Tuesday, October 20, 2009

...the olly factor

i've been following the X Factor and this guy has been my favorite since the beginning. He's Olly Murs and i know it's really early, but i think he can win this whole thing!

this guy can move!!!! (not to mention, SUPER CUTE!)

OMG i love the pants. LOL.

i also like this guy (but not as much as i loooove olly!!), i liked his audition, AND the kings of leon song (youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu your sexxxxx is on fireeeeee).

go ollyyyy FTW!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

...no-tv week

it's day 3 of no-tv week for tsugtsug... and so far, so good. he's been self feeding and is actually eating a lot more than WITH tv.. maybe because i'm so focused on him, i always manage to stuff some food on his mouth..

anyway, he likes rice a lot.. here's him eating rice with homemade chawanmushi (steamed egg)

the no-tv rule is hardest on ME actually. tsugtsug doesn't seem to mind now.. first day, he will open the tv himself but yesterday and today, he's coping surprisingly well. it also helps that it's a weekend, so raymond can play with him too. last friday, when it was just me and tsugtsug, the hours seem to drag by.. tsug and i just made more trips to the hawker and the playground..

speaking of playgrounds, i have a new favorite mall.. it's Sembawang Shopping center.. it's just a free 10-minute shuttle-bus away from our place, and it has an awesome playground.. the usual dry one, and a wet one! splash park! best part, .. still free!! tsugtsug didn't like getting wet so much, but hopefully, after a few more trips he'll eventually come around. The mall also has walkalators/travelators, so no more queueing to the elevator because of the stroller.. it has a breastfeeding station, and a family toilet where the stroller actually fits inside the cubicle. One cubicle inside the regular ladies toilet also has this sort of highchair, where you can put your baby in while you're peeing hehehe. love it. it also has Aston's .. this awesome, inexpensive steakhouse and MOF, our fave japanese restaurant.

splash park:

classic before and after.. still smiling at the before, looks frightened at the after!

smiling at last.. patouch touch lng sa water

"i dont want!!!"

we're still making japanese stuff, still following the cookingwithdog youtube videos hehe.. last night we had oyakodon for dinner (super easy to do) and strawberry daifuku for dessert.. next meal, the hamburg steak!

we were laughing so hard while making the mochi.. it was extremely hot and our fingers were getting burned whilst trying to flatten them.. but trust me, it tastes better than it looks.

that's it for now. bye guys!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

...make your own japanese dessert day

i'm not sure how i got watching a better half of an hour these "cookingwithdog" Youtube videos about japanese cooking.... a trip to Daiso later, we got all the ingredients we needed to make Tofu Dango aka Japanese-dumplings-we-order-extra-at MOF (ministry of food) at-3 dollars-for-3-measly-pieces!.

it was pretty easy to do, and the end result was as satisfying as the ones they sell at the Jap restaurants here.

our daiso loot:
redbean paste, soybean powder, glutinous flour

mix equal parts of silken tofu and glutinous flour until you can make small balls out of them, then dunk them in boiling water

20091011_0148ice cold water
once they float, strain and put in ice cold water

AND THAT'S IT! you just add whatever flavors you want.. in our case, we made 3 different types:
mirin, sugar, soy sauce
heat equal parts of mirin, soy sauce and sugar. actually, pangs added a little bit more of sugar to the mixture. then just spread it on the dango balls.

soybean powder
dango with mirin mixture(top), 2 tbsp soybean paste + 1 tbsp sugar mixture for the dango on the bottom

red bean paste
with red bean paste! they have these in daiso as well.. so cool!! every item there sells for 2 dollars.

line of the day: "tofu pala yung lasa na yun!"

the Youtube video: