Wednesday, January 28, 2004

thank you kate, for telling me bout the book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.. for everyone out there, read this book, it'll change your life. it's all about making the money work for you and not having to work for money. it's for everyone. it's all about enhancing our financial literacy, something that was never taught to us at school.. let me just quote one of the things that stood up for me the most..

"Focusing on my own business, developing assets, made me a better employee. I now had a purpose."

it's better than any motivating force ever.. looks like i might able to keep my new year's resolution after all.

i'll tell you more about it soon.. bye all!
so glad i bought sloppy firsts.

can't believe that an adult actually wrote this novel. it's waaaay 2 kewl. (as in supah) i bought and just finished reading second helpings (the sequel). am still blown away but it.. it's not life altering and spiritual like The Alchemist..nothing like that... it's about a 16 year old highschool student, so how deep can it get? but.. BUT.. i really, really liked Jessica Darling, the book's main character.. it's actually her journal.. and after reading a LOT of books made by british authors... who would think that i would actually find an american book refreshing.. it's THE highschool novel of all time.. it felt so real, i actually fell in love with Marcus Flutie, her quote loveteam unquote (har har har.. you've got to read it, i swear).

i feel like i complain about the pettiest things.. really miniscule irkless things.. i know now what's wrong with me.. it's exactly how Jessica's mom said it.. "put things in perspective..."

and so in one my Jessica's entries, she said this..
"it kind of makes me wish that the worst thing that will ever happen to me will just hurry up and happen already. That way i could live the rest of my life in bliss, if only because i know how much worse things could be."

that's it. i'm like Jessica. the most devasting thing that have ever happened to me (as in personally) was when i stole some library books and got caught doing it. (happened during my 5th grade hehe) i ended up with a couple of NIs in my report card and got demoted out of my honors class. and the fact that my partner in crime, my so-called bestfriend didn't. lol! but at least i talk about happy things. Jessica doesn't. her journal is filled only with her unending angst and complains bout her sucky highschool, pineville high and her life in general. am still thinking 'bout the novel.. and i plan on reading it again.. which is a rarity for me, 'cause once i've finished reading it again, its pages never open again. (except for harry potpot books..i had to memorize some of the stuff to answer harry potpot trivia). i read in the author's website ( that she's already working on the 3rd book, tentatively titled charmed thirds.. release on 2005..god i can't wait. (i want marcus! lol)

for now, i'd hafto content myself with re-reading the 2 books and hope's (jessica's bestfriend) e-mails to her, published on

off to work. later!
My blog last January 23, 2003:

System Time: 12:45 PM
T-G-I-F! but i'm going to work tomorrow.. but it's ok.. going to work on saturdays is better than on mondays.. weird,.. but i've got the perfect logic.. on saturdays, bosses are usually not around.. so you could go willy-wallying inside the office without constantly looking behind your back to check if your boss is watching...

the meeting yesterday went quite well, to my surprise.. didn't feel that pressured anymore 'cause they just decided to fix bugs that are the most important and solveable... (yeah, "memory could not be written" error is trashed.. hurrah!) plus i finally got some luck in this stupid program.. figured out a pattern in one of the so-called errors.. when i knew WHEN the error occured, fixed it up in about a minute *yabang mode*.. basta, am so freaking happy and TG for his blessing.. hehe.. tenkyu po ulit at naawa kayo saken lol! .. am working on the pattern of another error living up the benedictine rule.. ora et labora, pray and work.. so habang nagdedebug ako at nagtetest, meh kasamang dasal.. hehe..baka pagbigyan ulit ako ni god, hihihi..
My blog last January 22, 2003:

System Time: 9:46 AM
.. i've been editing and re-editing this specific blog entry for the nth time.. it's just that i've got so much stuff on my mind.. what i'm currently excited about.. future plans.. but they're just that.. plans, plans and endless plans.. i've been blabbing about plans i have that have yet to become a reality.. maybe i should stop talking about it for a second and actually do something to make it happen..

/me zips mouth.

ei ei.. just tell you bout last night.. had dinner with irvie and eugene.. it's been ages (well, in eugene's case.. eugene info not kups) since i last saw them.. was laughing the whole night listening to their stories..irvie wanted to meet dex so we waited for him at the triangle.. i introduced him to them then he left after that, he still had work.. (pinagod lng namin siya, in short hehe) asked irvie what her first impression is of dex.. "mukhang ok naman, cute" .. yey! lol..

System Time: 10:03 AM
ma'am M's not in yet.. sana absent! mukhang absent din si Sir Joel eh.. *crosses fingers*.. was hoping to drop by Powerbooks today.. 20% off daw sabi ni ate might have a long lunch today..

texted kate, nagreply na siya.. sabay daw kami puntang powerbooks.. double yey!

System Time: 10:33 AM
nyeh.. dito na si Ma'am M .. :( .. *hinagpis*.. pro punta parin ako powerbooks.. :bleh

System Time: 11:12 AM
finally found the nerve to call Ma'am Q and really, really complain bout my extended stay here at prumerica.. told her that i'm STILL using vc++.. and that the relaunch for this LIPS program is on March.. and I'M gonna be the one responsible if it flops.. me and solely me! i'm the one man freaking programming department.. and i don't even KNOW vc++! shit

System Time: 1:13 PM
..bought a book! wee! 20% off! bought Sloppy Firsts.. i'm a sucker for books with sequels/trilogies.. saw the sequel at National Bookstore last time, Second Helpings.. so i'll probably buy that this weekend.. Kate bought Veronika Decides to Die, By the River Piedra and Pink Slip.. i had to walk away from the book shelves after i picked up Sloppy.. can't afford to buy more than 1 (kasi nga bibilin ko rin yung Second Helpings)

..momi just texted me.. hintayin ko pa daw siya kasi 7pm pa break nya (instead of the usual 6).. told him it's ok 'cause i need to extend my working hours to offset my absences anyway..

god, am so psyched to start reading.. (lol..werdu)

wanna get out of the office already.. wahaha..

reasons why not to log out early:
1. i already have 3 (yep, 3) absences for this month.. jan. 8, 19 and 20.
2. all my excuses have been used. (need to invent new ones)
3. have a meeting (lecheng LIPS) at 3 pm
4. 7pm pa si dex

*sighs* am stuck.

/me mukmok sa harap ng monitor
My blog last January 21, 2003:

System Time: 8:37 AM
*deep sigh* i'm in a slump. what's new. it's the fucking new year and i still have slumps.. it's the first working day for me.. yeah, on a wednesday.. didn't go to work for 2 days.. i was so close to not going to work again today.. hay.. at least i didn't smoke for 4 days.. (smoked just this morning) .. texted ria.. need friend support.. am having lunch with her later.. haaaaaay.. will probably be going to work on saturdays just to offset my absences.. dammit.. it's my fault, i know.. it's still 6 months 'til my bond expires.. i'd have to cope up 'til then..ang tagal powtah. kakaurat. -_-

System Time: 4:31 PM
..will meet Irvie and Eugene (info, not kups) later after work.. still need all friend forces that i could get.. had lunch with ria.. she ate while i complained and whined and bitched about life in general.. great friend.. *hugs ria sa isip* lol..

System Time: 5:06 PM
ano ba yan.. ako nagdodocument, ako nagdedebug, ako pa nagtetest! tama ba yon!! >_< tinetest ko ang sariling kong ginawa.. bwiset. dapat conclusive pa yung test.. syempre natural na itetest ko yung pinorogram ko pero putek ndi naman final ek ek yun.. meron talagang taga test tlga para masabi tlga na bug free na.. taena namann.. hay.. chet malapit na si irvie! yey alis na ako after 15 minutes! babay!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

My blog yesterday, January 16, 2004

System Time: 1:07 PM
ohhshit. am so sleypi again. -_-

TGIF! wanna go home already (like every normal person) and am looking forward to sleeping late this weekend.

System Time: 1:17 PM
time's moving in a turtle-like pace again. (sana kung ala pong pagong.. mabilis tumakbo yun..miss ko na siya.. si pong pagong..hehe) am modifying the system test conditions.. there are about 100.. am still on ID # 5.. waaah.. it's just so fucking boring..

System Time: 4:23 PM
ehehehe. rereklamo kasi ako. nireportan tuloy ako ng error. hihihi. at error ko tlga sa program. as in bug. hihihi. kakatapos ko lang.. then ma'am Q of Radix called.. she told me that my contract's been extended by prumerica for 3 months..
me: 3 months!! (in a hushed voice but gulat..gets?)
ma'am q: bakit, ayaw mo ba?
me: opo
ma'am q: eh, hindi pwede
me: langya kayo ma'am, tanong pa kayo
ma'am q laughs.: visual basic naman daw eh.. bakit nagvivisual c ka pa ba?
me: (in my pinaka-paawa epek voice) opo...
ma'am q: eh sila eh, dinidelay nila..

then yun.. konting chika pa tas nagthank you ako.. (tawa ulit siya 'cause it was obvious that i didn't mean it) tas babay na..

hay.. 3 months.. pak sana wala ng error yung LIPS (BWAHAHAH ASA PA KOOOO!!!)

System Time: 4:42 PM
daan ako radix.. kunin ko allowance.. babayaran na daw ni ate chary sa cc nya yung f4 ticket eh.. hehe.. babay! i'll leave pag 5 na...bye bye!
My blog last January 15, 2004

System Time: 5:04 PM

just hate shuttle newbies... hate, hate, hate them 'cause they don't know that there are unwritten RULES when you commute via a shuttle service

1. passengers SLEEP during the trip
2. if you're not sleepy.. that's fine as long as you're not talking
3. if you're with companion and talking is inevitable, do so in hushed voices as to not disturb the people sleeping.
4. sit properly! don't lean on the person beside you. (especially if you weigh more than 150 lbs)
5. everyone pays the fare at the same time. (this is usually when the driver turns on the light, mainly for the passengers to see in the dark AND to wake up sleeping passengers) someone volunteers to collect everyone's fare and give change if change is available.
6. the person directly behind the driver is the designated messenger. he or she tells gives the collected fare to the driver and tells the driver if someone still has change. she must have a good memory to be able to relay the correct message (example: "dalawang 15, isang ten , isang 65 at isang 5 daw po!")

lol! simple enough right??? absolutely HAAATE newbies in shuttles AND those kupals who ignore the rules..

la lng, hehe.. uwi na ko! sana makatulog ako at walang maingay sa shuttle at walang sasandal saken ng sobrang taba na magmamanhid yung buong arm at legs ko at walang magbabayad ng maaga! *bow* babay!
My blog last January 12, 2004

System Time: 4:38 PM
/me nguya yumwich. am soo hungry..tinatamad nga lang ako bumaba para bumili ng food.. maya na lang siguro pag uwian na.. nagtitipid nga rin ako eh.. sa kinsenas na toh, wala pa kong binibili (book, makeup, etc).. tas biglang siningil ako ni Sir Philbert dun sa gift keh Sir Joel (birthday nya kahapon).. grabe tag 268 bucks daw.. chet.. proud pa naman ako na makakasave ako ng 500 man lng .. LOL.. oh well, birthday naman, sige na nga (tsaka ala akong choice hehe) .. dami ngang upcoming gastos eh.. kakasal kasi si Lara (my HS friend) sa Feb 21.. magdress daw ako or else hindi nya ako papapasukin.. tsaka ginawa pa akong Lector.. paktay.. la kong damit! so.. bibili pa ko.. tas malamang pati sapatos.. tas yung gift pa keh Lara! waah..

System Time: 6:30 PM <--nyay!
paktay, kanina pa andun si momi eh hanggang 7 lng break nya.. nag discuss ek ek pa kasi dito tungkol sa LIPS.. sige.. babay!

Friday, January 09, 2004

WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BAKIT SI DION ANG TINANGGAL SA STARSTRUCK! i protest, i protest!!! dapat si Mark jologs! waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HUHUHUHUHUHU! *hagulgol*

Why Dion is better than Mark

1. pagnakasalubong ko si Mark sa daan eh hindi man lang ako magdadalawang tingin.
2. pandak si Mark
3. Jologs si Mark
4. powtah watda pak is in his face? kilay ba yan? at proud pa siya sa kilay nya uh! grr sarap ahitin
5. OO nga magaling sumayaw si Mark.. edi isali siya sa KIDS at WORK o kaya DansFocus
6. waaaaaahhhh papa dion i labyu! lol!

System Time: 8:20 AM
didn't go to work yesterday.. there goes my new year's resolution.. it's the error i'm currently working on's fault.. (:p) it's enough to keep me from wanting to leave my bed.. i'm stuck, i feel hopeless and freakingly frustrated.. i already added a validation on the codes and all i want now is to set focus back on the textbox.. if this was VB i'd just like put and that's that.. but on VC++.. waah, it's a different story.. *HUHUHU*.. eto na naman ako sa bwiset na VC++ na toh.. *slumps back in chair* hmpftt.

*sighs*.. even went home last wednesday early.. left at around 3 pm.. i did visit ate Jeanie at Infostructure..there were a lot of new employees there but the "core" info team still exists.. was quite happy to see them.. (nagmature daw ako sabi ni ate jeanie, lol).. can't believe it's been 2 years since i last set foot in the Info office..

/me kanta.. parang kailan lang...

System Time: 1:27 PM
..still documenting the changes i made in LIPS.. didn't use the setfocus anymore.. kaka kasi.. changed the logic, program just returns the correct values after it has validated.. hope bumilis ng konti ang oras.. brb, balik work..

System Time: 5:15 PM
finished most of the documentation.. will be going to G4 to meet kuyuh rony and the others.. it's kuyuh rony's birthday on sunday! happy beerday!!

ayy.. just received his text message.. andun na daw siya sa Timezone.. uy alis na rin ako.. gusto ko magtimecrisis! hehe..babay!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My blog yesterday, January 5, 2004

System Time: 8:21 AM
it's a brand new year.. 2004.. time for resolutions.. i'll try to make them feasible and attainable.. something that i could really do, if i try my best.. so forget 'bout quitting smoking, ok?

1. to go to work everyday (lol 'nuff said)
..will have to get rid of my habit of counting my hours of absences and my 2 absences/ month habit

2. save, save, save my money
..waahhh still have no savings account.. won't be able to have one this month.. am still paying for my F4 ticket, lol.. i'll probably start saving by February.. if i'm still at Prumerica.. my contract's expiring this month.. don't know if they'll extend it.. but as long as i get another project, i'll be able to save a bit from the project incentive.. though i AM thinking of buying a drum set.. dad and i went to quiapo (to buy coaxial cable...wasn't able to buy a single DVD 'cause there were no new ones.. grrr) and inquired on the price of a Fernando drum set.. 11 thou only! didn't even start haggling for it, so it could go lower still.. ei i could buy that! (with dad's paylighter system of course, lol) soooo saving could be really difficult.. but i'll really try.. even if it's just 500 bucks per payday..

3. concentrate on work WHEN working (hehe)

System Time: 5:39 PM
wow.. lufet ko, ndi nga ako nagblog.. dami ko nagawa.. kasi deadline ko sa friday eh, lol.. kita kami ni momi.. uwi na ko..babay!