Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...super late update

yeah, i'm still alive. work has been absuuuurdly busy, its inhumane. i don't know how anyone survives here in SG..

too tired to write down anything (waaah, iba na toh!) so i'm going to run a quick recap:

1. went home at feb 23 ( i think).. sorry sa mga hindi ko nameet.. was only there for 4 days, but still so fun. what did i do? shop! wahaha..i think i spent a total of 500 sgd in that span of 4 days (but that also includes pakain sa mga tao.. but still, waaah!) was v.happy to see our house again *akaps house*

2. parents and ate chary visited here in singapore last march 14. now, THAT was fun. though i wasn't able to spend the whole time they were here (had to freakin work), we were still able to go to sentosa together. i think my dad liked the musical fountain! dad also liked our hdb, para kasing suburbs tong tinitirhan namin, tas he liked that 4 lang na unit ang asa floor namin, para daw condo hehe! i miss them now huhuhu.

3. pangs bought a 320 gb external hd! only for 180bucks! now we've used up 100gb already with my japanese/english videos wahahaha! we saw this insanely priced 1.5 TB.. but we were choosing between a 320gb and the 500gb, we later choose the 320 because of the price (500gb i think cost 250bucks.. not sure) and we thought it will take us a long time to fill this up, but after just one night he already filled up 100gb wahaha. hopefully its only because we were excited hehe. now i'm able to copy all of Lynh's One Piece videos (japanese anime.. up to 200+ episodes!!)

4. this week i'm on training so its sorta rest from work. last sunday i had to go to the office and do some DST change for the europe servers. good thing all my teammate gurus were also there so it was (i assume) an error -free patching. not really sure cause as i've said, i'm in training, without even access to our lotus notes. (buti rin!)

5. we're planning on moving on May. we've had some run in with some weirdo agents but hopefully, we'll still be able to find a decent place to move in. its kinda hard because we like our hdb so we have high expectations when we check out a place and we realize how small some condo units are compared to our hdb. ho-hum.

6. watching a lot of prison break, smallville (i'm downloading it as soon as the new episodes are available) heroes and house md. still depressed over The OC but i'll get over it.

7. i miss pinas. t r u l y. locals here are so mareklamo. honestly, the things they make a big fuss of are so ridiculous.... closing orchard road for f1 racing, big big ferris wheel that's an eyesore for seatbelts in buses (wtf?) i miss our easy-go-lucky kababayans. i even miss the weird campaign commercials. wahaha. can't believe i won't be able to vote, tsk tsk tsk. and i hate my english. my english really sucks wahahaa. i feel so illiterate. haaay. kakamiss magtagalog.

that's all. paramdam naman kayu guys... later :)