Wednesday, September 25, 2002

System Time: 10:45 AM
...i need new p3s!.. presently listening (for the nth time) Under the Bridge by RHCP.. katamad gumawa ng documentation.. as innnnn.. still have 4 reports to document...hmmmmm
System Time: 11:15 AM
..still not continuing the documentation.. (A-Y-O-K-O LOL!).. as if i've got a choice.. i'll do it later...
..eboy just texted me.. she said she was asked to do a program and the input was "FACMASTER".. LOL!!! they couldn't say it out loud and had to pronounce it as F-A-C master..
System Time: 2:46 PM
....waaahhh kakatulog na naman ako...anoo buuhhhhh.. nag sisleep-copy-pasting ako.. wahaha!
System Time: 4:42 PM
... semi-pinagalitan kami ng supervisor namin.. hehehe..we were asked to device a plan on how to make some tasks easier to do.. guess we didn't completely understand her instructions and we jumped the gun and got lost in the details that we weren't able to present anything...we were supposed to present something today.. kakahiya tuloy... anyways, we'll just hafta charge this to 'experience' and hope that we'll learn from our mistake.. (blah blah blah).. System Time: 6:09 PM
gtg bye!!

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