Saturday, June 18, 2011

...blake shelton post

forgive me, but i am majorly fangirling now. since watching The Voice, i have been cyberstalking one of the coaches, Blake Shelton. gawd he is one hot dude. aaaand super nice aaaaand super funny. i just watched him in Leno this morning (yeah, morning here) and what he said about Xenia is such an "awwweeeshucks" moment. He was like "the oklahoma guy in me is not sending this little girl home". soooo sweet!

so now i've officially reactivated my twitter account (go_gewi, add me up guys!) to continue my cyber stalking. gawd. his tweets are frikin hilarious. "describe christina aguilera in one word: boobies!" LOL.

i tried for 10 seconds to listen to his music, but stopped immediately with all the country rhyming. i'm a fan of HIM, not really his music hehehe.

i'll just add him to my google alerts and i'm all set.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...june update

202069_10150573568300444_733935443_18508032_1695746_o 241423_2090703264536_1153879560_3946464_772312_o
happy 6th and 7th month binog!

another late update.. binog can now sit upright, (can actually last a whole minute, then he goes tumbling down which is the part i luuurve because he just giggles and laughs out loud whenever it happens. should capture that in video).. and he's been crawling on his knees a bit. though he's sometimes lazy so he still uses his thighs to crawl. but it doesn't matter what method he uses.. he still gets there, FAST! i started giving him solids on his 6th month, and he is a very, very good eater. i can now see that he won't be much of a fussy eater. we've discovered he likes broccolli and peas.. impartial to squash and sweet potatoes, and doesn't like pears/apples that much. but he still eats them! he just grimaces a bit whenever he eats the fruits. (baka naaasiman)

on the flip side, he is now one smelly pooping baby, and he cries when a toy is taken away from him (kala mo kinawawa talaga). he likes remote controls, celphones, mouse, my mac, everything that i can't possibly sterilize. he has a LOT of cloth toys, but he sucks on them for about 5 minutes and then throws it away. (i bought a lot in ikea) amidst all the new baby junk i've bought, there is one good buy that makes me super happy. it's the Indestructibles .. it's a baby book, which has a texture like paper, but it's tear-proof and washable. i love it that binog loves it! it was actually just an impulse buy (yeah yeah, more impulsive than my other impulse buys) because i just saw them beside the cash register. i was intrigued by the 'tear-proof' and 'washable' claim. and they completely were! binog will just happily chew away with this.. he probably thinks it's one of his "bawal" toys! hehe. cause he likes to grab the magazines i read and crumple them. this one, he can crumple it all he wants and it will NOT tear. i bought it for 10sgd but i found the same stuff at for just 5usd so i'm gonna buy a couple more. i also found out that he likes the black and white toys more.. like this combi soft toy i found in Kiddiepalace in sg (photo below). he would grab on it and suck the legs until the whole toy is completely dripping in his saliva. fisher-price should just make a remote control toy that's completely black and please, no sounds. LOL.

binog sucking on his combi elephant. Indestructibles (book) on the upper left of binog.

...on Gavin news, it's his first day of school today! Hence, my free time to blog. and i was able to do a lot of stuff this morning. Phoning caterers and prospective venues for Binog's upcoming first birthday. (yey!) his birthday is going to be robot themed, and i've bought some stuff in and birthdayexpress. super cute robot stuff. anyway, back to gavin.. some people still ask me. why gavin has started schooling so early.. here are some of the reasons:

1. i want him to be more 'athletic' so i'm glad his school has started so he can have an environment where he can safely run outside the house and sweat. (i miss the playgrounds in sg huhu).
2. since he's the 'king' of the house, some "sharing" and "wait for your turn" rules will be good for him
3. lessen his TV and computer playing
4. learn to interact with other adults and build his self-confidence
5. 3 hours for my sanity.

i also can't wait to start binog with gymboree. we love gymboree! as soon as a baby starts walking, i would really recommend it. you'll be there with your baby anyway, and you'll be amazed how your baby is able to follow simple instructions and to parallel play with the other babies. it's also great bonding time for mommy and baby.

on early schooling, i guess it depends on the attitude of the child. gavin simply loves learning. i give him worksheets to fix a tantrum for gawd's sake. i bribe him with his flash card questions for him to eat lunch. (i tell him, "okay, one bite, one question!") he can now read a whole story book by himself. and he likes playing "teacher" and "student" with me. (he goes: "Mommy, what is this? Good! Great Job mommy!") the whole day yesterday and today, i've been constantly reminding him that he will start school today. so when the school bus honked this morning, he jumped up and quickly put on his bag and said "school bus is hereeee!!". so cute!

oooh, gavin will be home soon. (ang bilis namannnnn whyyyyyy haha. bakit ganon, pag andito sya parang ang bagal ng oras? hahahah evil mom). til then! bye!