Thursday, April 29, 2004

...just another manic monday

System Time: 12:38 PM
/me pigil hikab. -_-

it's a sucky, sucky monday once again. know haven't been blogging that much but it's pretty busy in the office.. i'm just on my i-don't-want-to-do-anything mood right now that's why i'm trying to update my blog. as my friend alix said, here's the late update..
my contract's been extended for another 3 months here at prumerica.. after that, i'm bond free in Radix! yey! i'll probably opt to become a contractor instead.. even if it means no-project no-pay, my salary will be doubled so that just eliminates all the cons.. hehe..
2. still no progress with the website. (yari ako)
3. uploaded new pics in friendster! LoL!

wow. my life's so boring. hehe. it's okay, i guess.. i'm almost debt free.. and i'm finally going to be able to save some money.. (no more friends' weddings, unexpected expenses, etc)

ei, and harbie's back! weeeelcome back bheng! sure missed you a LOT! *hugs* kitakits uh..

System Time: 2:55 PM (and one day after)
it's tuesday already! hehe. actually, didn't feel like posting my blog.. la wents, lol.. i'm supposed to be working but i can't seem to make my brain work.. *tok tok tok* anywayz, this friday, i'll be seeing erlyn, joy and cherry for our long overdue kada get-together (we meet so rarely it feels like an annual thing, hehe) erlyn's an exception, though.. we sometimes meet for breakfast once a month.. or once in two months.. hehe.. basta, compared to the others, our meetings seem frequent :รพ ..

/me nguya m&m's crispies.. dex gave it to me.. tsarap.. though i had to point it out at the grocery store for him.. he often gives me chocolates that i don't like.. toblerone, cadbury, hershey bars.. i only eat chocolate when it has rice crispies or wafers or whatever that lessens the sweet taste..can't handle the pure chocolate ones.. or dark chocolates, mint chocolates (waah eww).. more of a twix, barnone type.. my fave was watchamacallit but i don't think they sell that anymore.. how sad.. the only chocolate that i truly love is phased out.. just reflects on how harsh the world can be. ~_~

my current book of the month ( i hardly have time to read now so it takes me about a month to just finish one) is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.. think i'm only in the first chapter but i'm already hooked.. and it makes me want to go online just so i could research on some of the stuff written there.. if they're actual facts or plain fiction or if it's half-fact/half-fiction kind of thing.. it's really cool.

System Time:5:33 PM (and 2 days after hehe)
it's thursday na! they're all at some meeting, and i mean every single prumerica employee so i'm taking advantage of that fact and going online on Mario's pc..

busy parin sa werk, as usual..papasok pa ata ako sa Saturday ulit..

anyways, just wanted to post this blog.. bye bye all!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

...quickie lang

asa office ako on a saturday huhuhu. wala lang. dami ko pa gagawin, nag upload lng ako.. babayy!

...this is not an office, it's HELL with flourescent lighting

System Time: 9:40 PM <---waaah

am still here at the office.. it's a friday night and i'm stuck here.. but good news is i'm going home in 15 minutes time..bad news is i'm going to work tomorrow.. *sighs*

i've got SO much stuff to do, i could hardly breathe.. it looks like my contract's going to be extended here at Prumerica.. the new contractors, Glin (actually it's Glenn.. bisaya siya eh.. ask namin ano pangalan nya.. sabi nya, "Glin" lol) and Mario.. they make me look good. .. as in.. Glin's such an idiot when it comes to VB programming it makes me want to choke him to death.. he keeps on asking the simplest of VB questions that they can't almost be called "Technical questions".. a comsci student will put him into shame.. granted he was a COBOL programmer before, but the Job description was for a VB/COBOL programmer and when they ask if he KNEW how to use VB.. he said yes.. think he oversold himself.. hmpft. now I'M the one who has to put up with his questions and keeps on constantly bugging me..AS IF my workload's not full enough.. *double sigh*
ate chary called.. alis na ko... yey! babay!

...holy crap

My blog last April 12, 2004:

System Time: 9:12 AM
i feel like crap.

my head hurts 'cause i was seated at the back of the FX and it kept on banging on the rear window while i was sleeping *ouch* lol!

so, how was your holy week? we didn't go anymore.. just got headaches from watching too much TV... watched Alias season 2 for a whole day, a LOT of DVDs, and the Seventh Heaven marathon.. couch potato at its finest... wasn't able to finish the site, though i did accomplish some pages.. making a dynamic site is harder than i thought..

anyways, back to sucky work. brb

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


System Time : 8:37 AM
what a good day it is. har har har.

1. the next five days are all non-working days! woooohooo! have decided to just make the site and not go out.. it's okay.. ria's actually inviting us to go to Subic.. family wants to go to Isabela.. i'd rather watch DVDs, stay up late and finish the site..

2. dreamt of Ken. WAHAHA. i swear it was so realistic.. it's kind of a PG-18 dream that's so vivid i could still feel Ken's errrr.. basta. lol! woke up really giddy. hehehe. i was at my lola's birthday and he was my boyfriend and we were cuddling and stroking each other on the sofa.. was so cute 'cause we were seated amongst my cousins and were trying to hide the stuff we're doing from them.. then i hear a voice shouting.."hoy! 6 o'clock na!!!" . of course, that was my dad shouting and i woke up after that, lol!

3. Art called me this morning. just like the good ol' days. we're still hmm.. there's no other term but phone pals.. hehe.. yeah, we are! we've only met once but still call each other to complain about life and listen to each other's "haaay" lol.. now he's graduating (i bought him a graduation card last sunday) and it hardly feels like we've known each other for more than 2 years already.. /me kanta.. parang kailan lang.. hehe..i really like him.. i used to have this major crush on him but now what i feel towards him is better than a petty crush.. i truly feel lucky to be his friend.. *hugs kuyuh* i just know, our friendship's for keeps..

4. did i mention the 5-day-holiday? hehe!

System Time: 9:03 AM current after-work-chinovela-fest are Guardian Angel and Love Storm. (Loving You and Starry, Starry, Night are already finished. both have sucky endings.)

teka. Sir Philbert just went right behind me and i had to save this text file so it'll get covered by the "Save As" Dialog of windows and he wouldn't be able to read what i've been writing.. now it's a TTX file bwahaha. (ttx files or data definition files are used for my crystal reports.)

anyway, where was i? oh, chinovelas! Ken's character still is kawawa in Love Storm.. hay.. but he's still so gwapo.. maybe that's the reason why i dreamt about him.. 'cause i kind of pity his character 'cause the girl he likes is totally smitten to another guy, Vic..

on my way home last night, i thought of PC again. (i could hear all the "whaaaaat" 's in the background) i remembered one my convers with ate cha.. that wouldn't it be really, really, hurtful to find out that he doesn't really exist.. or that HE might be actually a SHE..or that he's actually a DOM.. basta, the point is, i haven't actually met him. HE might not really exist. he's just a pro con-artist out to fool gullible little girls like me. it's such a sad thought isn't it? that you've been fooled all along.. that you've wasted all your tears, heartache on a GIRL? lol! but then there's still tiny, tiny part of your soul that still hopes that he'll be back in your life once again.. the way you've known him or remember him, the way you've loved just blows the mind.

System Time: 6:17 PM
uwi nuh ko.. i'm so tired already.. bye guys! watch the Passion of Christ! byebye!

Monday, April 05, 2004

...i'm the sql guru... not!

My blog last April 5, 2004:

System Time: 2:03 PM
/me tries to @_@ .
/me lagay tutpik sa mata para di (-_-)

waah. kakaantuk.

i'm working on a new crystal report.. (have lost count) and i'm in the middle of designing the report when i felt my eyes closing against my will.. arrghh. i'm so sleypi.

..still have no idea what to do on the upcoming 5-day (yey!) vacation (Holy week) .. i want to go to Isabela, but i also want to finish the site i'm making..(the paid one) it's supposed to be finished by end of April and that's the only time i could work on it for a full day..anyway, whatever i decide, its better than waking up early and going to work..

System Time: 6:20 PM
umuwi na si dex. how sad. :( kala ko pa naman hahatid nya ko today. OT pa naman ako. huhuhu. tas ubos pa load ko. hay. tas ang haba na ng sequel ko pero hindi parin ako tapos. pakers. pamatay na report toh. putik meh dala pa pala akong 2 kilong mangga. *WAHHHH* /me isipin ko na lng meh makakain akong mangga sa bakasyon. nagbebenta kasi si Sir Loret eh suki ako nun. *i just love mangoes yum yum*

System Time: 6:55 PM
finished my sq statement.. yeyyy! uwi na koo.. babay!

System Time: 7:48 PM
ehehe. ngayon pa lng pala ako uuwi. tagal kasi ilagay sa VB na yung script ko.. grabe.. ang haba parang nobela yung sql script ko.. anywayz.. have no free ride today so i better get home already.. bye bye!

...they pretend to pay me, so i pretend to work

My blog last April 1, 2004:

System Time: 8:44 AM
good morniiiing! i'm on my 9th crystal report now (still have 6 reports to go..).. still working 8am-8pm++ a day.. pretty excited on my salary on the 15th.. puro OT har har har.. nothing new 'bout me.. except that all my doubts about my relationship with dex have all completely vanished from my mind.. (hurrah!) i love him to the fullest. *hugs my momi*

ate ging's back from her bangkok trip.. she accumulated free miles from all of her southeast asian trips and decided to use it to attend her friend's wedding in thailand.. so, so lucky to have a job that takes her to different asian countries.. she didn't bring any pasalubong though.. just a LOT of (singapore, thai) magazines she missed since she got back here.. i kind of missed it too so i guess, pwede na rin.. even my dad reads them.. (they're better than any of the cosmo, mega, preview etc. mags we got here)

uy.. april 1 pala ngayon.. happy april fools day! it's also the month when my contract expires here at prumerica.. still don't know if i'll get extended.. i pretty much decided i want to stay for a few more months here.. just so i'll be able to have a project before my bond contract expires on July (wow 2 years na ko sa Radix! lol).. then i'll decide if i want to stay at Radix.. if i'll stay i'll probably ask to become a contractor instead.. it pays more (even though it's a per-project basis.. meaning no project no pay) but i've got no family on my own and it's okay for me to have an unsecure job but with a higher pay.. (ipon ipon muna!).. plus i've become pretty confident on my programming skills.. learned so MUCH here in prumerica.. like before, i only knew some basic sql stuff.. i would always have to ask koji or chipper's help on them.. but now, i got the hang of sql subsets, select-within-a-select, inner joins, right outer joins etc... kaw ba naman pagawin ng 16+ reports, tingnan naten kung hindi ka masanay hehe..

still have a lot to do but i wanted to write here first.. been a while.. a lot's happening to my friends.. like Art's graduating already this April.. grabe.. am i really that old? lol.. and CJ's been texting me.. i haven't really texted back.. (he's been sending mushy quotes).. of course i still want to be friends with all of my ex's but i don't want to do anything that would spoil my "doing-great-relationship" with dex..

System Time: 5:00 pm
ei.. will be going home early today.. ate ging wants to go home by 5:30.. yey! will be able to watch American Idol hehe.. bye guys!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

fuuuuuuuuuck. brinkster deleted my site from their server. WAAAAAAAAH. /me ngalngal sa sulok.

hay. sabi ko nga dapat palitan ko na eh. pero putek kakadismaya kasi gumawa ng site pag nakakakita ako ng magagandang sites tas kiddos lang ang gumawa! kakainsecure haha! takte sila lolz.

anywayz, meh blog ako eh, naiwan ko lang sa office (wag na kayo paexplain basta naiwan!) hehe. so medyo tinatamad ako magkwento. just so happy that it's friday ..oops saturday na pala kasi 2 am na..

tulog na ko. bye bye!