Monday, April 30, 2007

...old news, new post

April 12, 2006
System Time: 5:39 PM
ohmyisshhh sooo coooold here in the office *brrrrrrr*.

we have found a place to move in! we'll be moving by May 1. its still far from work (for me) but at least my travel time will probably be lessened by 30 minutes. ha! which means 30 more minutes of sleeping time! BIG DEAL! yep yep! hehe. it was quite frustrating looking for a new flat.. first of all, the rent has gone waaay up (inhumane!) and we couldn't find a 2-room condo for less than 2k/month! of course, we had to have our requirements: has a pool, near mrt, has 2 toilets and generally must be nice. (not old/dirty, furnished, no latrine toilets! eww.) there were 2 flats we already wanted to rent out which we didn't get for 2 different reasons. first one was the agent pissed us off and got us all paranoid of getting swindled, and the next one was we had to compete with an indian couple and the landlord chose that indian couple. (ha. his loss!) there was a unit we liked but it was smack in the middle of the red-light district, and another one we viewed that was too far from the mrt. (and i didn't like that the dining area was away from the TV. hehe!) Finally we went to this really nice condo and just as i entered the unit i said to the agent 'okay, we'll take it' hehe. Jeff and Raymond even asked me 'Are you sure this one is only 1700??" Kasi super bihira talaga kaming makakita ng below 2k na malapit sa mrt kahit 2 bedroom lang. Then we found out that 3 other groups also offered for the condo and we were like "oh nooo, here we go again" but then the landlord chose us! weeee! we even met a filipina dh there and we got her number to work a couple of hours a week to iron clothes. double weeeee! (no more gusot clothes hahaha!) sawa na daw siyang maglakwatsa, magsisideline na lang daw siya hehe.

my dad just texted me: "OK NA TITLE NG HOUSE NNYO! (my dad always texts me in caps hehe) PADALA KO COPY PARA MAINSPIRE KAYO AT LEAST MAYROON NG BUNGA PAGHIHIRAP DYAN" haaay. nalungkot ako na natuwa. why the f*ck do i need to be here just to pay for our friggin house. huhuhu. haay, iniisip ko na lang talaga ay dalawang bagay. 1. basta magkasama kami ni pangs 2. konting tiis lang para mapabilis ang pagbayad. but there are really times when i feel so homesick, nakakadepress. (oh no, *tingin sa taas* don't cry!) my job is haaaay. so stressful. and the people.. haaay. there's only like 2 people who i like here, sam and ms. vivian. all the rest, i don't know.. oh, the students din.. i try not to get too attached to them since they're just here as interns and they'll be leaving on june.. pero huhuhu too late, i'm gonna miss them so much ayaw ko ng isipin na aalis sila. i'm gonna be all alone again with the 2 anaps here.

April 30, 2006
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it takes me a couple of weeks even to write my posts within a post. hay. well i've got an excuse. i'm b u s y. # 1 excuse. next is.. i'm l a z y. *sighs* even blogging which has been a hobby is now something i find so troublesome to do. huhuhu. hmmm. it's april 30 and i'm here in the office. i want to take a leave just like the rest of my colleagues (arrgh. hate that word. i've only used it HERE. another word i have only used HERE.. expedite. haha). and i'm definitely hating my boss here.. he can't take 'yes' as an answer... LITERALLY. cause he wants me to freaking say "CAN"!! here's an example

him: can u create a ticket for Tier 3?
me: okay
him: u can right? create a ticket now?
me: okay, sure.
him: okay, can? can?
me: yes.
him: alright.. can uh??
me: caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn.
him: okay byebye.

ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH. please stop me from barfing. i'm trying all my might not to jump the 'can' wagon, but honestly, if it stops my boss from bugging me then i'll say "CAN" the whole friggin time even if it makes my skin crawl.

let's just focus on the good news. Pangs called me and said he got a raise!! a whopping 1+k raise! i'm so happy for us. hahaha. "US" ano, not him. hehe. syempre, his money is my money as well, hahahahaha! he earned it, he has stayed here for a year already.

another good news, we moved to the new house already! (al-re-diiiiiiii) we just moved yesterday so everything is still in chaos but we'll get there. didn't realize we had sooo much stuff amongst the 4 of us. we were able to fill up a 10-feet truck! moving is definitely tiring, so its not something i'm looking forward to doing every couple of years. imagine how much stuff we've accumulated by then. ha.

jeff and anshe are now in IKEA (so envious!) buying some stuff for the house.. tutal Anshe's not blogging so i'll spoil the news for her. noooo, she's not preggy or anything like that hahaha. they got a cool new laptop! a freakin' sony Vaio. hihihi. sukoiii!!

hmm.. what else. i'm here killing time 'cause i'm so not in the mood to work. but i got assigned 3 tickets so i've got no choice, but at least they're so called monitoring tickets so i don't really have to stare at them while they run. you know, i'm holding a record since i got here.. only 1 sick leave since i started last december.. oh my god. that's a lifetime achievement award for me. i usually have 1 sick leave a month! twice a month if i can pull it off. now because of the freakin rule here (you have to have a doctor issue you a medical certificate for you to get a day off from work.. just for one friggin day!) now i realize how healthy i am. hahahahaha. i couldn't really tell while i was in Pinas because of the many times i faked being sick. LOL.

oh, and we're so pinoy big brother addicts now. (i'm gonna start ranting so those who cannot relate, please skip this portion) i'm haaaating maricris. for the love of god someone just evict her and put her in a mental institution. throw nel in with her for his 'pagkukunsinti', demmit. pleaseeee let her bang her head on the wall, she needs it! (end of rant)

wow.. i think i was able to kill some time here.. bweheheh good. i sooo want to go home already. (maybe take a bath again in our glorious bathtub?) lol. (darnit, naririnig pala kami nila anna haha)

that's all folks. hope you update your blogs too. thanks harbie for such a wonderful, long blog (was able to kill 30 minutes from that as well) keep it up. no thanks to anshe and ria and other people. and erlyn, what's your url again? demmit i can't remember.