Saturday, September 14, 2002

forgot to copy this last night:

System Time: 8:38 AM
TGIF! ei it's friday the 13th... am not really the superstitious type..i walk under ladders, have broken a few mirrors, deleted chain letters (grr i hate those).. and my life is hmm.. okay. i may complain about some things, (had really bad days that i want to forget) but i don't consider them as consequences of an erroneous belief...
..i hear my batchmates (Chipper and know-it-all Froi) discussing some bug they discovered (which i haven't even started resolving yet).. don't know if i'll even work on it 'cause it's not that big an error.. my batchmates have a tendency of complicating the template and looking for problems that only the most dim-witted, idiotic software user would do... but i think it's stimulated on the fact that it's either they look for problems in their program or stare at their respective monitors for 9 hours... staring at my monitor has become my hobby now.. LOL.. i'm perfectly fine and enjoying that hobby.. :รพ (Froi's at Chipper's workstation, which is one pc away and i could hear him talking loudly to Chipper.. HELLOOO bingi buh katabi mo?) hay.. i'm bad ^_^

System Time: 5:02 PM
.. created 4 new pages for the fan site.. didn't even finish the last one.. time to go na e hehe.. Eboy's already on the MRT.. bye now!

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