Thursday, September 05, 2002

System Time: 11:38 AM
..okay, okay, so i'm getting sleepy again..

turns out that we had to program a certain module again 'cause we misunderstood the requirements... (hmpft.. i asked her 3 times, still, she gave me the wrong answer) well, at least we had something to do this morning..

...ei it's Chipper (a.k.a olats) beerday today!.. hapi bertdei!.. i'm gonna waste (hehe) my money today 'cause we'll be joining Chipper in treating our officemates (sort of a tradition for new batches).. but since it's also his birthday, his contribution is twice as much as ours (:þ) ... good thing my birthday's still on November... i'm gonna buy ice kwim (yum-yum), Froi bought kakanin stuff, Chipper the pancit and Koji the coke man (plus utensils, plates etc).. /me is excited

System Time: 2:06 PM
-_- dozed off for a while... tsk tsk

presently listening to All the Love in the World by The Corrs
...i'm not looking for someone to talk to..i've got my friends, i'm more than okay.. i've got more than a girl could wish for.. i live my dreams, but its not all the same...

/me sighs.. the song says it all...

... he still calls me, you know.. the week that we didn't talk, he was calling our house but i was always out.. i try not to think 'bout him that much... that's why i'm pouring all my idle time in the fan site.. anywayz, he usually calls me to ask for help or if he has some question (that he thinks i could answer)..which is perfectly all right, i would do the same for my friends.. (try to help them, that is).. most of the time, he doesn't let me help him directly.. like making his project, perce but just asks a bunch of questions 'bout swish, or uploading sites, etc.. and he keeps on calling me "ate" that i'm starting to think of him as my younger brother.. LOL i feel old when i'm talking to him so that's not a good thing, right?

wonder who'll make me feel young again... am not THAT old, mind you.. but you know what i mean... someone who'll make me absurdly giddy that i'll feel like i'm back in my elementary days again..

..think my sluggishness has affected my brain.. gaaaaH i still feel so sleepy -_-

System Time: 5:25 PM

/me burps out loud

SaYa! we had pancit malabon, sapin², ice cream and Coke.. i didn't even smoke after, just to celebrate the fullness of my stomach lol.. i've been basically eating all day.. Koji noticed that my hands are usually under the desk..he said : "kumakain na naman 'toh".. eating btw helps me overcome my sleepiness.. :þ (a large dose of sugar is more effective than caffeine.. )

System Time: 6:08 PM
..watdapak am i still doing here at the office.. gtg bye!

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