Thursday, August 29, 2002

just got home...

small world sobra.. Koji knows my friend Lara... la lang.. hehe

gotta eat bye
System Time: 9:20 AM
...mawnin all!.. i feel a little more alive now.. had coffee and lucky-me supreme LoL.. hmm...

presently listening to RHCP- Soul to Squeeze..
...where i go i just don't know.. i've got to gotta gotta take it slow...when i'll find my peace of mind.. i'm gonna give blah blah timeeee

..don't think we'll be given a new module today.. so i expect this to be one LONG day...

last night, i must have browsed over 10 web hosting sites... signed up at 3 different hosts.. i don't know why i'm already looking for a host when i haven't even started making the first page.. Johnell gave me a very nice site that compares hosting sites.. sabi nga nya.. OK na OK na OK dyan.. (OK nga! LoL!) ... i plan to really concentrate on the fan site this weekend.. i'm so hyped up in this "project" that's why i'm so unorganized.. that's what i tend to become when i'm excited..all these ideas pop up that i don't know where to start.. getting a free host, free forums, making jpegs, surfing for free images, nice fan sites and other james blanco stuff, buying jologs magazines..etc wahhaha.. of course, i asked some of my friends to help me.. (especially Irvie... our plan is for her to do the research while i make the site..) Plus, i think i really need to improve my Photoshop skills.. actually, my so-called skills are bordering on "non-existent" so what i mean to say is i need to LEARN how to use Photoshop and go beyond cropping images (lol)..

System Time: 11:13 AM
..remember the Video system that i was making? i used the same user controls that they created here in the office... so when they upgraded it, i forgot to reflect the changes they made to my Video system so i got a LOT of errors when i tried running it.. most of them are okay now,.. i'll probably continue the data reports after lunch..

System Time: 1:38 PM
/me yawns.. naduduling na ako dahil sa antok :þ

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

System Time: 1:16 PM
...Hi all!.. was finally given another module to work on.. haven't yet finished it...

...nasira headphones ko huhuhu.. napigtas ko LoL! jologs kasi demmit.. bought this very cheap headphones (mas jologs puh sa jologs?) just to suffice my need for music... the reason why i'm blogging and not doing the new module is that i'm at a complete loss; (without an answer, wedged, stucked.. ano pa buh.. stumped!) gaaaaaH.. don't know how to do this particular form requirement...

/me stares at breakpoint

...brought a soft copy of Return of the King.. another way to kill time if ever another "lull" occurs in our schedule... (or when i'm stuck with a program, like today :þ)

..hay.. magbabasa na nga lang muna ako..

System Time: 3:11 PM
.. turns out that what i've been doing is correct.. so now i'm finished with the module... continued reading LOTR.. (think i'm getting sleepier by the minute.. zZzzzzzZ)

System Time: 4:06 PM
...nuninuni-nuninuninuninu *twiddles thumbs*

System Time: 5:32 PM
..has been pretending for an hour...(puts on the programmer-at-work face) /me squints on monitor.. presses F8..debug..debug.. squints again.. takes a peak at system time..demmit, hasn't moved.. LoL LAST Eboy texted me.. la lang..haven't heard from her for a while...any sign of LIFE is greatly appreciated

..speaking of non-communicating (endangered) friends... still haven't heard from PC.. i don't know what i've been expecting but i'm sure it isn't this,.. NOTHINGNESS (?)... life really is unfair... it has always been easier for other people to forget about me than i do to them.. ERGO: i'm such a forgettable person ... hayy paksowatnangalang!

before i get carried away in this depressing topic.. /me peeks at System Time.. yeeeeeishhh 5:55 PM.. i plan to leave at exactly 6 PM... la lang.. think i'm getting dizzy staring at my monitor..

bye bye byeee

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

went out with my opismeyts.. billiards kami.. (bano talaga ako hehe)

will delete some e-mail.. e-mail my sister.. blah blah..then tuloy na tulog.. nite all!
System Time: 8:21 AM
..wasn't late today..had to make my own version of the 50-meter dash, though... punched in at 7:57 am.. (Yes!) with 3 minutes to spare.. :p

System Time: 1:29 pm
...pretended the whole morning..i feel so..bobo LoL.. mainly because it was my batchmates who discussed the solutions to the problems given to us.. (main reason of course is, I DIDN'T contribute anything hehe)

presently listening to the Corrs - Love Gives Love Takes:

just when i thought i was safe..
you found me in my hiding place..
i promised never again, i wouldn't give my heart, but then...

closer, closer i moved near you
the way i want you makes me fear you

love breaks and love divides
love laughs and love can make you cry
i can't believe the ways
that love can give and love can take away

i find it hard to explain
it's crazy but its happening..
and i'm falling again..
much farther than i've ever been..

i've fallen deeper than the ocean..
i'm lost in this emotion

/me sighs.. i think The Corrs makes the best love songs!

..i'm gonna stare at somebody else's monitor now.. :p

System Time: 3:18 PM
PAK m so sleypi.. -_-

System Time: 4:48 PM
...just got my caffeine and nicotine doses.. hehe.. now i feel like i wanna.. (you know.. LOL).. hope i could continue scanning when i get home so that i could start making the "class libraries" section..
...Koji has been teaching me the logic of his Resizing procedure.. VB sucks.. i mean, if we were using Delphi, auto-resizing would just be a form VB we're coding it step by step... succcccccccckkksssss

..waah my ebil sis texted me and said that she'll use the PC (again!).. gaaaaaaaaahh di pwedeeeee demmit (syempre la na naman akong say)


pak.. i'm having a text debate with my sister.. EBILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tlga bwiset

System Time: 5:36 PM
...has been staring at my monitor for uhh 15 minutes..
just waiting for 6 pm..

System Time: 6:11 pm <------- YAHOOO GTG BABAY!

Monday, August 26, 2002

System Time: 8:17 AM
..demmit. was late again. punched in at 8:07 am. huhuhu

..its just another manic mondayyyyyyyyyyy..

good news bad news time!!

good news: was able to get my clearance last saturday and receive my last payroll

bad news: was in CHECK so i asked ate Eden if she could deposit it to my account today

good news: amount received was BIGGER than expected

bad news: has no more excuse in paying my dad (i owe him for paying my overdue globe plan hehe)

good news: bought a scanner yesterday!!

bad news: i thought scanners were cheap! was only expecting a price range of 1,500-2,000 BWAHAHA ehhhhhhh i tot i tot..!

good news: my sister leaves today and i'm roommate free!

bad news: she took most of her stuff..i wont be able to use them while she's away! LOL!

good news: i scanned the night away :p

bad news: today is a working day :( (may connection yan! i couldn't continue scanning today because of work :p)

good news: i was able to buy this super jologs magazine with james blanco on the cover hihihi

bad news: when i scanned his picture it showed some pixels (? .. actually i'm not sure what it is) so the picture wasn't clear..but its passable

good news: irvie was able to buy another magazine!

bad news: its still with her!

good news: have started making a fan site for james blanco hIhIHi

bad news: project will be put on hold because i'll try to finish the "class libraries" section of my HP

good news: my site will soon contain pictures! Yeheyyy!

bad news: fafa james' site will be put on hold (hehe inulit ko lang)

hehe.. the good news still outweighs the bad news, right? i don't usually look for the negative stuff in every situation.. it's a MONDAY so pleeease excuse me for my outlandish propensities.

System Time: 9:17 AM (exactly an hour passed)

waaaaaah just realized that i didn't bring a diskette hUHuhuhu.. i don't know what i'll do with this blog.. perhaps one of my batchmates brought one that i could borrow..

/me stares at monitor

watdapak are my batchmates doing.. i mean..i think we're all just doing stuff to kill time but sometimes they get so serious on what they're doing that they forget that its break time! and i have to convince one of them (all i have to do is make one stand up..and the rest will follow.. like a CULT :p) to stop and take a breather...

System Time: 9:42 AM ...ouuuuuuuchh.. just corrected the Date on my watch.. was 2 days late... so i rotated the dialer(?) for i think, at least 5 minutes... talk about having nothing to do.. LoL!

gaaaaaaH.. all i want to do is finish my HP and my fan site.. is really the disadvantage of working.. can't do my Web stuff.. i'm such a frustrated Web developer (lol).. but i guess its best to develop my software programming "skills" with web developing as just my hobby...

just got a call from ate Eden (info's payroll-er) on my cell.. seems that the reason why the check wasn't yet in cashed was because the computation was wrong! (awwwwwwww i knew it was TOO good to be true).. was lessened by 2000 bucks..anywayz.. it's still bigger than the amount i expected.. sayang lang talaga hehe!

..presently listening to Mase - Feels so Good.. was tired of listening to the same p3s so i copied Chipper's Soul'd Out mp3s..

/me stares at my monitor again

LUNCH TIME! (12:10 pm) gotta rouse up my batchmates.. later!

System Time: 2:58 PM
woah.. my head hurts *_*
think this could be attributed to the fact that it's cold in the office but hot when we went out for lunch...(eh?) basta yun na yun.. waahh tsakit -_- i could actually feel the veins throbbing in my head..

System Time: 5:13 PM

toungeeenaaaa hirap magpanggap! lalo na pag masakit ang ulo /me pukpok ulo sa mesa

waaah pak haaaaangbagalngorassssssss!

yeHey! Koji lent me his diskette...i think i better transfer my blogs to MSWord.. so that i could password-protect it.. wouldn't want anybody else reading this (especially the network admins hehe)

System Time: 5:58 pm
...transferred all my blogs to MS Word.. is now safely protected.. (kuno) ei i'm logging out.. bye all!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

hayyyy just got home from the event

as expected i got the "TANG-ina mo sissssssssss nagpakita ka!!" and the "who? di kita nakikita".. "PI CHapter?" LOL! hahaaaay.. but it was okay 'cause i got to see most of my batchmates again...i can't remember when i last saw them.. i left at around 9:30 pm... i even met a chartered member (the pioneers)!
they say that this year was the biggest turnout so far..( i wouldn't know.. it was my first time.. :p) i must have shook hands more than 50 times.. Ma'am Belle was there, of course... she's really the main reason why i went... but no regrets ... i'm happy that i saw them again and met my brads and sis..from batch 60s to 2002!


/me sleeping time nite ^_^

Friday, August 23, 2002

System Time: 4:05 pm
/me strets strets sa upuan

..wahaha ayan reklamo kasi ng reklamo na walang ginagawa binigyan tuloy kami.. mula pa kahapon, nagpoprogram epek ako para makasunod sa mga bagong requirements.. ngayon ko lang na "semi" tapos kaya ngayon ko lang ding naisipang magsulat ng blog.. lapit na uwian TGIF!
..kahapon nga pala umalis ako kasama ng barkada..pinakilala sa amin ni harbie ang kanyang "nakaraan" (at kasalukuyan na rin sana!! hehe) na si Alfredowww.. (with a slang)..pumunta kaming Eastwood at nilibre ni Harbie.. (yahoo TakaYama!)
..syempre yosi kami ni Ria..tapos chika chika 4ever nila Roni, Harbie, Anshe (TP!) .. ang saya! kaming 5 nga lang pala.. (sa barkada) dahil ewan ko buh keh Eboy, hindi na naman pumunta (bwahah purkit andun ako ano.. nagfeeling nako :p).. grabe si Roni.. pinagpaalam ako sa bahay! hindi ko nga alam na pinagpa-alam ako.. sinabi lang sakin ni Ria na yun ang balak ni Roni pero di ko akalaing gagawin nya talaga..kaya akong gumimik hehe.. (SALAMAT NG MARAMI RONI! *MWAH*)
..SYEMPRE ang 10:00 na sinabi kong uuwi na ako eh naging 12 a.m... buti na lang hinatid ako nila Harbie..balak nila talaga pumunta pang Kelly Heights (or kung san man meh overlooking sa antipolo).. eh nung dumating na sa bahay namen.. naaliw ang mga loka sa beads ng kapatid ko.. at yun nagsiupuan dun at gumawa ng mga necklace at bracelet LOL! hehe katuwa nga e..kasi ang tagal ko na ring walang bisita sa bahay.. tapos gising puh si momi nung dumating kami kaya chika chika nila rin siya.. syempre pinagmalaki ko rin ang bago naming TV (hahahaha) at pirated DVD collection (:p)..basta ang saya! tagal na rin kasi naming hindi nagkikita kita.. (sila mga college barkada ko).. lalo na si harbie.. di na nga namin maisip kung kelan kami last nagkita..
uyyyyyyyyyy ang sweet ni Harbie at Alfredowwww..(/me kanta.. mulinggg ibalik ang tamisss ng pag-ibiggg YIKITUWWWWW!!) ..PRAMIS.. ngayon ko lang nakita si Harbie na kinikilig HAHAHAH...
..ngayon pala gagabihin na naman akong pag-uwi kase Anniversary ng PI chapter (APO) at pupunta ako..(hihiya talaga ako keh Ma'am Belle, e).. pero balak ko rin umalis ng mga 9 pm para 10 asa bahay na ako.. at mahirap ng mapagalitan.. ^_^

.. isa lang masasabi ko.. ang SAGWA talaga pag nagsusulat ako ng blog na tagalog.. pakiramdam ko parang article sa Xerex ang dating!

chet 4:39 pm palang.. 5:00 uwian ko pag friday e..hay gusto ko pa namang umuwi ng maaga ngayon.. :(
yung kapatid ko nga pala (si ate Ging) pupunta sa Malaysia sa Monday! isang buwan sya dun.. kanina ko lang nalaman.. yeheyyy isang buwan akong walang roommate! hehehehe (sama ko buh?..) yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (wala na.. o.a. na)
hay..kinakabahan na naman ako.. makikita ko na naman yung mga brads at sis ko.. okay lang yung mga residente e.. (syempre mas matanda kasi ako hehe) pero yung mga alumni (lalo na yung soro)..kakakaba lang.. kasi syempre di maiiwasan yung mga tanong tanong na "bakit ndi na ako active..blah blah" .. ewan ko buh..khet gustohin kong maging active eh lagi namang weekend ang mga services namin.. or kung weekday naman laging gabi.. eh ako puh putik.. ngayon nga lang siguradong papagalitan ako kasi 2 beses na magkasunod akong gagabihin.. fatay
ano buh yannnnn 4:51 pm pa lang..feeling ko dakdak na akong ng dakdak dito di man lang umaandar ang oras.. bilis ko kasi magtype ngayon..di kasi ako nagiisip ng itatype kasi madaming kwento tsaka tagalog..di na ako nagiisip ng grammar ko hahaha
hay nagsasawa na ako mga mp3 ko dito.. paulit ulit nuh.. di puh madadala ng kapatid ko yung CD-RW nila sa office kasi gagamitin daw bukas..huhuhu.. mapapabili na naman ako nito.. (wahhh Gastos!) ay ay ay! isa pa palang good news.. makukuha ko na last payroll ko sa Infostructure...cleared na daw ako e..(hurrah!) bukas ko daw kunin sabi ni Ate Eden..kaya bukas ng umaga pupunta akong Makati.. ang aga nga e.. mga 9 daw.. pero baka mga 10 na rin ako pumunta..di naman siguro siya uuwi kagad..

ay 5:00 pm na..pero di puh ako uuwi.. ewan ko kung sasabay ako keh ma'am belle papunta dun sa Apo event.. sa cubao lang naman e.. pero baka mahuli akong nagpapanggap lang dito hehe kaya babay na muna..

/me save sa diskette para i-paste na lang mamaya..

System Time: 5:32 pm
waaaaaaaaH ..umalis na mga kabatch ko.. andito parin ako.. eh hindi ko mahanap si Ma'am Belle.. nyeks..pano ako pupunta dun.. hmmm
ayy tumawag ako keh joy (sis batchmate)..magkikita na lang kami sa cubao.. hehe.. alis na ako dito iniwan na kao ng mga tao.. babay! goodluck to me!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

System Time: 8:18 AM
mawnin all! demmit.. was momentarily using the internet when i got this "Access to website is restricted" message ek ek on my browser... ok so bawal talaga maginternet pak LoL

System Time: 10:49 AM
..still haven't given us a new module so i continued doing this Video System thing..gosh,ang dami pang errors! hu-hum.. i brought my jologs headphones.. its longer than the non-jologs one.. (i can't even lean back with it).. have i told you why i call it jologs? 'cause some of the black coating are gone and you could already see the copper(?) wires..LOL...

presently listening to: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings (which happens to be my favorite SP song)

System Time: 11:05 AM
...stared at my monitor for about 15 minutes (LOL).. i'm so fucking sleeeeeeepy.. slept at around 12am.. woke up at 5:45 am.. actually, anytime before 12 am usually works for me.. (i mean i'm a normal, comprehensible, lucid person the next day)

presently listening to: Toad the Wet Sprocket- Fly from Heaven (which happens to be my favorite TtWS song)

my mind's not yet completely functioning... probably the reason why i can't solve the bugs in my Video program yet...maybe i could just stare on my monitor the whole day... :p
why do i get the feeling that this is gonna be one LONG blog?...

SYSTEM Time: 12:08 pm
whydapak am i still not eating? LoL.. will eat in a little while.. Ma'am Belle (or Sis) approached me and asked me about the upcoming APO anniversary ..wahahaha.. she told me to go with her (a subtle threat) if ever there'll be a happening.. not that i don't want to go.. its just that am not that active anymore in APO (she knows this.. probably the reason why she insists that i go) and you know how it is with these frats/soro..kakahiya kasi di na ako masyado nagpapakita..pero kakahiya ding ndi pumunta..(because of Ma'am Belle)..hmmm..will think about it more later (after we eat :p)

SYSTEM TIME: 3:14 pm
changed layout of my Form..(TSK..mortal sin in programming..) didn't realize that some of my code was form dependent.. wahaha.. *sapok sarili* .. reduced some of the bugs..but there are still soo many..

SYSTEM TIME: 5:22 pm
bwahahahahaha removed ALL (i think) bugs in my Video System.. woohoo!..

SYSTEM TIME: 6:08 pm
..finshed one data report..(just a simple listing).. gtg guys ...later

Tuesday, August 20, 2002


gwapo talaga ni fafa james blancooooooooooo

wala lang..tulog na ako!
System Time: 9:00 AM
mawnin /me stifles a Yawn...punched in at 7:44 am.. presently doing nothing.. they're checking our codes right this moment... (hmm...i'm sure they'll find bugs in mine.. no program is completely error-free, you know..)
i brought a non-jologs headphone.. but i think it's wire is even shorter than the other one...i shouldn't have left my jologs headphone at home.. baka magtampo yun LOL!

System Time: 9:44 AM
modified my code 'cause Froi (my batchmate) said we've done something that wasn't allowed...(in the template...)at first, it wasn't working.. then Chipper (my other batchmate) showed me the error of my ways (LOL!)... now i'm back doing nothing HeHe..
..just remembered what irvie texted to me last Sunday...guest daw si fafa james blanco (:p) sa Kool ka Lang.. that's on 9 pm today.. /me kelegs all over HAHAHA..hope i don't forget to watch it..
i'm not much of a TV person...i'd rather go online..i think the main reason is because i always forget what day it is...ergo, forgetting that the TV show i once watched and liked is on TV (eh?) basta yun na yun..

System Time: 10:34 AM
..presently listening to Hole-Violet
gooooooooo take everything , take everything, i want you to, goooooooo take everything, take everything, i dare you to


System Time: 1:17 PM
..just ate lunch (at jollibee as usual :blech).. we're still not doing anything...i'll try to do the Video Inventory System that I promised my sister...later

System Time: 5:54 PM
..almost time to go home.. i started making the Video System but it still has MANY least it gave me something to do.. i think we'll be given another module tomorrow.. so i'll just continue doing it when i have the free time...
..just found out that our PCs have internet connection already.. yahoooooo... eto na buh ang pagbabalik ni AsaWork? LOL!.. probably happen on the next month or so.. pa-good girl effect muna...

System Time: 6:08 pm
gtg byebye!!!

Monday, August 19, 2002

just got home... this is my blog from the office:

System Time: 3:02 pm already finished with assigned module (HurraH!).. was actually finished before lunch.. it was pretty easy.. just a matter of copying the template, changing variable names, adding a few more and voila.. a working Emissary (that's what they call the class module that connects the form to the server).. wish all of the project is as easy as this..
i am writing this blog on my notebook (nope, not my laptop.. as in notebook na low-tech LOL).. forgot to bring a disk..tsk².. my handwriting sucks.. hope i'll be able to decipher my own handwriting later hehe..

...presently listening to Indigo girls-Power of two
..cause we're okay... we're fine.. baby i'm here to stop your crying

TG4music and my jologs headphones!

....last night, i joined my sister make bracelets and necklaces which is actually a pretty cool hobby of hers 'cause i get to wear a different one almost everyday (plus) it's a very good conversation piece... i mean, people always ask me where i bought the bracelet/necklace that i was wearing.. and i'll say.. "ay hindi.. gawa ng kapatid ko..." *ding!* instant conversation topic hehehe...i made 4 bracelets and 4 necklaces (i think).. i made one for jj.. he called last night and i just asked him if he would like one.. he said.."color pink uh" ... as if! LOL! as if we would actually buy pink colored beads....

... why the fuck am i blabbing about stupid bracelets! LOL!

aaaaahh.. i think i remember why... it was because while making those bracelets/necklaces (watever), i was so engrossed in doing it that i lost track of time.. when i looked at our clock and saw 11:30 pm on it.. i suddenly felt this pain in my chest.. the same feeling that i always get when i become nervous/scared.. because i remembered that we'll be starting on the project proper the next day (which is today) and i still haven't even opened the sample module provided to us.. and now that i've finished the assigned module for this day, it now seems silly and preposterous... ^_^

being bored is way preferable than panicking and cramming on an unfinished module

YeHey! my favorite song.. drive by kiss...

..copied a whole block of mp3s to my local drive here.. ( a total of 806 MB which is almost 2 hundred songs).. my sister brought their company's external CD-ROM home last friday.. but i wasn't able to burn my mp3s last weekend so i'll probably be doing that when i get home.. (after i type this looong blog)

..gusto ko na umuwiiiiiiiiii.. my hand already hurts from writing this.. (obvious buh na di nuh ko sanay magsulat..if you could only see my handwriting LOL!)

System Time: 3:59 pm
killing time is sooooooooooo hard...
is that pizza i see?
break time!

System Time: 4:49 pm
... yep .. it was pizza... only ate a slice, though... (am still shy around my other officemates).. probably the best thing here at radix.. there's usually free food.. (read:nakakatipid)

System Time 5:45 pm (15 minutes before logging out YaHoo!)
... to kill time i renamed ALL the mp3s in my harddisk.. LOL... they used to have a filename like this:
13. Sick of Myself - Matthew Sweet
now its:
Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself
actually i'm not yet finished.. our supervisor is right behind me so i couldn't continue hehe.. so i'm pretending to be writing something meaningful (or at least work-related) on this notebook...will finish my renaming activity then log-out...that concludes another (boring?) day as a programmer.. hehehe..bye all!

Sunday, August 18, 2002

today was a good day because of the following reasons:
1. got to watch Kahit Kailan... (syempre #1 reason.. ang fogee talaga ni fafa james)
2. my dad bought a pirated dvd of Little Nicky (i like Adam Sandler)
3. watched Mr. Deeds (syempre pirated parin LOL)
4. talked to jj

i've decided to focus on the good things happening in my life... actually... this is usually how i deal with my problems.. looking for that silver's just that lately.. i've been having a hard time seeing the goodness in things...but i'm trying to change that and hopefully.. it'll work and help me become sane and rational again..

drat.. work na naman.. ooppss.. TG i'm not a bum... hehehe

gudnite everyone! sweet dreams ^_^

Saturday, August 17, 2002

super nice song... will probably be my favorite song for ahm... the next couple of months.. hehe

didn't freaking open the program.. (as usual)... was too lazy.. just chatted the whole day.. (well, almost.. i still ate, watched Unfaithful, watched Click LOL)

/me lets out a big YaWn

i was still contemplating (?) on whether to e-mail PC or not... but then i realized the futility and uselessness of my doing so.. i mean.. what would i write? Hello.. do you remember me? How are you doing? I wrote to check if you're still breathing?.... i don't think so!

haHAY! /me sings again..

and its wrong to think about forever... when you know it doesn' last..

nite all

Drive-By Kiss
The Damnbuilders

i still see the two of us together
when the winter wind blows cold
you can't get lost
as long as you remember
if you know where the highway goes

i may never find out where it is
but i might reach you with a drive-by kiss

and its wrong to think about forever
when you know it doesn't last
but if you try to run away from your memory
you can't ever drive too fast

you may never find out who it is
but i might reach you with a drive-by kiss

and it's a sad way to say hello
and if you sleep it off, will you let me know?

say good-bye but don't let me go

i may never find out where it is
but i might reach you with a drive-by kiss
and when i pass by where we used to live
say good-bye to part of me i miss
with a drive-by kiss

i didn't know it would come to this
i hope i can say what i never did
with a drive-by kiss

hay yoko na. demmit bakit ka naman naglaho. lammo yun.. kaw reason bat ako may blog...kung bakit ako may bagong site..

shit i should get a life.
Hi all...gud evening..

just got home (from arcade again...)
anywayz... on monday we'll start programming again... was a good thing i got the simple module (bunutan lang... mabait tlga si God hihihi).. since yesterday, we have been trying to understand the project template given to us... it's really hard cause when i program, i usually have my own style of doing it.. but because of the template.. we're forced to have almost uniform codes and work as a team... plus the template's pretty complicated... i promised myself to study it again this weekend... cause i can't really afford not keep up with my batchmates... and i don't want to look like i don't have a clue on what we're doing... ( short... ayokong maBISTO na ako'y nagpapanggap lang na marunong hehe)

tulog ko na lng toh..
bye all!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

YEHEYYYYY nakakita ako ng headphone.. para syang himala.. tumayo ako tas nakita ko yung lumang headphone sa taas ng TV.. ihihihi TenkyuLord!

takte.. sori pala at nagmura ako LOL!

babayyyyyy tulog na akoooooo YEHEY friday na bukas! YEHEY meh headphones na ako! babay!

toungeenaaaaaa kapatid kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

tinext ko na sya na dalhin yung headphones at ilagay na sa bag nya (iniiwan nya kasi sa office) tapos nagreply sya na "K" tapos tapos tapos TOUNGEEEENAAAAAAA ndi paren dala.. lam nyo yun... gusto kong SAPUKIN talaga..

okay.. so i'm acting like a spoiled brat .. demmit.. maybe i am one.. kasi sobrang NAIIRITA AKO NGAYON.. kasi naman buong pag-uwi ko yun lang ang inisip ko... na bukas masaya kasi makakakinig ako ng mp3 sa office.. tapos bumili puh ako ng mp3 na cd.. tapos tapos TANGINAAAAAAA talaga.. panira ng plano.. kabwiset

tapos etong kausap ko (na nawawala na ang pagkakras ko) sabi saken..."it's just a stupid headphone" OKI PAYN WATEVER! as if he would know HOW sleepy you could get sitting in front of a PC programming for 9 hours... and my only salvation is that STUPID headphone... dadagdag puh sa kabwisetan ko...

huhuhuh pinapakinggan ko binili kong mp3 cd (collection ng Contagion CDs) waaaah ganda ganda di ko mapapakinggan sa office... demmit

babay na nga

that was my blog yesterday.. still haven't checked eudoramail if it's already there so i just saved it in a diskette and brought it home...

also bought grocery stuff today... (yeY sweldo!) ..

ei i'll blog later.. just got home.. gotta eat..

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

my blog at office:

System Time in my PC: 10:49 am

wasn't late today (yeHey! "7:45 am" punch-in).. we left our house at 6:35 am... which i think SHOULD ALWAYS be strictly followed (especially by my evil sisters 'cause we leave the haus together)

still no sign of getting started with the project.. i guess it's okay...though time's so slow when you're doing nothing... (or in my case.. pretending to be doing something worthwhile)

momi signed my gb again... still didn't leave any contact number.. it's as if he doesn't want us to meet which completely confuses me, 'cause WHY wouldn't he? (except of course for the OBVIOUS reason that he doesn't REALLY want to see me)his e-mails/posts don't indicate that he doesn't...I just want to spend time with him again which is now more feasible being that he's here in manila... oh WELL...i guess he'll show up when he wants to...baka lang kasi umuwi na sya na hindi man lang kami nagkita :(

*nuni-nuninu-nuni-nuninu* la ko magawa...

/me stares at monitor

ei do you know the specs of the PC i'm using here at the office?
... Athlon 1.16 GHz lang naman... 128 RAM... 2 separate HD (10 GB and 20 GB).. WAAAhaha..
pag-uwi ko tuloy sa bahay tapos gagamit ng PC ko dun.. sobrang BAGAL talaga compared dito...
i just found out recently that there's a built-in sound card...i'd hafta remember to bring cd mp3s and a headphone...para masaya!
System Time in my PC: 11:31 AM pa lang!

still 30 minutes before lunch time... wahaha... i should be grateful actually, be doing nothing but still getting paid.. but all this idleness reminds me of my first few months at infoSTRUCTURE (sorry bout the quiz mistake..) i think i used the internet for a whole day...LOL! at least all PCs there are connected.. the PC i'm using here isn't... huhuhu... (nilipat na nga kasi kami dito sa mga bagong computers)

11:38 AM pa lang ulit! (umandar buh oras?)

magfo-Frontpage na lang ulit ako...

later guys

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 blog for two days?

actually i'm writing this at the office (on a notepad) 'cause it looks to me that i won't have much time to blog this evening mainly because i want to start this "web project" i have in mind.
i wasn't able to blog for the last couple of days because i was busy doing tin aka bubblegum a favor. i did a simple webpage for her (consists only of 5 pages.. its her project) which isn't really a problem for me EXCEPT she gave me only 2 days to do isn't even a full 24-hour day!.. i mean, she asked me on Saturday, gave me her info on Sunday morning .. but of course, my family and I usually go out on Sundays and we were only able to arrive home at around 10 pm...started doing it from scratch on 10:30 pm...and then finished the first page close to midnight...(arte ko puh kasi..gumawa puh ko graphics for roll-over buttons)

...continued doing it after i arrived at home (from work).. was about 8:00 pm (had to fight my sister for exclusive PC use) and finished the whole thing at around 11:30 pm...

this morning tin called me up on my cell saying that she couldn't open the file...after many failed attempts...she told me that it would be better if i just uploaded it... waaH...i could have uploaded it last night and saved me the trouble of having to ask (very nicely) my supervisor if i could "e-mail my father" (an e-mail emergency?) .. after giving me a stern look (and some hushed words to our network admin) she told me i could use the common PC...

so i opened her e-mail..downloaded my attachment...created her a brinkster account... uploaded them...(wasn't able to test it, though) all in 15 minutes (with my poor heart beating *doog doog doog* so loudly from fear of getting caught UPLOADING files and urging the webpage to load faster)


8:19 am huhuhuhu (/me anticipates red circle on punch-in)

.../me sings ala Carpenters..
Rainy days and mondays always get me downnnnn (duuuh Tuesday ngayon e!)

waHaha.. we're still not doing anything here at the office, we're finished with the training modules (tomorrow pa daw magsisimula yung project perce) so basically what i did the whole day was make a BASIC HTML tutorial (*secret cough*) for my (*secret cough*)...

my system time says: 5:54 pm (yaHooo)

they already gave us some documentation on the project that we're gonna be involved in.. i was like uhh... woaH.. (ano daw?../me reads again...and again..and again)..okay, okay... so i still haven't read it for the third time but i plan to later... while i was reading it (and trying my mightiest to actually understand it)... i got afraid all of a sudden i realized that all the pressure, difficulty will be doubled (or tripled)... nyak iskeyri... /me reads it again


Saturday, August 10, 2002

Theme song ko sa panahong ito:

Hopelessly Addicted
The Corrs

Opened my eyes today
And I knew there's something different
Saw you in a brand new way
Like the clouds had somehow lifted

And if yesterday I heard
Myself saying these words
I would swear it was a lie

I don't know why but suddenly I'm falling
Was I so blind
I was loving you all the time
Now I'm hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted

I'll make a wish this day
And I'll send it to the heavens
That we will always stay
Entwined like this forever
And though the world may change
Coz nothing stays the same
I know will survive

I don't know why but suddenly I'm falling
Was I so blind
I was loving you all the time
Now I'm hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted
Naturally we acted
Hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted
Chemically reacted
Naturally we acted

went to mon's today... he tried to help me install windows on my notebook but we couldn't figure out my cdrom's driver... huhuhuh

hayy.. syempre inindyan ako ni ano... ahh ewan yoko ng isipin

kala ko puh naman masaya araw ko na toh.. kita ko si tonton kaninang umaga sa sakayan bago ako umalis... everytime parin na nakikita ko yun... tutuwa parin ako.. bait kasi nun e... as in.. la kong masabi... ayun

hayyyyy naiinish parin ako

kasi naman anooooooo asa puh talaga ako.. demmit


Friday, August 09, 2002

i miss you when there's no reason, how much more if there is?

arrived home but found out that my parents went out.. so here i am.. home alone! (again)... hope they bring home some food..

wahaha.. a few minutes later...

okay, so they didn't bring food plus i forgot to make-saing haha demmit
anyway.. at last (hurrah!) my phone's not disconnected anymore but as soon as i copy the numbers on my sim.. i'll switch to the prepaid sim that i bought.. hehe!.. hafta save some money so i'm going prepaid... my mom and dad even went to greenhills 'cause at first, my phone couldn't detect my sim (nagtampo na ata phone ko kasi di ko sya ginagamit hehe)... apparently there really wasn't anything seriously wrong with mom said "nagbayad puh kami 50 para lang itaas nya yung mga hook".. she was referring to the ahmmmmm.. basta the metal thing that scratches the sim...


wasn't late for work today... saw my 8:29-punch-in yesterday circled in red.. (LoL).. tsk tsk..then my file was corrupted... couldn't fucking open it.. crystal report would crash EVERY time i tried opening it... waaaH... (of course i had no back but at least i was able to do it again... i did it for less than 2 hours ... it took me a whole day just to make the original... i guess when you know what you're going to do, it'll take you 1/4 the time...

demmit..someone called (thought it was him).. was just my neighbor, jon.. (waaH sama ko)


he called me this morning... at around 6 am.. just got out from the shower and wasn't even dressed yet when i answered the phone..(phone was later drenched hehe) haayyy ... i don't want to expect... i try my best not to think about him much... or miss him so badly... but then he calls me in the oddest times and i can't stop wondering that maybe he misses me as much as i miss him... but then, i remember the e-mail ate cha sent to me... was something about ahm.. don't-expect they-call-because-they-just-feel-to-call-you-at-the-moment-it-doesn't-mean-anything blah-blah advice i received...

but this is my blog and i can say what i want to say!! LoL!

(or sing it, i might add...)

...i lie awake and feel your nearness
i never wanted more than this....

(or to be more jologs and specific...)

...kay tagal, kay tagal ko ng hinihintay sayo
di ko masabing may gusto ako sayo
ngunit kahit anong gawin
di mo ako pinapansin!


ei good news.. i started reading again.. am reading the novelization(eh?) of spiderman (the movie)... usually, i like the book better than the movie..(except of course with LOTR which bored me to death but was forced to read it out of curiosity on what was going to happen to Legolas .. and yes, Gandalf is still alive and is now Gandalf the White).. maybe because you know what the character is thinking... the a walk to remember book is great... movie had just the main "happenings/situations" (there's a play, a sick girl, a rich boy.. a pastor...that's about it, i think)... mostly, it was different from the movie.. but of course she still ended up dying hehe.. almost made me cry...(almost, but not quite hehe) still at the first few chapters of spiderman.. he was just bitten by the spider..(even read the thoughts of the genetically-enhanced spider.. how cool is that? LoL) most of the dialogue are similar to the movie.. (like LOTR was..)

tomorrow i'm going to UsT to meet Mon.. he's doing me a favor (my notebook still doesn't have an o.s.).. he'll help me install windows on my notebook.. grr sana hindi ko nasira.. i was making some (stupid) attempts and it just isn't working out.. am a network dummy..

gotta eat.. hi and bye!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

was my mom and dad's anniversary.. ate at super bowl .... am still full, actually...

hay i was such in a bad mood yesterday.. couldn't even blog to explain what i was feeling.. basically it started with a petty fight with my eldest (evil) sister.. kesyo i was hogging the PC blah blah sya naman daw blah blah... (/me makes the W sign).. then she committed the MORTAL sin of siblingness.. she told my dad! (sinumbong ako in short) so my dad scolded me (blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaah) and told me to allow my sister use the pc.. hay ewan.. i was already in a bad mood even before that ... i think it was because of some unfinished modules/exercises at work.. (i think.. i forgot already)... plus i haven't talked to him for like... 3 days! (4 days including today haaaaay)

i still see him in irc, though... i think i'm in his notify list because he macks me before i even join a channel... but he doesn't call me anymore... which SHOULD be just fine cause i'm just a friend of his plus he apparently loves someone already (accdg to his qm)... oki, oki tama na, sori na lang ako...better luck next time (eh?!)

i'm asking my officemate's help in installing an OS in my notebook.. but he wasn't able to do it.. he gave me the cds and stuff ... but i've been trying to do it for about an hour but i still can't boot from the CD-ROM .. i guess i'll just have to bring it again tomorrow (grrr my notebook's too damn heavy.. mainly because of the transformer and adaptors) and i think they'll have to do the installation or else i might do something to it that wouldn't be repairable..

momi still hasn't replied to my e-mail.. tsk asan buh yun..

ei.. mark this day pala.. for the first time i was the one who finished the assigned exercise first.. iYeHey! hehe...

if i had to rate this day... i'll give it a 7 out of 10.. is high because our family dined out plus the first finisher thingie... isn't perfect because of my freaking useless no-os installed notebook and of missing him...

nite all!

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Monday, August 05, 2002

i drive myself crazy.. wanting you the way that i do

waaaaaaaH ate cha.. meh lab na sya :(
tas di na sya kol ahmm mga 3 days na ata (LOL!) bilangin daw buh...
tas tas basta di na nya ko shado nikakausap khet sa irc...
i think panahon ng magRehab ako... na-adik na ko sa kanya..
kelangang matanggal sa systema

haaaaY /me suot metal gear pang depensa

oki lng ako (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)

isa lng masasabi ko.... DEMMIT!

/me kaway na lng sa kanya... "bye bye!"

Sunday, August 04, 2002

gawa na notebook ko.. i'm trying to sell it HEHE

haaaaaayyyyyyy work na naman bukas demmit. bitin ang weekend.
gotta sleep already so that i won't feel that groggy tomorrow...

/me sings..

just another manic mondayyyyyyy.. wish it was sunday... cause that's my fun day.. the 'i don't have to run day'... but its just another manic monday :(

Saturday, August 03, 2002

*depressed mode*


i was about to send an e-mail to PC... i wasn't able to fnish it... ergo.. didn't send it... had just written about 2 sentences when all the things he said to me came rushing back again... and then i felt this pain on my chest and i couldn't type another word... i couldn't fucking believe it.. i couldn't fucking believe that i was crying again in front of my stupid monitor... first i thought that maybe the reason why i was crying was because i wasn't over him... but then.. i realized that i wasn't really that... it was more of ..."why things like this always happen to me".... that someone i care about simply vanishes in my life... and when i say vanish... that's what really happens... they cease to exist in my life... sometimes it feels like they were just a figment of my imagination... but then the dream is over and now i'm fully awake... but it still hurts and the memories are still locked in my mind...

wish i could just delete them in my system.



hihilo ako kakaTV LOL

pretty boring day... just stayed at home... didn't even go to the EB at ust... didn't even attempt to ask permission for that cause i knew (for sure) that my dad won't let me go... my dad already bought me a new hd for my notebook... i'm planning on selling my notebook after it's fixed... i've realized that i really don't need one and it's pretty expensive to maintain.. (what if the hd crashes again... would that mean that i would have to buy a new hd again?) .. plus.. i'm thinking of buying a gaming console... still haven't decided which console though... i'm not much of a gamer, actually... all i want to have is a drummania at home... LOL... or a dance² revo pad (double LOL)

/me hihilo na rin ata sa tapat ng monitor

God, I need a sim. hehehe.(am still disconnected... i plan to ask my dad to lend me some money so i could pay my phone balance next week)

gud nite all ^_^

ang sayaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

just got home tapos nag timezone kami.. yung 100 bucks lng tas 1 hr worth... eh pwedeng more than an hour kasi pag nagswipe ka yung ibang games nag aaccumulate lng ng credits.. nung umalis na nga ako e is 13 credits puh natitira sa bawat isang hina-hog nameng arcade stuff lolz! (yung ez dancer ..dans revo tsaka percussion freaks haha) taena mga ipismeyts ko dati... mga hustler na! yun pala is lampas 1 month na silang ganon.. na every friday nag titimezone hehe.. syempre ako puro time crisis lang din tsaka daytona.. pero nagtry na rin ako magdans revo taena.. i suck hahaha pero saya parin! paminsan nagkaka B rating hahahaha... pero saket sa paa putik.. try jumping up and down on leather shoes... shit .. cla nga kakatawa talagang sanay na sanay na dhel lahat nakarubbershoes haha

tanong ko nga e kung ndi pa buh sila nakikilala ng mga taga timezone lol

anywayz ayun hapi, saya,.... kita ko mga opismates ko dati.. mga superiors ko dati... miss na nila ako hahahaha nag fifeeling lng po

chat muna hehe babay

Friday, August 02, 2002

blogging at office (for the first time).. there's a lull in our schedule... this morning we went through some naming conventions, programming style standards etc.etc... ms.chuck has to teach another group so i'm here entertaining mahselp hehe...

i'm still using the windows explorer though as my browser,... it isn't as noticeable as ie perce... good thing that blogger has a white background...

oops don't want to get caught... technically we're allowed to use the internet (cause the pc we're using is already connected) but of course... only at a minimum...

... i'll be home a little late cause i'll meet irvie and the rest of my x-officemates ...(aarcade kami hehe).. blog you later ^_^

Thursday, August 01, 2002

i feel so HenYo. HAHA

i was able to finish the assigned module today...when you're programming, time really moves fast! it has been an everyday joke that my batchmates and i are always forgetting that it's breaktime...our supervisors always have to remind us to go and take our break... or else they'll tell manong guard to lock us in the office lolz... ms.chuck would even say "ohhh kayong 4 wag na kayong tatayo dyan uh.. wag kayong magbreak!" .. thinking that reverse psychology would be more effective for us (hehe)... i know that all programmers would testify to the fact that when you're in a groove.. you don't want to disrupt your flow of thoughts.. or else you might forget whatever's on your mind.. whether it's a solution to a bug... or a new procedure... baka masira logic! hehe

i love thursdays.. you know why? because of the knowledge that tomorrow's gonna be friday... hehehehe
i dunno why.. but when it's tuesday... (i hate tuesdays) i always think that "waaaah bakit tuesday pa lng"... then when it's wednesday it feels like "wow wednesday nuh bukas thursday na!" haha la na ko sense... but it's true... my mind's filled with these thoughts everytime i wake up... ERGO: my mind's filled with nonsense ^_^

tomorrow i'm going to makati.. magtitimezone 1-hr-all-you-can-arcade-for-only-100-bucks kami ng mga x-officemates ko... miss ko na nga mga yun e... yeHey..
hope i get to finish House of the Dead 2 ^_^

/me haven't eaten yet... kain nuh ko ... /me ala jollibee commercial.. "bukas ulit uh!"

p.s. have i mentioned that my officemates and i (most of the time) eat at jollibee for lunch? (waaaH... dibuh dibuh dibuh di ko mashado type dun) haha.. but i don't want to eat separately from them so ayun.. pwedeng pwede na kami sa commercial talaga na "bukas ulit uh!" *sabay apir keh jollibee*