Thursday, March 27, 2003


I don't know what it is that you've done to me
But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way
Whatever it is that you do when you do what you do to me
It's a feeling that I want to stay

Now my heart starts beating triple time
With thoughts of loving you on my mind
I can't figure out just what to do
When the problem here is you

I get so weak in the knees
I can hardly speak
I lose all control
It's something comes over me
In a daze, it is so amazing
It's not a phase, I want you to stay with me
By my side, I swallow my pride
Your love is so sweet, it knocks me right off my feet
Can't explain why your love just makes me weak

Time after time after time I tried to fight it
But your love is strong
It keeps me holdin' on
Resistance is down when you're around my ba-a-by
In my condition, I don't want to be alone

I get so weak
Blood starts racing through my veins (I get so weak)
Ooh, it's something I can't explain (I get so weak)
Something 'bout the way you do
The things you do...
Knocks me right (off my feet)
Can't explain why your love just makes me weak

I try hard to fight it
No way can I deny it
You're love is so sweet
Knocks me right off my feet


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

System Time: 11:24 AM
.. have been standardizing forms.. a bit boring but it's better than doing nothing.. only have one more form left so i'm delaying it a little so that i'll still have something to do later..

System Time: 3:29 PM
*yawns* so sleypi -_-

System Time: 5:57 PM
..discussed for a few minutes some modules we created to the SysAnalysts.. now just reading some past blogs.. hehe mali mali grammar ko kahiya LOL.. actually.. yung iba typo lang (excuses, excuses) .. hehe .. usually proof read my blogs before i post them.. kala ko siguro nung time na yun tama grammar ko haha..

will post this blog now, almost 6 pm.. bye all!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

System Time: 4:41 PM
..woahhh.. late blog ei? have been struck by this quote: "When you're in some place.. be there!" .. hehe.. so i've been working my butt off (well.. my mind, then) since morning.. am just currently stuck with my code so i decided to have a break and blog..
..arrived home late last night.. my classmate brought us to some networking company... (me and eboy) gaaah.. even if i DID have the money to join (which i don't).. i totally suck at anything to do with selling stuff.. i'm a salesman's nightmare.. don't know how to sales talk people.. maybe it's because i don't give a f*ck on what other people think of me.. i don't know how to please them.. or make them happy.. my classmate was REALLY good.. i mean.. i don't believe in networking stuff ('cause i know they're really controversial cause some are illegal)..but through him, he made me actually THINK of joining.. you've probably heard of this's called Forever Living.. (wataname uh) they sell Health products and you earn through sales and recruitment.. i gotta give it to them, they have an awesome marketing plan.. it's just too good to be true.. -_-

...hay.. gotta go back to work...

System Time: 5:50 PM
...grabeeeeeeeeeee! was working on this module the WHOLE day.. kept on having problems with my logic.. then it just struck me to change the WHOLE essence of my logic.. the alternative solution was soooo simple i wanted to punch myself for my inability to recognize it immediately.. gaaaH.. was doing the "arithmetic" way for almost 7 hours.. took me just 30 minutes to finish it with my "string" method.. gaaaah ulit *wapaks sarili*

hay. at least i finished it. thought i wouldn't.

System Time: 6:00 PM
..hehe *wapaks sarili ulit*

bye all! have a nice evening :)


Monday, March 24, 2003

System Time: 9:07 AM
..gud mawnin! ok, i'm back in the office.. most of my workload have been given to Koji so i'm back doing the Report ttx stuff... have been absent at work since Thursday afternoon.. had a migraine.. which lasted 'till Friday.. so i've had a loong weekend.. basically spent it lying in bed while watching a few DVDs .. ok,ok.. not a few.. had my own movie marathon.. just some feel-good movies.. Legally Blonde, Maid in Manhattan, Get Over It.. Crazy/Beautiful (yeah, watched it AGAIN)..
..yesterday.. i went shopping with my sister.. bought some stuff i know i can't afford.. 2 blouses.. a body shop lotion.. undies.. lolz.. now my ATM account is bordering on zero balance.. gaah.. how am i going to survive this week! still 5 more days till payday.. waaahhh

System Time: 10:39 AM
..good thing there are a few holidays coming up.. like on April 9 (National Heroes Day).. holy week.. and May 1! hahaay.. wanna go somewhere in holy week.. if only i've got the money..

System Time: 11:24 AM
..started researching 'bout how much money i need.. for airfare, lodging etc..

System Time: 3:17 PM
..gaaahh.. tinigil ko na pagpapantasya kong makaalis! at wala pala talaga akong pera. demit chet.

sucks talaga -_- between e-mailing harbie and ria.. have been doing some actual work.. my job sometimes entail me to do some encoding stuff.. to prepare my test data.. i'm already finished with that.. now i have to do the actual code.. waaahh.. i'm just so NOT in the mood today.. just really waiting for e-mails from ria and harbie.. haha..
..speaking of which.. I've got Mail!

System Time: 3:50 PM
..waahhh tagal ng 6 madirpakir!!! will meet Eboy and Prince at Galle after work..

System Time: 5:24 PM
..nyahhh!! weird!? uy muymuy! howdapak did u know bout my new site? ang weird kasi kaka email ko lang sayo.. as in ngayon lang.. tas ala lang.. decided to check my guestbook.. tas andun ka na pala.. don't remember telling you bout it.. dun lang sa e-mail ko sayo today meh nakalagay na URL.. anyway.. thanks for signing.. kala ko galit ka parin saken.. reply ka uh, wento!

System Time: 5:27 PM
..waaaaaaaaaaah parin. *wapaks sarili* babaw ko putek..
haayy.. reply ka uh! (oki, can't get over it puh e, sensya na lolz)

..hay.. eboy's stuck in her interview/test in makati.. will meet her later than our agreed time.. demit. gugutom nuh ko.. gusto ko ng.. japanis pud.. something raw.. LOL.. remembered this rex navarete file i heard.. "i'm craving for something new.. something unborn.. " lol! he was talking bout Balut..

System Time: 5:50 PM
..been giving free tech support to eboy via txt lolz.. differences between Property Let and Set, SQL statements.. good thing i have MSDN haha..

System Time: 5:54 PM
..di nuh ko mapakali.. will post this blog now..

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

System Time: 9:56 AM
..ei.. notice the system time uh.. not my usual time.. ergo, was "busy".. actually, i still am.. but i got a few questions for Ma'am V before i start my module.. already finished a couple of TTX files and already modified my program to accommodate the new requirements.. the Date conversion module that i made needs to be modified.. new specs.. no big deal, really.. 'cause the more work i have, the happier i am..
..also have been talking to Ate cha through e-mail.. good luck ate cha in your upcoming admission tests.. kayang-kaya mo yan! (*two thumbs up*)

..already smoked 3 sticks today.. hmm.. gotta cut down my yosi intake..

..ay, didn't know that i could play a DVD on my PS2 even without a DVD remote..Ate joy, my officemate told me to just load the DVD and it would play, and it did! really good news 'cause now, i could watch a movie when i get home after work.. kasi our player is located in the living room and my mom watches the GMA Telebabad shows.. that means, nobody could change the channel till 9:30 pm! waahaha.. now i could watch whenever i want in my room.. watched Abandon and Swimfan last night.. was up till 'bout 12:30 am.. aaahh.. so that's why i feel so sleepy today.. well.. am usually sleepy but more so today.. hehe.. ei.. break time.. later..

System Time: 10:36 AM
..currently listening to PM Dawn..
I'd Die Without You

Is it my turn to wish you were lying here.
I tend to dream you when I'm not sleeping.
Is it my turn to fictionalize my world.
Or even imagine your emotions. Tell myself anything...
Is it my turn to hold you by your hands.
Tell you I love you and you not hear me...
Is it my turn to totally understand.
To watch you walk out of my life and not do a damn thing...

If I've to give away...
The feeling that I feel.
If I've to sacrifice...
Oh, whatever babe, whatever baby.
If I've to take apart...
All that I am...
Is there anything that I would not do,
'Cause inside I'd die without you...

Oh, I apologize for all the things I've done.
But now I'm underwater and I'm drowning...
Is it my turn to be the one to cry.
Isn't it amazing how some things just completely turn around...
So take every little piece of my heart...
So take every little piece of my soul...
So take every little piece of my mind...
'Cause if you're gone... inside...
I'd die without you...

depressing song, eh? -_-

System Time: 1:00 PM
.. think i my mood got affected by that freaking song.. haaaayy..

System Time: 6:15 PM

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

System Time: 10:39 AM
... ei! just configured my outlook express.. (hapi hapi hehe).. can now receive mail in the office.. with a real-time response from me lolz.. just a drag to go home and find your inbox full.. kaiinggit.. 'cause some of my friends use their e-mail like it's a chat client or something.. hehe.. lagi tuloy ako huli magreply, or worse, AKO subject ng pang-aasar dhel la ko magawa.. huli naman kasi ako magreak hehe.. anywayz.. e-mail me at .. save meeeee.. save me from the boredom of office work.. hehe..

System Time: 11:01 AM
..approached Ma'am Malou to show her the frmSelection assigned to me.. but she said i should first show it to our project manager Ma'am Violy.. i can't seem to locate her hehehe.. at least Ma'am M knows that i'm already finished.. that am not doing anything hahayy.. sucks..

aaayy.. just spotted Ma'am V.. eka brb

System Time: 12:02 PM
...nyek lunch nuh uh.. anywayz.. have already coordinated with other programmers so that they could use my code in their modules.. (read: la parin ako ginagawa huhuhu) .. waah olats ko.. have been adding people in my address book for my e-mail.. it's my college classmate's birthday yesterday.. so belated happy birthday Lala!!! ingats ka lagi and enjoy your day.. oiiii..lunch na talaga.. tama na pagpapanggap.. hehe ..later..

System Time: 12:51 PM
..brrrrr it's so cold here in the office.. forgot to bring my sweater *wapaks sarili* haaayyyy...

System Time: 1:18 PM
..arggh.. just remembered.. couldn't print my letter for momi last night.. freaking printer was having problems again.. think i wasted about an inch think of bond paper.. dunno what's wrong with it.. thought of using the printer here.. but.. what if something wrong happens.. like a paper jam or something (manol puh naman ako magtroubleshoot ng hardware).. i would be sure to ask someone else for help, then they would see what i was printing.. nyeks.. yoko nga.. 1. bawal, 2. asar talo na naman ako nun. hehe.. haayy badtrip..

gaaah tagal ng 6.

System Time: 2:41 PM
..yahooo! was given something new to do.. about converting constants to specified language format.. anywayz.. congrats to me, am now being fully used by the company.. hehe.. later..

System Time: 5:53 PM
..gwabe.. weird talaga ng oras.. when you want it to slow down, it speeds up! gaah.. at least i accomplished something.. already created a ttx file for the combo boxes..( in between e-mailing harbie and ria hehe)

will post this blog now.. cyah all!


Monday, March 17, 2003

System Time: 9:04 AM

/me strets strets

aaahhh.. monday.. need i explain further? haahaay.
..was so hard to haul myself up and go to work..just thinking of my pillow makes me want to log out, say "fuck this job" and go back to bed..

System Time: 9:32 AM
...let the joyyyy riseeeeeeeeeeeeee..
had to put my "dance list" in winamp just so i would get in the mood.. am not sure if it's working.. i still want my pillow (-_-)

System Time: 9:46 AM
...ei, my dad and I went to Quiapo yesterday.. (yeah, piracy rulez lol!) .. bought some audio cds.. full albums of norah jones, stephen speaks, the calling, system of a down.. hmm.. oh yeah.. and vertical horizon.. my dad also bought pirated DVDs.. have i told you that we already have a new cabinet for our DVd collection? think it's like 7 layers.. 6 of which are already full.. hehe.. anywayz.. we now have Swimfan, Much Ado about Nothing, White Oleander, StarGate, err.. forgot the others..we wanted to exchange Four Feathers for another DvD 'cause it won't load on our player but the old prick wouldn't let us.. he told us a lot of shit like.. the paper is his but the cd isn't,..blah blah.. (as ifffffff, ano logic ng pagtatatak dun sa papel kung yung Cd pala e hindi daw sa kanya.. duuh.. edi yung Cd ang tatakan nya! ).. ok maybe i'm not making any sense.. well, to make a long story short.. just told my dad not to argue with him.. arguing over 65 bucks isn't worth it.. (a**hole talaga yun!) told my dad not to buy from that particular vendor anymore.. gaaah.. kainish talaga.. yung iba dun.. no questions asked, basta sabi namen, ayaw e.. edi yun palit.. kabuwsit yun.. it's such a hassle to go to Quiapo in the first place.. especially just to return some defective DVD.. tas ganon puh.. gaaah.. olats ..|..

System Time: 10:30 AM
..isn't it weird that when you go to work.. you wait for break times? like when it's 8 am.. you wait 'till it's 10 am.. then when it's after 10.. you wait for 12.. then i wait for 4 pm.. then i wait for 6.. lolz.. that's what i basically do all day.. (in between work.. hehe)..
..i wait..

System Time: 10:46 AM
..think i'm finished with what i'm supposed to do.. actually, didn't really do anything..'cause it was already coded by Froi and Chipper.. just had to standardize it..

System Time: 10:59 AM
*stifles a yawn*
gaah. katamad.

System Time: 11:16 AM
..mah gas.. i'm freakin sleeping, lolz.

System Time: 2:54 PM
..guess what i'm doing? yep.. i'm waiting for break time.. hehe.. actually.. have also been writing to momi.. nobela na nga ata e.. there's so much to say kasi.. haaay.. miss ko na siya -_-

System Time: 3:19 PM
..finished writing my letter.. haay.. bebehave na talaga ako para sa kanya.. kasi aminado naman ako.. paminsan kung kumilos ako eh feeling single.. pero yung iba ko namang friends (and a few officemates) alam na meh bf akong asa cebu.. eh ang dalang kasing magparamdam, khet ako tuloy nakakalimutan ko paminsan.. *wapaks momi*
basta.. ayan.. i'm saying here sa aking journal for all the world to see.. (err..este read).. i love my momi! :รพ

System Time: 4:47 PM
.. now waiting for 6.. haaay.. tagal..

System Time: 5:55 PM
...nyek..dito si Ma'am Malou sa tabi namen kanina.. gwabe.. mega panggap uh.. anywayz.. she just asked when i'll finish.. actually, tapos na e.. pero told her bukas.. she seemed satisfied with my answer so pwede na yun..
ayun.. sige.. paalam na! hintay na lng ako 6.. babuu!


Friday, March 14, 2003

System Time: 9:47 AM
...gud mawnin! ^_^ .. am in a good mood today because of the ff. reasons:
1. had a good night's sleep
2. it's Friday today! woohoo
3. was able to bring my eyeglasses (to lessen my "afternoon" headache)
4. have new workload (no more pagpapanggap)
5. did i mention that it's a Friday today? hehe

System Time: 10:44 AM
..ok, ok.. so tinatamad ako ngayun.. hehe! don't know what's wrong with me.. at first i was complaining that i had nothing to do.. now that i AM assigned to do something.. tinatamad naman ako! hmm.. friday kasi e! (eh? lolz.)

System Time: 3:42 PM
...ei.. there's so muuuch food in the pantry.. it's Sir Lainez' (the big boss) Birthday.. sabi nila dami daw beer din.. pero ala puh ko nakikita e! lolz. yoko na, uwi na lng ako kung wala hehe..

System Time: 4:00 PM
..hayy. still an hour to go..

System Time: 4:57 PM
..bwehehe.. bumilis yung oras!? hmm.. toma taym! babayyyy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

System Time: 8:48 AM
..mawnin.. had a very restless night.. i had a series of dreams.. some of which, i have completely forgotten.. some i could remember.. but only bits and pieces.. haay..

..can't help but feel bad.. i know i shouldn't be sorry but i am.. haaay momi.. para ka kasing kabute.. pasulpot sulpot na lang pag gusto mo.. basta remember this.. i do keep my promises.. and everything i've told you is true.. i am waiting for you.. hope you know and appreciate how much effort i've done just so our relationship would work.. i think it's time for YOu to do the same.. mababaw naman ako e.. just try to keep in touch.. be consistent.. 'di yung bigla kang maglalaho na parang bula.. kung once in 3 months.. edi ganon nga sana.. yung tipong meh maeexpect ako sayo in that span of time.. dali-dali kong icontact..snail mail, email, gb..di tulad ikaw.. di ko alam kung san kita hahagilapin.. don't say that i've won.. are we competing? naglalaro buh tayo? i would never intentionally hurt you.. think you should know that by now..
..haaaaaaaaaaay buhay.

System Time: 1:12 PM
..just when i thought i couldn't feel any worse.. fuck this life..
..well that was quick.. was over before it even really started..


System Time: 1:29 PM
.. i need a hug. -_-

System Time: 1:47 PM
..currently listening to Smoke by Natalie I.

.. my mouth is dry.. forgot how to cry.. what's up with that.. your hurting me...
i'm running fast.. can't hide the past.. what's up with that.. your pushing me...

System Time: 5:14 PM
.. had one of those meetings again.. lasted for more than 2 hours.. at least got my mind focused on other things.. going to watch Nemesis later with my sister..i'm not a Star Trek fan, but she is.. la atang mahanap na makakasama kaya ako pinilit.. told her dapat libre para samahan ko sya.. hehe.. libre nga!

System Time: 5:45 PM
..just waiting again for 6 pm.. movie time's on 6:30 pm.. but we're going to watch in Greenbelt3 so i hafto leave exactly on 6 pm for me not to be late..

..will post this blog now.. bye all

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

ikaw ngaaaa..

momi... read mo message ko sa kabilang site..
System Time: 8:15 AM
..gud mawnin.. am still so sleypi. -_- my body feels as if it's not connected with my brain.. just typing this entails a LOT of effort from me..
..hay.. hope we'll have one of those meetings again so that they'll give us some new workload.. i didn't do ANYTHING yesterday.. imagine.. doing nothing for 8 fucking hours.. at least i still had a PC in front of me.. *remembers Ate cha's story, lol*


...guess my journal isn't really a journal.. i don't tell everything that's happening in my life here.. primarily because it's uploaded in my site for everyone to see..especially now..all i can say is that i'm happy and that's enough..what i'm doing is probably wrong in other people's point of view.. all i can say is.. fuck off! haha. juk onleh...actually, there's only one person who knows the whole story and i greatly appreciate her patience and pagkukunsinti hehe..seriously, i know what i'm doing and i know that i'm responsible for whatever consequences my actions might bring about..i'm actually preparing for it.. 'cause i know that every good thing must come to an end.. i just hope and pray that i'll be ready when that time comes..

..i wanna reach out and feel you beside me..
take you in my arms right now..
scream "i love you" right out loud..
someday i'll pray, that i find the strength..
to turn to you and say.....

... If i was the one who was loving you,
the only tears you'll cry will be tears of joy..
and if i was by your side..
you'll never know one lonely night..
and if it was my arms you were running to..
i'd give you loving in these arms of mine..
if i was the one.. in your life..

System Time: 9:45 AM
..still not doing anything.. this is gonna be one loooooooong day..

..ei, a thought just occured to me.. i'll be able to continue doing my book! remember my chat-inspired-logs book? hehe..think i momentarily forgotten about it (so what else is new? lolz).. well.. there was my tito's interment.. my ps2.. my errr *sekwet*.. hafto remember to bring my initial chapters tomorrow so i could resume my secret ambition of becoming a writer.. lol! woo-hoo!

System Time: 2:31 PM
..success! hehe. nope.. ndi ako nagjebs.. lolz.. can now successfully convert UTC to Local Date and vice versa.. finally understood that fucking SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime.. anywayz.. still have one more module to make..

System Time: 5:24 PM
..finished my self-assigned work load.. though am not sure if some of my codes will pass the "programming standards for VB"..

If eFormat = DTwithTime Then
sDTtemp = UTCToLT
sDTtemp = Left(sDTtemp, Len(sDTtemp) - 6) + " " + Right(sDTtemp, 2)
UTCToLT = sDTtemp
End If

..that code in particular..dunno if i should have used the SplitEx function.. hmmm..

..anywayz.. just waiting for log out time.. bye all!
My blog yesterday, March 10, 2003

System Time: 9:59 AM
.. actually, my system time's kinda advanced.. still have about 6 mins or more 'til break time..
..i wished for a busy week...isn't granted yet.. haay.. just hate when they don't give us anything to do.. it's soooo hard to pretend that you're doing something work related.. plus,.. what would i put on my project time sheet? i could see it already...

8:00 - 8:30 AM
listened to mp3
stared at my monitor
8:30 - 9:00 AM
listened to Rex Navarete
9:00 - 9:30 AM
opened my VB program
copied some public modules
listened to mp3
9:30 - 10:00 AM
stared at my monitor
listened to mp3

wow.. busy, eh?

..yes..yosi break..

System Time: 10:48 AM
... currently listening to Daft Punk.. One more time.. more timeeeeeee.. (sway sway sa utak lolz)

System Time: 11:36 AM
..okey.. my eyess are geyting heyvy.. i'm geyting sleypiiii.. lolz.. fucking PC monitor must have a curse.. a whoever-looks-at-the-monitor-falls-in-deep-stupor curse..

System Time: 1:28 PM
..ei office people are freaking out.. think some terminals lost their power supply.. sayang.. sana kami rin HEHE.. rin palang server..yeish! ayy.. awww pala.. *tries hard to make a sad face*

..ayyy.. *is truly bummed* ..forgot that i connect to the server for my MSDN.. can't get the tzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime structure without it.. (ano daw!? lolz)

..hmm.. think i'm getting dizzy.. though i don't know exactly why... >_<

System Time: 2:46 PM
...still NOT doing anything.. waaah.. anywayz.. they said that we're gonna be moved to a different workstation.. presently, our workstations are in the middle of the office (well, sort of..) so it's doubly hard to pretend that i'm actually doing something 'cause anyone who passes by sees what's on my monitor.. the new workstations are more discreetly positioned..

System Time: 3:19 PM
.. dunno if it's good news or bad news.. but the server's up and running again.. no more excuse in doing my module

System Time: 5:01 PM
..gaah.. Local time, System Time, UTC.. waaah.. currently studying their differences.. think the more i read about them.. the more confused i get...i'm assigned to the different Date/Time functions.. conversion to UTC time..etc..etc.. anything that has a DATE on it..

System Time: 6:10 PM
..gtg.. bye all!

Sunday, March 09, 2003

...whewww.. i FINALLY found a PS2 game that could be played with a dance pad.. bought a dance pad last friday (after watching the movie with Eboy.. which was soooooo scary BTW.. scarier than Ring 1).. was excited to try it at home but unfortunately.. the ps1 game wouldn't load on my ps2 console.. demmit...the next day, went to the nearest mall (sta. lu) and looked for DDR dvd.. but they only had the ps1 version.. anywayz.. to make a long story short, my console wouldn't DETECT any ps1 game so i had to find a DDR for ps2.. but i couldn't find one ANYwhere.. but i did find a Britney Spears' Dance Beat Game... HAHAHAHAHA.. was better than nothing.. actually.. it was fun though i suckkkked at it.. they say practice makes perfect.. but in my case, i think the more i practice.. the lousier i get.. i swear.. must be the fatigue factor (HEHE)...

..i had a good weekend... aside from my DDR-trying-hard-moves.. i also got to practice my driving skills.. my dad allowed me to drive the pathfinder yesterday... think i'm even improving.. HEHE.. i only got yelled at a couple of times.. (my all time high was 7.. i counted, really) ... gusto kongggg matutongggg magdriveeeeeeeee.. hay.. actually.. di ko mashado gusto.. kasi gagawin lang akong family driver hehe.. my sister's still in indonesia.. (ate ging).. think she's gonna stay there for almost a year.. so that leaves my dad as the ONE and ONLY designated driver.. so i really need to learn in case my dad's not available or something..

..was at the Philippine Heart Center just this afternoon... my classmate Jane has a hole in her heart and is scheduled to be operated tomorrow.. my prayers for her and best of luck..

..hay.. work day tomorrow.. wishing for a busy week with lots of work load... (be careful what you wish for.... hehehe)

bye all! *mwah*

PS: my mom's getting addicted to Gran Turismo.. HEHE.. pat-ay.. meh kaagaw nuh ako sa PS2 haha

Friday, March 07, 2003

System Time: 1:35 PM
.. currently listening to Rex Navarete.. its sooo hard to keep myself from laughing out loud.. my shoulders keep on shaking.. don't want to be caught..

System Time: 2:10 PM
.. waah just heard the news.. ipagbabawal na daw mp3.. waaaaaah.. yaw daw ni Ma'am Q (supervisor) nakikinig sa mp3 while working.. nyeeeeekkss.. suckssss... :( kainish naman
.. waaaahhh.. NO MUSIC? sucksssssss.. kainish talaga!! eh pagkasabi.. ayaw daw nakikinig pagnagwowork.. ibig sabihin khet ndi mp3 bawal na.. khet transistor radyo puh.. kainishhhhhhhhh waaaaaahhh!
totally sucks! waah.. naiinish tlga ako.. hahaayy..

System Time: 4:53 PM
.. just a few minutes before logout.. gonna watch Ring 2 with Eboy.. anytime i have to watch a scary movie.. Eboy MUST be the one i'm going with.. we're scary-movie buddies.. hehe ..anywayz.. hope i'll still be able to sleep later.. hehe..

will post this blog now..
wow. nakakapost ako sa blog ko, real time! hehe
..later muna.. bago mahuli..
System Time: 8:43 AM
.. gud mawwwwninn! TGIF!!! i just love fridays because i get to wear jeans and a baby tee.. much more comfortable than my usual slacks and office attire... we're scheduled for another meeting later this afternoon..dunno what i'm going to do till then..
System Time: 9:11 AM
.. listening to John Mayer songs.. never get tired of his songs.. even after his songs are played on pop stations.. it doesn't bother me.. 'cause he deserves to be on the mainstream and be known as a super talented musician.. i want to buy his cd (any given thursday).. problem is, i don't have the money hahahA.. i'm planning on buying a PS2 gun so i'm saving up for that.. (anoo, laro na naman?) plus.. i'm still paying my dad for my PS2 and cable (monthly).. kaya dapat tipid.. (yeah right).. have been briefly reading ate charol's blog.. copied it to a notepad so that i'll be able to read it more freely without the fear of being caught surfing the net.. hehe.. waaaah ate chaa.. aymisyu..
.. it's kinda weird to think that one of my closest friends is someone that i have never even met.. but ate charol has been my kwento buddy.. she knows everything that's
happening in my life.. (even my deepest.. darkest.. over-sa-katangahan secrets..LoL!) .. not even my kabarkada here in the Philippines know some stories that i've been telling her.. maybe it's because.. as she says.. "let's rock the boat"!! lolz.. we seem to experience the same fucking cycle in this so-called madir fucking lablayp.. (oha bitter na ata ako haha)..

anywayz.. i don't know if she knows how much i appreciate all the times that she've listened (eh-em.. read) to my escapades, my troubles.. or just simple small
talk that doesn't seem "small" when she's the one listening to them.. kaya.. kung nagbabasa ka puh ng blog ko ate cha.. ilabyu 4ever and aymisyu and THANKYOUUUUUU!

>:D< (hahaha alam mo na kung ano yan!)

(gagawin ko yung kiss kaya lng di ko alam kung pano! kiniclick ko lng yun e haha)

*mwaaaah* ayan na lng!
My blog yesterday, March 6, 2003:

System Time: 11:43 AM
..had a meeting with Ma'am Malou and Ma'am Violy again.. still about the class modules given to lasted for more than 2 hours.. (no 10 am break huhu)

System Time: 5:02 PM
...spent most of the day creating a list for date functions we need in the project.. actually, my next week's activities will be based on this list so i'm sort of cheating and making it short.. hehe..

System Time: 5:41 PM
.. not doing anything (again).. just waiting for 6 pm..


Thursday, March 06, 2003

My blog yesterday, March 5, 2003:

System Time: 8:56 AM
..i'm baaaaaaaaaaack. back to the windows environment.. hello notepad, hello VB and most importantly.. helloooooww mp3s!!! lolz.

..VB project has started officially.. and am now receiving additional incentive for project involvement.. woo-hoo!

..Ma'am Marlyn just said that there's going to be a mass later at 12's Ash Wednesday today and i almost got late because my mom cooked longanisa for my baon.. hehe.. was a good thing that my dad reminded her, she cooked some shrimps for me and i had to wait for another 15 minutes for that.. dad had to drive me to the office himself just to make sure that i'll be on time..

System Time: 11:00 AM
..ok.. i'm not doing ANYthing.. just hate it when they give us something to do with no deadline.. we all finished yesterday and we are in desperate need for something new to do..

System Time: 11:28 AM
.. staring at my monitor.. (again) .. think i'm starting to get hungry.. hafto change p3s.. still have my old set in this workstation.. chipper brought a cd mp3 but has not yet finished copying them to our PCs..

System Time: 4:52 PM
..was called in a meeting to explain the class modules that were assigned to us.. not yet close to finishing it..

System Time: 6:15 PM
.. OT na toh! haha.. gtg bye!

Sunday, March 02, 2003

i feel like shit.

so what else is new in this madir-paking-layp.

i just want to be happy. is that too much to ask? why do i keep on making the wrong decisions? why do i always make myself miserable? why do i always get involved with the wrong persons? .. he's either too far from me..too young for me.. married for pity's sake.. too insecure.. too afraid.. or am i just so priking gullible.. how can i be so naive? i'm not a kid anymore.. but i feel so childish with all my rantings and emotional distress.. isn't it my turn to be happy? when will that happen..

i'm alright... it only hurts when i breathe