Tuesday, August 30, 2005

...green day

System Time: 4:45 PM
didn't realize we were all wearing green until right this moment..me and Pangs and Ate pretz (sitting down).. si Ate Pretz, iiwanan na kami.. langya, nauna pang umalis ng Pramerica kesa samen! ggrrrr! siya pa naman pinakakaclose naming 2 ni Raymond..anyway, at least i've got my keepsake of her.. hanggang sept. 15 na lang si ate Pretz.. huhuhuhu :~(


...muntik na

I’m never going to ALTER TABLE ever in my life.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Or something worse, like getting laughed at by Felix the bwiset.  I needed to alter my table but I know I’d hafto drop it and re-create the table but my oh-so-helpful Pangs said “ay pwedeng magAlter-Table sa 8.2 .. *wapaks* Wow, pagOK button ko eh wuuuuuuuuushh. Vanishing act ang aking views. I almost threw a tantrum and cried on the carpet. 11 freaking views were missing and I have no backup. (pinagalitan pa ako ni Pangs.. grrrr) good thing nagbabackup pala ng Development Server. And Friggin Felix was laughing. GRRRR.

So, MORAL lesson learned. Generate your DDLs, AND if shortcuts feel that they’re too good to be true, they probably are.

...my fave cuz

System Time: 8:00 AM
last sunday was my Lola's birthday.. my family and I went there (caloocan) for lunch.. low and behold, my prodigal cousin arrived.. we were inside the house when Tito Meynard (one of our ninongs) called to us and said.."Andito na pinsan nyong sikat!" hehehe.

Ian's my peeeeeeeeeeeeeyborit pinsan. probably because when we had gatherings such as last sunday, we were the ones who were usually talking stuff about anything other than life, you know?

i posted about him way back last May here.. here's what i said:

System Time: 1:38 PM
yesterday my dad and i went to taytay to get our cousin's basketball goal.. they're migrating to Canada and so they gave the goal to us.. (it's fiberglass with a 10-feet post).. i really wanted to go with him 'cause i was hoping to see my cousin, Ian, before they leave the country. He's my favorite cousin in Dad's side.. simply because he's a rocker like me and he's always interesting to talk to.. i'm like 4 years (or more, i think?) older than him but i don't feel the difference..i don't know if he's the mature one or i'm the childish one.. whatever it is, i will be missing him. :~(
good luck, Tito Ardi and Tita Cindy! pakabait ka Ian! *wapaks*

it was great seeing him again, but sad too 'cause he'll be leaving around October again.. i really hoped he will be here in time for my Wedding, but i guess, i can't have everything.. he isn't even supposed to be here in Manila, he's just being delinquent and insisting on going home to see his GF.. (he keeps on denying it, yun naman talaga dahilan!) you're so lovestruck, bwehehehe. i guess Tito Ardi, his father, thought Ian would instantly like Canada once he set foot on it... now he really has to go back or Tito Ardi will be monumentally pissed..overstaying na nga siya sa September so Tita Cindy (her mother) had to write at their Embassy that all flights to Canada are fully booked til October so Ian's like on a waiting list..

anyway, hope we'll still be able to go out before he goes back (hoping to see The GF, too. hihihi.).. here's me and Ian at our lola's house:

and us kids.. ate ging, me, Ian, Clarize(my flower girl) and my one and only Pangs!

Monday, August 29, 2005

...post from Word

OMG, this is the coolest thing since ahmm... blogging!  Hehe blogging through Word that is.. so fun! I can actually (oops auto correct yung “i” ko hihihihi) not use my browser to blog! This is sooo coooool! (pansin ulit yung auto correct na capital letter).. okay, maybe not so cool ‘cause Word keeps on capitalizing my letters, hehe.. talon talon  (whatdaaaa ginawang BOLD ng Word yung word between my “*”.. try ko ulit * talon talon * .. ayan, dapat pala meh space, hahaha. Kakaloka. * tries to ignore the capital K *  bweheheh.. pwede rin kaya picture? Hmm.. lemme try..

I tried uploading one of  <a href=”http:// http://www.livejournal.com/users/aggietha/”> Aggie’s</a> set-up sa church nya.. not supported daw, hmpft, lang wents!

Anyway, waaaah too bad I heard from one of the w@wies that they don’t allow petals in the aisle at NSDG.. have yet to confirm but, that’s just sad. Speaking of w@wies, HUHUHUHU, I wasn’t able (the auto-capitalize-chenes is starting to piss me off!!) to go at the EB. * HINAGPIS * HUHUHUH. I was sick! Grrrrr. Ganda ng timing, sarap magpakatiwarik. Hay, oh well. (NABUBWISET NA AKO SA KAKAKAPITAL NG LINTEK NA MS WORD NA ITO!)

hehe. Babush muna. Pano ba tanggalin yun…. Hmm.. pwede yun, diba? Syempre pwede, hanapin ko lang..

post ko lang toh, testing hehe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

...gifts for principal sponsors

been trying to search the web for the lamps i ordered from Marge, i cannot find the exact same lamp but i found something similar.. it looks like this:

but it's wood all-over with just small square holes for the light to shine through

here's another one..

get the idea? marge also supplies at Regalong Pambahay, i love her designs.. nagorder nga rin ako ng wooden frames eh.. nung andun ako sa shop nya, para akong batang napakawalan at turo ng turo sa mga items nya..

anyway.. what do you guys think? Buy pinoy na talaga ang theme namin eh, hehehe!!

...nobelang post

my post yesterday, August 23, 2005:

...had my first fitting with Tet Hagape last Saturday.. ang luwag! waaah! mas pumayat pa ako *hinagpis* huhuhu.. *sighs*.. bumili na nga ako Mosegor tomorrow, nainggit ako keh Mai, tumaba daw siya ng 5 lbs in 2 weeks.. sana ako rin.. anyway, I went there together with Nanay Siony, Tita Ebot, Mom and Pangs at Tet's house.. ang iingay nila hehe, para silang giggling school girls nung nakikipagusap keh Tet at mga excited magpatahi hehe.. actually, si Mom lang daw ang pinakamaingay sabi ni Pangs..(meh pinagmanahan ako) ganda ng dinesign ni Tet for them, natuwa sila, tas reasonable yung price.. keh Mommy 4500 (dami kasing beads, ang arte, lol!), keh Nanay Siony and Tita Ebot tag 3500..

here's my mom's dress..she wanted lots of beadwork in it (bilib ako sa paninindigan nya at nakakahindi siya keh Tet) she was very specific on what she wanted..the result is a gown full of beadworks..not really Tet's specialty, but what can I say, adults always win
MOB meh pansuelo, pamuelo.. arggh crap, can't remember what it's called, that she can remove when it's dancing time

here's Nanay Siony's.. wohoo, bongga..Tet said "we could put a dainty brooch on her shoulder" then my Mom interfered and said.."ay Tet, hindi na pwedeng Dainty-dainty samen, dapat bongga!" hehe.

and keh Tita Ebot.. sabi nga ni Tet, tried and tested na ang design na toh to hide yung tummy..

after that, (tagal namin dun, muntik na nga akong makalimutan magfitting eh) we went to Marge's place (the same Marge whom we created a Brochure for) to look at her items and our invites box.. invites box muna namin..ang galing, kung supplier rating eh, exceeds expectations ito! burnt amber daw ang color.. i love it's simplicity and modern siya na meh pinoy touch..

we'll just buy the raffia strings at Divi..and mom has loads of wooden beads

Sunday morning after mass, we went to Marilao, Bulacan for my Tita's birthday (sarap ng lengua) and kasama ko rin si Pangs.. at usapang kasal ang mga tanders dun.. yung Dad ko, gumagaling na khet papaano dhel binabasa nya yung mga Metro WEddings at Wedding Essentials na magazine na binibili ko.. narinig ko nga eh.. "Sa Greenmeadows Clubhouse nga eh 900 pesos lang ang renta!" AHAHAH. Kakatawa! hindi ko sinabi yun uh, so i figured he must have read it sa mag.. tapos, nagpaalam kami ng maaga dahil meh sched nga ako with Sentimental Groove on 3 pm.. sabi ba naman ni Daddy.. "meh meeting sa combo!" LOl! combo parin tawag ano..

anyway, yung BWISET na combo na yun eh, isa lang masasabi ko.. they never fail to disappoint us.. grrrrr. always, laging meh issue sa bwiset na TSG dun at super malapit na akong mapuno.. pagpunta namin dun.. nagpapacute pa si Pia samen at sinabi na meh "teeny problem" daw.. knowing "teeny" is relative eh tanong na ako kung ano ba ang prob.. hindi daw makakarating yung lead guitarist ng SOS at he called in sick daw..nalaman lang daw nya nung 2pm daw, eh 3 pm yung schedule..ok, fine, so khet 1 hour before nya lang nalaman, dapat tinawag nya parin kasi papunta pa lang naman kami nun eh, at least pwede kami mag-iba ng lakad dibuh.. hayy.. wish, wish, WISH KO lang maayos sila sa Wedding day ko.. mamaya dyan, he calls in sick sa wedding day namin! nyakish! dapat magkabackup plan..pero di ako naniniwala na sick siya.. kasi kung ganon, dapat yung ibang SOS andun, eh wala.. feeling ni h2b, nagsched ng Gig yon kaya wala.. grrr. Sabi nalang ni Pia, free na daw listening session namin (dapat kasi meh bayad na 1k for the musicians transpo and food allowance) okay, fine.. kunwari menos 1k eh nakapromo naman nila ngayon yun na pagnagbook eh inclusive na of prod meetings, listening sessions, etc.. so tambay lang kami dun sa building nila since meh Demo naman ang James Band, para ndi naman nasayang pagpunta namin.. nung paalis na kami, andun si Pia sa labas.. sabi nya.."sa Sept 17 (nagresched kami) ulit.. ok na ba ang 4 musicians?"

hahahaha. sabi ni erlyn, nakita nya daw mukha ko nung sinabi ni Pia yun..isip nya daw "uh-oh, monster mode si Geri" hahaha! sabi ko na lng sa aking pinakamahinahong boses.."lahat sila, diba?" tas sabi ni Pia.. "uh, okay. sige"

*sighs* hihirit pa ano. grr.

System Time: 4:36PM
huhuhuhuh aalis na si Harbie. HUHUHUH! mamimiss kita bengertz...hay, kakadepress itong August na ito.
can't wait na matapos itong buwan na ito.

Things to look forward to on September:
1. First Anniv namin ni Pangs!
2. Bridal Fair on Sept 3-4 (pinakamalaking fair evaaah sa Pilipinas.. dati kasi nung March, tingin-tingin pa lang kami)
3. Magkaayusan sa House and Lot na bibilhin namin (woohoo!!)

meh issue pa nga sa House eh.. kasi asa likod nya creek, bad daw sa Feng Shui yun, basta sabi nga ni Pangs, lahat naman meh pangontra.. swerte nga kami pag nabili namin yung Lot na yun, sabi nga ni Dad.. last bargain in town! hehe!

System Time: 5:00 PM
uy breaking news.. Marge texted me the prices for the lamps we want for the Principal Sponsors.. 450 ang retail price nya, she's willing to sell it to us for just 350bucks! yahooey! i haven't been able to take a photo of it, but it's one of those wooden rectangular boxes you see at Regalong Pambahay..Buy pinoy parin ang Theme namin eh hehe! TG, daming kakilalang manufacturer ni Mommy.. more good news,.. she'll do the painting of our invites boxes for just 5bucks a piece.. yeheyyy! bibili na lang ako ng raffia sa divi to tie it up tas mga wooden beads ni mommy for the Tags..

System Time: 5:08 PM
naaddict ako sa www.emp3world.com ..kakadl na kasi ako ng mp3s without any software..yey! DLed the new one from Greenday, Wake Me Up When September Ends, a lot of songs from The Killers, Seether, Good Charlotte, etc.. ang saya!

System Time: 5:16PM
ay, inabisuhan na namin si Ms.Marivic (my direct IT Supervisor here at Pramerica) and Sir Tony (IT Dept Head) na magiging Ninang and Ninong namin sila.. sila na inuna namin since sila pinakaaccessible.. (iaabot ko lang yung regalo namin hehe!)
eto pics ng gifts namin pag nagikot kami sa iba pang Ninong and Ninang (in lieu of the usual cake/pastries)

a Filipino made, handpainted fan (bought at Buy Pinoy Trade Fair for 220bucks@)


and here's the packaging.. i glued handmade paper to the box itself, so they could open the box without destroying the wrapper, hehe

a Photo Album (abaca ba toh?, dunno the material) also bought at the Fair for the Ninongs, just 200bucks@:


nice, noh? so far, great reaction from Sir Tony and Ms. Marivic.. si Ate Pretz nga eh, kumuha ng pamaypay at pangNinang daw naman regalo nya (lol!)..bibigyan nya kasi kami ng weekend sa Manila Pen for preps, meh vouchers siya, so samen na lang daw.. yehey!

hay.. lapit na ko umuwi.. arrghh tiring day..
bye guys! it's CSI NY tonight!

Friday, August 19, 2005


hmpft. contractor din pala yung position.. grrr. ok naman ako sa Pramerica eh.. ayoko dun, ndi pa ako makakaabsent nun sa January.. at least dito common knowledge na ikakasal kami so alam na by January, maglileave kami.. baka makabalik pa kami if we want..

anyway, we got our final contract for Swan, kakatuwa si Irish talaga.. here's our final menu:

Php 400.00 / Person Net

mura noh? ngayon 450/head na package namin, tas separate pa ang pagset-up.. buti na lang nakapagbayad kami ng maaga.. tas take a close look at my menu.. salad BAR without the additional 15/head! grabe! lufet ni Irish, pinagtanggol talaga nya kami dahil sabi nga nya, naguusap na kami eh, BAR tlga nakalagay dun. yahoooey! tas eto pa kinatuwa ko sa contract:

·REQUEST TO SERVE SOUP together with the APPETIZER and additional SWEET ROLL with BUTTER on each guest table

no additional cost! hehe! tas dito talaga ako natawa sa contract namin:


hehehe. pati pala yun nilalagay sa contract. meh 15 packed crew meal din kami for our suppliers (only worth 150/each).. it includes barbequed pork spareribs, chicken pastel, phad thai, mango crepe and 2 cups of rice.. ayushh..

*happy, happy* excited na ako! sana makakain kami! pero kakain talaga ako, bahala silang magpicturan hehe.. dadala kaming mga 2 case ng coke in can/bottled water daw para pangdagdag sa mga ayaw uminom ng tubig sa pilipinas (naranasan ko kasi yun dati sa kasal ng pinsan ko, walang mainom yung mga Tito ko from States na mahina ang mga tsan hehe)

excited na rin ako sa EB ng w@wies.. makikita ko na mga idol ko sa blog bweheheh! sila Glo, Aggie (yung 2 madalas kong basahin), tas mega blog hopping na kela Mai ni Paul, my fellow payatot hehe, si ms.jacque, si crazylovers mec, si anneandgel, si geloandpeachy (super natuwa ako sa post nya bout sa Manong sa go Donuts) , si hitchedfinally Yna, marj ng marjcarlos, joanne (andreneluis) tsaka kung sino-sino pang nababasa ko.. sana lahat pumunta! hehehe!

tagal pa ng 27 pala hehe! babay, werk na muna!

ps. belat @ jane, wala dito heheheheheh!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

...the killers

spent most of the afternoon downloading mp3s from Rockstar INXS.. saya! hehe.. started watching it only last week.. i knew i was missing something during wednesday nights ('cause ala ng CSI Vegas) .. so happy when Marty sang my current fave song.. Mr. Brightside..

Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
‘Cause I’m Mr Briiiiiiiightsiiiiiiide

then yesterday, galing ng semi-Pinoy na si Mig! superrr galing.. i also liked JD's performance, perhaps i'm a bit biased 'cause he sang one of my all time faves too, As Tears Go By.. anyway, tanggal na daw si Jessica..

yun lang, meh interview ako tomorrow, wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

...our S2B site

(obvious bang addicted ako sa S2B na acronym?)

anyway, just bought our domain name and hosting services from brinkster.. it's funny 'cause we've surfed every single ASP host and still ended up with brinkster (favorite free server at a prehistoric time when they didn't have ads)

this is just a transition page (as Pangs calls it)


yahoooooooooo! will be up and running hopefully by monday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...wiggle it, just a little bit

System Time: 10:13 AM
ndi ako mapakali, i can't program, i don't know why.. well, maybe i do know a bit,..i'm so psyched 'bout the wedding preps and our soon-2-be house (S2BH from now on hehe!) .. i keep wiggling in my seat and all i wanna do is surf, surf, surf! i want to go home and finish our wedding website.. (it's awesome, my best work yet harharhar *buhat bench*) hmm.. ano bang bibilhin naming domain name.. we can do the usual,just our names, but i'm still trying to think of something generic that we can use even after the wedding.. (ultra difficult) Pangs is so excited about our house, we went to Dimensione yesterday after work and looked at the dining tables..(so mahal, lol!) but we saw a nice one at SOGO, just 11k for a 6-seater (or was it a 4-seater, can't recall) dining set.. dark wood with matching cushioned chairs.. ang tagal ng september!! *wiggles in my seat again*

i'll pay my w@wie tag today.. good thing that Mama Benz has a BPI account..plus we'll apply for a checking account too.. 6 months yung account namin, pwede na yun! I like the BPI Branch here in Enterprise, babait nila and we had no problems whatsoever when we opened an account. (unlike sa bwiset na Metrobank, sinumbong ko nga keh Ate Chary..kilala pala nya Manager dun sa GB, olats!)

hmm.. ano ba sched namin this week.. we're supposed to meet Jaime yesterday, pareho kaming nakalimot! bwahahah! we texted Jaime when we were already in the shuttle and we said "Jaime, we forgot to text you, nakauwi na kmi, next time na lang" then he said "Bro, (he thinks it's my Pang's celphone) buti na lang at both natin nalimutan. Cancelled yung client call namin today and nalimutan kitang abisuhan. Tentative is wednesday or thursday night" hehehe. So we're expecting to meet him this week.. Saturday is my first fitting with Tet.. My mom's going too and so is my S2B MIL (nanay Siony) and Tita Ebot.. we'll show them our S2BH when we have time (yey! *wiggles again*) ..Sunday is our listening day (don't know what it's called) at TSG.. we'll be able to listen to 10 songs that we've chosen from our list..

oh, and good news.. my cousin, Nina, has confirmed that she can be one of my Secondary sponsors.. yahooeyy! she wasn't sure before 'cause she might be out of the country, but turns out she might leave after january pa!


me, tenten and Nina

hay.. i'll try to work already.. bye all!

Monday, August 15, 2005

...busy bee

System Time: 9:59 AM
late again! hihihi.. i had a busy weekend (as usual).. Friday after work we met Miss Marela Enriquez of Sweet Follies (tel no: 8222971)..we talked about flowers for the entourage and the church.. she's a bit *sabog* but i like her 'cause she seems to know what she's talking about.. she'll email me her quotation for my ento and church so we'll know by then if we'll get her.. i'm also telling pangs to wait for the Sept3 Bridal fair (the big one at NBC Tent) so we can scout more florists there.. (plus butterfly suppliers) Saturday morning, we went tripping to our prospect House & Lot at COGEO, (not the house on a hill) 1M, 240sq/m, very livable house (the house was in good shape, to our surprise) and has this wide area at the back.. Pangs and I are already thinking that we'll put a ping-pong table there, hehe) the only bad thing about it was that behind it was the creek, but it looks pretty solid, it's riprapped and we haven't heard any landslide/overflowing there since we started living in COGEO since 1983.. it's even nearer to the main road than my parents' house.. anyway, we went inside it and it had 3 rooms, a toilet, a living area, a dining and kitchen area plus this huge backyard that was previously used as a shop for making resin products.. (with matching wash area) galing, it's a steal for 1M.. the owner is from bulacan so he doesn't know that the usual selling price around COGEO is 1.5-2M with a house such as theirs.. Pangs was a hesitant at first (because of the creek) but changed his mind after we looked inside the house (now he's as excited as me!) Pangs told Dad to haggle for us 'cause we had a meeting with SWAN later that day..

so with our hopes up, we went to Roces at SWAN to formalize every single detail about our wedding.. Irish was her usual candor self, urging us not to spend more than we already have to (hehehe! naghihinayang sa pera namin, lol!) and giving us discounts in every way that she can.. We asked for additional Bread and butter (1k) and for the soup to be served (no extra charge!) we asked for 2 more waiters (additional 1k too) so the ratio of the waiters to their table assignment is 1:2.. we finalized everything, from the centerpiece, layouts, chandelier to be used for our gazebo, etc, etc.. plus a lot of chikahan after (1 hour ata kaming nagkwentuhan, haha! tuwang tuwa si Irish na uwian na nya dhel 4:45 kami natapos, eh 2:30 kami nagkita!).. I'm really happy with SWAN, so far so good.. *crosses fingers*

LAter that night, we met my HS friends, Kate and Jing at Dencio's in Blue Wave, Marikina.. libre ni Kate, woohoo! (Thanks, Kate!) feel nya lang manlibre hehe..

Sunday morning, we went to Tita Plerry's (?) place.. (tita ni Pangs) ahmm.. okay naman, she was very makwento and offered a lot of ideas about how our wedding should be.. i guess, ganun tlga tanders, they kind of insist on their ideas but that's okay with me 'cause i was previously warned by Pangs and told me to just let her be, so that's exactly what i did.. in fairness, she had great ideas for the program (the games for the bouquet and garter) and i liked how excited she was about our wedding and even offered to take us at Divisoria Mall to look for souvenirs..

After we left their place, we met my family in Greenhills so that Nanay siony and my mom could start looking for their dress.. mahal pala ng mga piƱa gowns uh, 12k pinakamura! they didn't buy anything, they said they would try Tet, 'cause I have my 1st fitting with her on the 20th.. (mas mura pa)

ay about the house, Dad was able to haggle it to 950k.. tas the good part, pumayag yung owner to our terms! 50% DP, the balance, payable in 3 years! woohoo! that's just 12500 bucks a month, meh house na kami! dad's gonna pay the 350k, tas we have to look for 150k.. i'm still optimistic that we could come up with 150k but it's gonna be difficult with the wedding expenses.. hopefully, as early as september, we'll be getting our first home! yeeeehey! *sayaw sayaw ng running man..hehe so 80s*

yun muna, check out my recently uploaded pics nung Bridal Shower ni Harbie here


Friday, August 12, 2005

...harbie's wedding

...grabe, there were a LOT of guests (Harbie said she had 450 invited guests) and we were there just in time.. had my TMU with Madge Lejano around 1:30 pm and it was finished by 3pm.. good thing the wedding started on 4:30 so when we sat down, the entourage started walking down the aisle.. if Ria's reading this.. here's Zced with someone else, bwahahhaha! (i don't know if part of HS kada ni harbie siya) huhuhuhu miss you, Reeyuhhh!

zced with someone else

Ceremony was at Manila Cathedral and reception at Manila Hotel.. 2 things i loved about the hotel, 1. the food 2. the service.. super sumptous food (and ang damiiii!) and the waiters, they just stand there, didn't even lift a finger to call them, meh initiative sila, first-class service talaga..

Yung loooong program ni Harbie, it felt like a variety show! talentado talaga buong pamilya ni Harbs, hehehe! It was a riot watching her parents do the "Hindi ako bakla" and "Mr. Suave" dance number while there were a lot of videoke happening (kunwari judge kami haha) and gagaling sumayaw ng angkan ni Harbie (alam kong buong angkan kasi buong angkan talaga ang sumayaw, hehe!) Great AVPs by Harbie's HS kada, Edrei (if ever I'm gonna get one, I want one just like what Harbie had, with matching voice over, parang reality show/trailer) and continuous naman ang program..

overall, it was a lavish and elegant event that will surely stick to my mind forever (who could forget Tita Harriet's Let's Get Loud dance number!?) and it makes me happy (for Harbie and Alfredo, sa wakas!) and sad (huhuhuhu sa States na si Harbie) at the same time but that's always normal in weddings, right? mixed emotions and all that chuva? *sighs* will miss harbie so much..

anyway, here are the pics! pansinin nyo makeup ko, you're free to comment.. oh, but don't comment on our clothes, I know, it's the same dress, LOL! I just don't want to buy another dress, ok? magkaiba naman kasama namin ni Pangs eh (ang cheap ko talaga) and yep, KELANGANG NG MAGPATABA huhuhu..

irvie and me

irvie, roni and me

tito norbi, harbie and tita harriet..

alfredo and harbie with their huge cake

anshe and ilo
anshe and ilo.. hehe..

me and pangs!!! labyu pangs!! so foooogeeeeeee hehe!

that's all folks!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

...hari ng sablay

hay, sabit na naman ang prod. that's why everyone's just dilly-dallying around doing nothing.. Syempre, dahil na naman kay **title goes here** hehe.. i actually can work at the development server, feeling ko lang affected ako sa pag-down ng prod, hehe! anyway, just read mai's blog and i've been tagged to answer this:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?
...sleep, read, watch TV.. the usual boring stuff that i enjoy doing

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
..watching TV,DVDs.. I'm a certified couch potato..even after Pangs and I fight.. watch lang ako ng TV tas tatawag na ako nyan after.. "sori na pangs, sori na please...", LOL!

3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs
ahmm.. ate cha
my pangs

byers! asa likod ko boss ko!

Monday, August 08, 2005

...walang iba pang sasarap..

had our production meeting with TSG, it was relatively hassle-free.. didn't realize that every aspect of the program has a background music to it.. like i would know that i should have chosen a song for the cake cutting ceremony or the wedding vows or entourage entrance..

here's our first draft of the songs with TSG (we got Science of Sound) i'll only post the songs that i know:

entrance of the bride: Kyla - I feel for you
Wedding vows - Sarah McLachLan - Angel (instrumental)
Lord's Prayer - St.Scho version (good thing Pia was Scholastican too so she knew what I was talking about)
Communion - The Lord is my Shepherd (We sing this a lot at St.Scho too)
Contract Signing/Pictorials:
1. Nearness of You
2. Spend My Life by Tamia
3. Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts/Carrie U.
4. Take this Love - Sergio Mendes
5. The First time I Love forever
6. For All of My Life - MYMP (i don't know who's the original singer)
Grand Entrance of the Couple - Lovely Day (a lovely dayyy, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day!hehe)
Dinner (i wanted something upbeat and jazzy):
1.Can't Get Enough of Your Love - Barry White
2. You're My First, My Last, My Everything - Barry White
3. You're the Best Thing - Style Council
4. You are Everything - Diana Ross
5. You Make me So Very Happy
6. Just the Two of Us
7. Never Knew Love like This Before
8. Beyond The Sea
9. Knocks Me off My Feet
10. Your Love Is King - Will Young
11. Never My Love - Johnny Mathis
12. Everlasting Love
13. Isn't She Lovely
14. For the Love Of You
Cake Cutting: Can't Take my Eyes off You
Finale part: ballroom, happy, september, best of my love, you to me are everything, VST Medley etc..

*whew* this august 21st we'll be having our listening session (i get to choose 10 songs from my list) and i'll have to bring Erlyn along so she'll know what part should she speak.. (nice, erlyn! hehe!)

that's all. it's been a hellish day. FIS deployment, sinister LPs.. you name it, Mondays got it.


p.s. my title's the VST song Sumayaw, Sumunod, LSS lang

Thursday, August 04, 2005

...house on a hill

System Time: 9:38 AM
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ano ba tong VB ko nakngputeeeek. crash ng crash! as in, show form lang "Memory cannot be read" na! watda. grrrrrrr. *sakal monitor*

hay. this morning sucks bigg time. some good news though, found out that my assigned email account here at Pramerica can accept outside mails.. so you can email me at itdev02@prudential.com (that's it dev, zero two) ..just don't use your free accounts like yahoo or hotmail 'cause they discourage that and it's not supposed to be for personal use.. (si Sir Joel nga nagchi-chikka, eh!!)

hay, bwiset na form.

haven't thinking about the wedding lately, more on what lot or house & lot must we buy.. remember the first property that we took interest in? it's in this blog. the price is now up to 900k 'cause the house is already finished. It's newly renovated and has the view of the whole COGEO.. and cons lang ng house na yun eh asa tuktok nga kaya dapat pa kami magtricycle.. tas makipot ang daan.. pero kyut na kyut yung haus, bungalow lang.. actually, i'm pretty excited about it so i'm convincing Pangs na maging excited din! hehe! kasi with just under 1M, meh livable house and lot na kami tas meh view pa.. i even drew a picture of it for him.. i told him, that's how our future children will draw it when they're ask to draw where they live, lol! kasi, edi drawing ako ng bahay.. tas meh puno sa tabi (yung pang gradeschool talaga na drawing).. tas meh vegetable patch.. tas meh doggy.. tas meh kubo sa likod (kasi maluwag din yung likod) tas yung view nya meh mountain with matching sunrise tas meh zigzag na road tas small houses, harharhar.. (pathetic drawing, i know) but still a bit convincing keh Pangs 'cause he thought it was cute.. kasi, we might even afford a small car if we get the COGEO lot.. naiimagine ko na nga maglinis ng banyo dun eh hehehe! (i swear!)

yesterday, pasok kami sa Handyman at Robinson and isa lang masasabi ko, ang saya mangarap! hehe we started thinking of what tiles to put, door handles, which shower heater (a shower heater is a MUST have! hindi ko kayang maligo ng malamig!) and lots of other household stuff.. it's so much fun! it's like playing house, hehehe, only this time, we get to do it for real..

hay.. gusto ko na matapos wedding para iba na matutukan namin! mas nakakatipid nga sa wedding pag makapagdecide na kami dun kasi iisipin ko.. "centerpiece upgrade or new vinyl tiles".. HELLO!? lol! syempre mas priority ang house!
so excited na akooo!!

pangs kow, i love you!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

...endless loop

System Time: 1:57 PM
just trying to finish this module that Ma'am M said is supposed to be tested next week.. hehe, as if. i haven't even begun the other forms yet.. and they better have test scripts this time, i'm not giving out my program without all the scenarios in clear, concise words..

*sigh* i've been deployed here in Pramerica for 1 year and 9 months now, and frankly, the only good thing about that is that I get to see my Pangs everyday. I'm just getting tired of the work here. It's pretty much the same. But at least things are a bit better 'cause I'm coding a new project. (CMT/Collection Monitoring Tool) At least, that's something new. It's just that this project is so vague and Ma'am M didn't really give me much specs.. and if she did, they're really not THAT helpful. and she gives them to me in pseudocode! i know, some programmers find it better, but really, it's more confusing, 'cause when the result isn't correct, you wouldn't know where to start looking 'cause you just followed the stupid pseudocode in the first place! 'cause you don't really understand what the hell you're doing with the figures! lol!

sample of Ma'am M's pseudocode:
Link TPOL to TPOLC with POL_ID

*sighs* i don't think she gets why i keep on asking about the tables. hay. anyWAY, yeah, i'm pretty tired. i remember this conversation i had with ate chary, she said "alam mo kung ano nakakapayat? yung isip ng isip. try mo kayang wag magisip."
i just looked at her incredulously and said "Eh programmer ako eh, panong huwag mag-isip!!??"
Si Ate Ging natawa na lang keh Ate Chary.

if there's one thing that i want to change in my life, it's that.. my career path. After ni Pangs, pag nag MBA na siya, ako naman. Mabilis ata kaming tatanda kakaisip.

*sighs again*
better go back to work. I still have 3 forms to finish.

arrrrrrgghhh. meh error pa ulit ako sa walang kamatayang FIS. to think, supposed to be sign-off na namin. L O L! asa pa ako!

Monday, August 01, 2005

...house dilemma

went to Divisoria last Saturday, bought the lace and half pearls that we need for our DIY invites.. will do it as soon as we get the boxes from Tita Penny..

Pangs and I had a heated discussion about our plans to buy a lot.. where, how much is our budget, the parents issue, we talked and argued about everything.. in the end, pangs told me if we could afford it, we'll go for the 1M lot but nearer location inspite of my mother's disapproval.. nobody wants to disobey their parents, but this will be OUR life.. we realize their point, but i just hope they will realize ours and they must know that we take their advice seriously and we value their opinions..anyway, if we can't shell out 1M, we'll go buy the 800k dilapidated house but 240sq.m lot in COGEO.. i just really like the Lumang Bayan Lot,.. Lumang Bayan is located about 1.5 kilometers from Masinag (Antipolo) and is along Marcos Highway.. it's very accessible, and the lot that we're eyeing is walkable(?) from the gate (only 2 blocks from the gate).. no need for tricycles when commuting and that's a BIG factor for us.. to sum it up, here are the pros in buying the Lumang bayan lot:
1. it's very accessible to go to, just about 1.5 kilometers from Masinag
2. we could now take jeep routes like Prancia, Gate 2, Pagrai (ang hirap kasi kumuha ng COGEO LOOB, daming nagcucutting-trip)
3. there's a Cherry Foodarama in front of it
4. There's a church beside it
5. There's a Badminton Club beside it (beside the church)
6. there's no house to knock down (meaning: we have free rein on whatever house we want to build)
6. meh NAWASA na (sa Cogeo, soon pa, pero very soon naman, in fairness)
7. It faces East (sa Cogeo na lot na tinitingnan namin, facing West)
8. There's an outdoor Basketball Court near the lot (but not THAT near that it would disturb you)
9. from our jeepney/FX ride at Marcos Highway, maglalakad na lng kami papuntang bahay.
10. meh guard sa gate (HEHE!)

the cons:
1. mas mahal siya kesa sa COGEO lot by 200k
2. mas maliit pa (178 sq.m lang)
3. mother's disapproval
4. totally lot lang so gagastos pa kami ng mga 400-500k for a simple house

mas marami namang pros dibuh! and i'm sure mom will come around..

yun muna, we'll be going to Lumang Bayan to talk to the broker.. sana matawaran pa *crosses fingers*