. I hope they improve as the show goes on.

It's friday today and i'm jumping for joy. 1 week to go before I see my pangs! Yahooey! and tomorrow, i'll see My GUY (LDW) in TV! yeyyy! have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

...i could tell

yeah, perfect song of the day.. "I could tell, from the minute I woke up, that it's gonna be a lonely, lonely, lonely, looooooneelyyy day"

i mean, first, nahuli shuttle namin, colorum(?) kasi.. okey lang yun eh, i can wait. but eto killer.. hindi ko naabutan ang Big Breakfast with Muffin with Strawberry Preserve sa Mcdo. HUUUWAAAT. no no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! nag Egg Mcmuffin lang tuloy ako. harumpft.

and now that i'm in the office, HD (hands-down) ako kasi hindi ako makapasok sa hinayupak na VM (virtual machine) ng client. ay. good news pala yun. now i've got the perfect excuse to NOT work. weeeeeeee! lahat ng pumasok after 10AM, hindi na makalogin sa VM, kaya kakatawa yung maaga, sabi nila, sana sila din hehe.

mashado akong naliligaya keh Lee Dong-Wook (will be referred to as My Guy from now on).. i searched for him at and found some videos of him.. (click here for my fave one)

sa Sabado daw asa Wowowee siya.. uy mukhang magiging kapamilya ako uh, at least for that day. papanoorin ko talaga yun ehehehe.

hay. lunch na muna. kain lng! babay.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

...Katamad with a capital K

i think i've started more than a dozen blogs but only got a sentence in.. either i would get interrupted by work or i'll just realize i've got nothing worthwhile to share.. (not that this day is any different.. i'm just too damn bored in the office)

i'm too addicted to the My Girl guy, the actor's name is Lee Dong-Wook.. and he's coming to Manila! /me tili hanggang mawalan ng boses. Grabe.. i've already finished watching it (c/o quiapo, ehehe) and i'm trying to catch it in ABS-CBN.. unsucessfully, that is. i just hate commercials. i tried watching it for the sake of My Guy (hehe) but i remembered the reason why i don't watch too much shows in the local channels, there's just too much advertisements, nakakawala ng momentum!

Lee Dong-Wook.. grabe, todo na toh.

anyway, i needed to infuse some western culture in my system again so I'm currently watching Commander-in-chief starring Geena Davis. (ei harbie, do you watch this?) it's very entertaining, and Geena Davis is so.. presidentiable. hehe. it's not yet shown here in the Philippines, TG for my good old Dad and his quiapo escapades. I'm not sure if the disc has the complete season, so if anyone knows, has the first season finished its showing in the US? i think i've got only 9 episodes in the disc so i'll probably be uber-bitin. Also have the seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy. (Galing talaga ni Itay! lol) Ewan ko ba, ndi pa ako natutuwa dito, maybe because I'm too much of a House MD fan, and i'm always looking for a laugh at these shows and hindi nagpapatawa yung Grey's Anatomy eh hehe (or maybe they do, but i don't find it funny).. i like how House is really categorized as a Drama show but you can't deny how comedic it can be, there's never an episode that i didn't laugh out loud.

naiinip na ako. I wanna go to Singapore already. even if it's just a couple of days, inip na inip na inip na inip na ako. maybe that's why i'm too bored here. and too restless. di ako mapakali. and lagi na akong late. grrr. ako pa naman si 8-5 person. (yahhh 6:30 pa lng, bahay na ako, except on Fridays when i meet my HS kada and we do our yosi session) now i'm 10ish to 7ish person. gaaah, kakairita. ang bagal ng oras uh. and it's not as if i've got nothing to do at work. it's the opposite. i'm just so so friggin lazy to do it. hay.

Monday naiyak ako nung kausap ko si Pangs sa phone. I told him "Pangs.. nalu--luuung *waaaaaaaaaaaahhh* aku!" then i got a grip of myself and said good night. Tuesday night, okey na ako.

I called Pangs and said "I think I know na bakit ako naiyak kahapon"
Pangs: "Bakit?"
me: "Wala kasing mapanood sa TV. naramdam ko ang kalungkutan"
Pangs: "So ngayon, okey ka na?"
me: "Yep. Merong The OC tsaka One Tree Hill eh"
Pangs: "So hindi mo na ako miss?"
me: "Hindi sa ganun, hindi ko lang naiisip na miss kita pero miss parin kita"
Pangs: "galing lumusot uh"

wahehehe. It's true you know, my keeping busy means watching TV. I don't have much of a social life, apart from my HS kada (my saviours!!), as if makakaalis ako pag gabi eh daig ko pa si Cinderella, kelangang 11pm asa bahay na ko. Drastic improvement na nga yung nakakauwi ako ng lagpas 11 pm dahil sinabi ko na ihahatid naman ako ni Jing sa bahay hehe. (plus dun ako natutulog sa bahay namin ni Raymond nun para hindi ako mapagalitan) Grabe noh, parang hindi ako nagtatrabahong bente-singco at meh asawa na. I'm not bitter, i'm so used to it by now. living far away has its perks though,.. i don't have any sleeping problem, i sleep as soon as the shuttle moves.. my bosses usually don't consider me to work on weekends ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") and i can go home the earliest ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") i can make it as an excuse when i'm super tinatamad sa mga lakad ("ang layo namin kasi nyan eh!") and malamig parin samen pag gabi dahil meh bundok pa hehe.

hay. 7pm pa uwi ko. drat.