Tuesday, September 10, 2002

forgot to copy this last night:

System Time: 8:16 AM
I hate Mondays. GaaaaaH.
...think i brought enough food to feed 3 people...was able to buy my baon stuff yesterday and i think i got overexcited today and brought almost the whole lot.. maybe it's to bounce off the monday blues vibes..all my batchmates are already programming.. my VB is open but so is Book 2 of HP.. between the two, i'll choose HP any day... (especially on MONDAYS!)..
hmmm..(tries to remember what i did last weekend)..

..anshe and i met last friday on megamall.. it wasn't planned at all.. i was on my way out when i saw them, decided that i didn't really want to go home yet.. so i joined them (she was with ilo) and anshe bought a vcd player!.. (was with my officemates at megamall before that) got home at past 10 (got scolded by my father) and slept at around 1 am (watched Chocolat on hbo.. or was that last Saturday.. hmmm..) anywayz, on saturday, i just stayed at the house... after fully waking up and eating my lunch, i did the menu for the fansite and was able to finish (Hurrah!) and upload it.. showed some of my irc friends and got positive responses so far,(well, except for a few guys who got insecure of James' pretty boy face hahahah juk).. so i'll probably stick to that menu..
...yesterday was my sister's birthday (ate ging, who still happens to be in Kuala Lumpur).. she called us (so that we could greet her hehe).. i texted her and told her to be careful or she might get deported (mukha pa naman syang katulong..lol!) and made bilin to check out some prices there... told her that i miss her yelling to me, though ate chary's been compensating well.. yelling twice as much.. (:รพ)
... i guess i better start the assigned module now.. (its now quarter to 9).. hmmmm..

System Time: 1:36 PM
..finished the module.. am now going to continue reading HP book 2.. though i feel a little guilty 'cause i copied Chipper's code (how he got the unitcost).. total of 2 lines only but still.. hmm... anywayz.. at least i'm finished (Froi still isn't.. :BLEH)
... i'm feeling sleepy again.. gaaaHH told myself that i would pace the work assigned so i would always have something to do.. maybe i should read the codes slower... hmmmmm

System Time: 5:05 PM
...YEP i'm sleepy AGAIN../me concentrates @_@ maybe am not getting enough sleep (duuuH, talaga?) ...

System Time: 5:59 PM
yeish.. time to go..almost fell asleep again.. even peed with my eyes closed LOL!.. am thinking of starting a fairy-tales book collection.. la lang.. they're fun.. i still have my fairy tale book.. received it when i was in 2nd grade (i think)..was a gift from Santa.. (hehe) .. am just imagining how it would look nice if my book shelf contained a whole lot of fairy tale books.. hehe.. reckon my future kids will enjoy them, right? LOL!

gtg ..cyah!

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