Wednesday, September 11, 2002

System Time: 8:19 AM
... MADIRPAKIR driver! almost stole away the littlest window of opportunity for me not to be late.. made me run a freaking kilometer just to punch in before 8:05 ..(login time was 8:04.. yes!) grrrrr i'll never, ever ride in that vehicle again!.. was so freaking slowwww.. a gadamn tricycle was overtaking us for heaven's sake!

/me breathes in, breathes out

gaaaaaaaaaaH ..|..
(today ISN'T monday! this is breaking the only-mondays-suck- rule lol)

hay.. am gonna start reading book 1 of HP today (finished book 2 yesterday tsk tsk).. actually, it's not that we have nothing to do, (we were given a new activity yesterday) it's just that my brain cells don't function before 9:00 AM.. (still is 8:29 AM) wonder what i'll have to do to pass time when i finish reading book 1...hhmmm..

System Time: 10:51 AM
..we're given a completely new module to work on (we'll be creating reports) .. i'm stuck again with my codes, been staring at the monitor for 10 minutes...hmmm
..ate chary's gonna be using the PC today, so i can't work on the fansite tonight... don't have the necessary software (photoshop, dreamweaver, swish, flash) installed on my notebook.. all that is installed there is MS office.. but in the meantime.. i plan on typing the articles (on my notebook) about james blanco so that i could include them on the site (hehe).. last night, i've been customizing the forums (so that the color combi would match with the pages i already created), i've been figuring out how my site would appear through search engines.. i know it's mostly based on metatags on html, but i still can't see my site on the search results of "james blanco".. hmmm..
anywayz, still don't feel like continuing the assigned module so i guess i'll start reading book 1..

System Time: 2:28 PM
uh-oh (yep, feeling sleepy again.. i could just sit here with my eyes closed and i'll be able to fall into a heavy stupor)

System Time: 3:17 PM
Ha! i found the cure to sleepiness! just sit beside the most irritating person you could find. you'll get so irritated you'll become fully awake.
BWISET! know-it-all talagaahhhh kakaaaaaaaa

System Time: 5:35 PM
...kay tagal ng oras. bwishit. hmm.. i wanna eat but all my chocolate baon are gone..

System Time: 6:01 PM
at last! bye now!

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