Sunday, October 19, 2008


5 months

bilis ng panahon! at 5 months, tsugtsug has developed some awesome (and terrible) habits.. the latest of which just boggles my mind.. he is now rattle-phobic! just seeing it brings him to hysterical fits! on sight uh! any type of rattle! and then gawd-forbid someone tries to rattle it in front of him, his crying goes up another notch if that was even possible. sooooo kawawa! he has learned to associate the rattle with his vaccine shots! its my fault too because he has his own rattle, but its stuck on the bottom of his diaper bag and is seldom used..frankly, can't blame my poor baby.. hearing the rattle and then having someone stick a needle to your butt the next second.. lol. i am now in the process of reintroducing the rattle to him.. he can now stare at it with just a wee bit of whimpering haha..

also, he has learned to be wary of strangers. haaaay. he's no longer people friendly. he absolutely hates it when someone makes small talk to him. its so weird because he has only developed this habit about a week ago! Only a couple of weeks back when i applied for his passport, he would smile at everyone and even allowed a lady to carry him when i needed to write something.. *sighs* today some sales guy just stared at him and once he realized this dude was staring at him, ayun na.. iyak to the max. LOL.

i wonder if we'll be okay in an airplane.. TG its only 3.5 hours..

his daddy is coming this week yey! hmmm.. mangingilala kaya? L O L. will tell you soon enough.

Friday, October 10, 2008 the land of women

obscure title right? well.. not so obscure from my dad's totally awesome dvd collection! woohoo! i have new found respect for my dad's buying skills..

i was just youtube-ing twilight (again, as usual) and saw this clip of 'kristen talks about adam brody' and i was of course, curious because i haven't seen them together in any film.. adam brody is Seth from The OC whose character i absolutely adore for the sole reason that seth's favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie.. anyway, i watched the video and wrote the title with the small chance that my dad sees it in his 'pirating' trips.. (i usually give him a list of stuff i want him to look for) i didn't even glance at his dvd shelves.. because .. well, hello? who would friggin have this film? but yes... apparently, we did!!! wow. you can't imagine how happy i was hahaha. i was like.. hmm.. 'i guess i'll take a look anyway.. in good company.. in the cut, in the land of.. woahhhhhhhhhh we friggin have it!'

the movie's cool.. i happen to like kristen stewart.. her voice and her i'm-too-deep to-squeal-or-giggle attitude.. my dad saw what i was watching and he asked 'where do you pick up these titles?' .. lol.. 'dad, YOU bought this, you know?'..

on a totally different topic.. i haven't been doing much(any) preparation for our sg transfer.. the to-do list is in my mind though.. like.. 'burn dvds', (ohmygosh i'm gonna miss the pirated stuff again) 'buy dried seasonings' (it's much more expensive there) or 'buy a proud-to-be-filipino that kind of nationalistic stuff shirt'..*sighs* i guess i should start doing some.. especially the grocery shopping so Pangs could bring it already when he visits this month.. Tsugtsug has TONS of baby paraphernalia.. i have no idea how we'll be able to bring them all.. think he has to say goodbye to his rocker swing.. (to accomodate his soon to be purchased jumperoo)

i'm looking forward to going back to sg.. i remember J calling me a couple of months back and i was like 'wait.. you have to bear with me, i haven't spoken english since i left there' hehehe.. yeah, that was funny for him cause i've been known to correct their pronounciation and stuff.. but more than practicing english, i missed my friends back there.. L's actually expecting so i could give her a lot of my baby advice haha..

okay.. break time over. hafta getback to my ever growing bebe boy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

...malapit naaaaaa

it's the 3rd trailer countdown! and the movie.. ooooh, i'm so excited! wait.. is it also on the 21st here in Manila? hmm.. forgot to google that one.. i hope it issss.. ei.. that's Akel's wedding.. hmm.. akel's wedding? or twilight movie? hahaha joke lang Akel *mwah*.. you know i'll go to your wedding (after watching the first showing of Twilight hihihi)..

i've read all the 4 books now.. but i do have to say the first book was THE best.. the second i liked because of the Jacob part (didn't realize he would be such a BIG character).. yeah,.. i'm ALWAYS for the underdog so I'm Team Jacob all the way but after reading a draft of Midnight Sun.. i think i'm starting to appreciate Edward more..(the draft is found in hope Stephenie Meyer finishes and publishes it.. i kinda like Edward's perspective more than Bella's now.. the 3rd and 4th book wasn't that bad.. it's just not great.. or maybe because i was getting sick of Bella's thoughts so it was a relief to read Jacob's POV for once. his thoughts are hilarious. much more credible and infinitely more entertaining.

i still can't get enough of Twilight.. for the first time, i'm re-reading a book! never ever done that. but i can't seem to let go. bwahahaha. (oh boy i'm losing it) let's just say i'm preparing for the movie so i'm keeping it fresh on my mind. harharhar.

anyhoo..tsugtsug just gave me the scariest day of my life so far.. scarier than when i cracked my head on a meralco post and walked bleeding to an emergency room.. scarier than the time i saw a black shadow in our house and i asked my ate chary if she sees ghosts and she said 'what? the black thing?'.. and definitely scarier than the morning after i found out i vomitted on my father's shoes and was passed out on our bathroom floor(oh okay.. that's a cloooose second)... tsugtsug got his first fever. huhuhuhuh. that afternoon i told ate chary his head felt hotter than usual.. i gave him paracetamol drops then he just threw up the medicine AND everything inside his tummy with the farthest projectile i've ever seen from him.. waaaaah. i did what all first time mothers do when there babies get sick.. i called my mommy!

his temperature got higher and higher.. but TG the highest was only 38.5.. his Pedia, Ate AnnaMae said to me.. paano kung 39 pa yan ano? baka maging hysterical ka na ehehe.. i actually was pretty calm.. i only like really expressed my feelings to annamae the day after.. i told her i couldn't breathe normally, like i was hyperventillating.. and i didn't know i was capable of not sleeping but i was! my mom and i were up all night just holding and carrying tsugtsug.. was finally able to give him drops at around 2:30 am and his fever went down after that.. 2 days later, rashes appeared but his fever was gone.. now, his rashes are almost invisible but i may never be the same. LOL. i don't know how i'll be able to handle if tsugtsug becomes sick again!

he's 5 months now.. (he got sick on his 5th month birthday) and i'll soon be able to give him solids! i'll try starting with a banana.. or some organic cereal first.. oooh so excited.

he's so hyper now.. can't even change his diaper without him rolling on his own poop.. he likes to sit up then suck his toes.. he likes to be held up so he can practice standing up.. but he's still not sleeping through the night but i'm okay with that now.. i mean, he's a pretty cheerful baby, not that hard to take care of so if that means i have to wake up thrice a night to sway him to sleep,.. that's fine with me.

another month and we're back to SG.. (if everything goes as planned..) then i'll have to take care of tsugtsug all by myself ( i mean, when Pangs is at work).. hopefully the 6 month period with my parents prepared me enough. oh well.. kakayanin na lang talaga.

sige.. still have to YouTube twilight.. am watching the comic con interview hehehe.

the showing of twilight in the philippines is the same! yey!

O M G!! The best part about this is once i get to singapore, i can watch twilight again bwahahahaha