Thursday, January 27, 2005


i've been working for almost 15 hours a day since i started at Pramerica last Monday.. it's extremely tiring, and at times i want to jump out from the 34th floor and scream "bakit ba ako bumalikkk!?" but i always try to focus on "the goal"... i think about how i can now see my pangs everyday and how much money we're earning through our heavy OT (hehe)

last sunday, my cousin Kuya Ding got married. and of course, there's the bouquet toss where no one wants to join in.. and the one who doesn't want to even "touch" the bouquet GETS it. i feel like i'm a bouquet magnet.. i never, ever want to be the one who gets it.. it's embarassing and so corny.. but last sunday, i just KNEW i'll be the one to catch it. i even stayed at the very back of the pack but as Jane (the bride) tossed the flowers, i could see that the angle and velocity of the bouquet would fall directly on my hands (LOL.) .. or my head..... i got the latter.

anyway, gotta get back to work.. it's 11:02 PM and as kuya germs says "WALANG TULUGAN!!"

*thinks about the money*

bye all!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

...return of the comeback

My post yesterday, January 18,2005

System Time: 3:20 PM
I'm back in Pramerica! Yep, i don't know if it's the right decision to make, but one thing I'm sure of, is that it made my Pangs happy, so I'm happy as well ^_^ .. My contract's just up to March but we get plenty of OT so i'm hoping to save up. Mario just decided to resign out of the blue so they needed a replacement ASAP, so I'm back! anyway, things have been great (i got a lot of enthusiastic "YOu're back!" from the pramerica people so they made me feel right at home hehe..i'm preparing myself for the looong long hours in the office (our sked's 7am-10ish pm) but it's still soo difficult to get up when the sun isn't even shining yet and it's soo cold that all you wanna do is snuggle your pillow and dream away.. plus, i've received new website projects that of course, i can't turn down, so i have NO IDEA have i would fit THAT to my schedule.. i'm supposed to be submitting some layouts to my Tita Penny today or tomorrow. *sighs*.. hope i'll be able to go home earlier today..(sbi nga nila pangs.. "subukan mo!" lol) at least i could go back to blogging, and to earning (hehe)..

List of Things to Do:
1. Email Clive re Sharepoint site
2. Tita Penny's layouts
3. List of Web hosts to Florence (another client)
4. Layouts to Florence
5. Finish Jul's Site (para makasingil na!!!)
6. Go to Renaissance (yey!)

yaiks. ang dami. unahin ko #s 1 and 5.. tapos bahala na! waaah ano bang pinaggagawa ko sa tatlong bwan!!! pakersss lol!

God, i'm so broke. huhuhu. ang tagal pa nga sweldooooo waaaah.

arrrrrgghhh kainish kapatid ko. meh billing na pala ako sa smart, nakalimutan nyang ibigay. nung Jan 10 pa ang due. demmit.

bati na kami ni mommy! yehey!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005, free internet!

i've been going to EQ Group's office at PhilamLife Tower for the past couple of days, (will still be tomorrow) and working on their sharepoint site here. It's a very quiet office, except 1. Clive, Greg and Allan (another partner) are laughing on something only they understand and 2. When Clive, Greg and Allan are gone and Joy and Grace are left by themselves, gossiping about their bosses.

anyway, just wanted to take advantage of the free net and blog something however mundane.

clive: "your sister reckons you work on this around 1 or 2 in the morning"
me: "the net's faster around that time"
clive: "your sister also reckons you sleep the whole day"
me: *sheepish look* "ehehe"

langyang kapatid yan.

pangs helped me (hehe, as usual, *mwaaaah*) install xp to this super slow computer so he spent the morning here in the EQ office.. the only thing good about going to Makati is being able to see him everyday. Aside from that, wala na! Kanina pala, nakasalubong ko si Sir Nilo, yung may-ari ng Infostructure, where i previously worked. right timing nga eh, parang nung isang araw lang eh vinisit ko site nila tas hanap ako ng "InfoCareers".. baka magapply ulit ako dun, pero as QA lang, ayaw ko na magprogram, sooo stressful, tsaka para mey time parin ako sa sideline ko na gumawa ng website. Katuwa naman si Sir Nilo, friendly face parin as usual, i-check ko na lng daw yung site tapos submit ako ng email.

bye na muna!

mom texted me this message this morning: "When a child turns down her mother, an angel in heaven mourns.

hihi. bye all

Monday, January 03, 2005

...2005 na!

i'm pretty damn psyched about 2005..but before that, another late update.

1. my mom hasn't been talking to me since december 29 (my sister's birthday).. i'm feeling a teeny bit sad about it ('cause she IS my mother) but you have to keep an open mind about these things..i've come to realize (since the silent treatment) that the only time my mother talks to me is when she's about to scold me about stuff.. so i've been living a reaaaally quiet life since that day. also, another perk is i only have to ask permission from ONE parent for isn't THAT a perk or what! my ate chary keeps on bugging me to apologize 'cause its SHE who is suffering the consequences... like example, i think they were watching "The Buzz" and think it was Sheryl Cruz or something who had a feud with her mother and then my mom said to Ate Chary: Ang mga anak talaga, wala nang galang sa Ina nila, wala ng respeto, blah blah blah or something like that so Ate Chary just stood up and walked far, far away from her. At least, now that she doesn't talk to me, it's not gonna be MY problem.

2. we did our usual rounds last christmas, first at Caloocan, then in Sta.Mesa. Poor Howell, got defective toys (or is it his karma?) while Raffy, his little brother got the fully functional ones. my pamangkins at my Father's side are all growing up soooo fast that i feel so old already. (shit, 24 na's soo.. un-teenagish)

3. Ate Ging's back (don't know if that's good or bad news) but the good news is her pasalubongs! bwahahaha! she got me a smashbox palette (weehee), an authentic, chicago bulls cap (which has a tag, "Made in the Philippines"), a super cute (and feminine) clutch bag, Gap Lipgloss, and (drum roll pleaseeee) a CSI Las Vegas shirt!!!
me: Ate ateeeee! san mo nabili tong t-shirt?
ate: (gives me a weird look) edi sa Las Vegas.
me: ay. onga ano. nakalimutan kong pumunta ka dun eh.

bwahahah! just looooooooove that shirt.

4. my cousins(mother side) and I went to Red Box (GB3) and we got the Billiards room and it was a riot.... my cousins are.. well, they're a pretty loud bunch. plus my pamangkins Miguel (a 5 year old who sang his own rendition of She Will Be Loved) and Chin-Chin (Don't Cry Out Loud).. i love videoke. it just makes everyone gutsier.

before i go, a cry out to Ate Charol, Chekay and Erlyn. hey guys. common, keep blogging okay.. where are you guys? TG for bibeduck whose blogs i aaaalways look forward to.

and my pangs.. who posted this amaaaazing blog about his year and how i wish i could forge it and post it in my own blog.. i love you so much.. this year is OUR YEAR and i'm soooo looking forward to spending it with you. sorry if i'm sometimes incommunicable but i am pleading on your unending pag-iintindi to me.. ilysmmp! mnmnk!