Thursday, December 06, 2007

tsugtsug, sisig, atbp.

ei.. how come none of my friends are blogging? what's up guys!? too busy christmas shopping? anyway.. had celebrated my birthday last month.. got birthday flowers from pangs (delivered to office again! all the girls there were so envious hehe) and the controversial 200dollar scrapbooking stuff that pangs still insist i will get tired of.. which is true.. similar to my holga camera.. my actionsampler lomo.. wahaha.. i can never keep a hobby. anyway, the scrapbooking stuff we bought at 'made with love' store.. that store is a scrapbooker's dream.. has EVERYTHING. i bought distress inks, tons of paper, clear stamps, and a blank calendar.. i'll do it as soon as i'm jobless muwahahah.

here's me with my birthday flowers. so loveeeely.

had my officemates taste filipino food at this restaurant we found in Marina Square.. (7107 flavors).. I didn't make any reservations cause I've been there on a sunday twice before and it was only half full.. so I didn't think there was a need.. well, i was wrong of course! when we got there, the place was packed, even the tables outside were occupied! everyone was like "Annnnnnn, we told you to reserve!!" L O L. There were so many filipinos my officemate W said, "I feel like a foreigner" hahaha. We were lucky to get a seat near the door. I ordered (oh, J literally ordered for us.. I taught him 'isa, dalawa, tatlo' and 'gusto'.. so he was like 'gusto ko isang crispy pata'. lol. then the waiter asked him.. how many rice? .. and there were 6 of us.. so he told the waiter.. 'i only know until 3, haven't gotten past that' hehe) Crispy Pata, sisig, adobong chicken, lumpiang sariwa, ensaladang mangga and bulalo. surprisingly, they liked the sisig a lot. I think they liked the food because they finished everything (or they were hungry).. J liked the Ensaladang mangga.. he liked the bagoong! L and her husband finished the chicken Adobo. crispy pata there was sooo good, it was really crispy! hehe. The lumpia they said it tasted like popiah so that was something familiar. and of course, SAN MIG light which they loved. only place here so far i've seen that serves san mig light. (friggin 9 dollars per bottle!). they also tasted halo-halo, leche flan and bibingka. seems they've enjoyed filipino food. L just said filipino food is so fattening hehe.. its true. and we love our pork.


S and me.

v, pangs, me, J, W, L, I

me and M

me and J

also have big news.. well , not really big.. but new NEWS! hehe. tsugtsug is a baby boy!!!! hi hi hi. so happy. i actually have no preference but its nice to please in-laws, as if i was responsible for tsugtsug's gender. its quite early, we learned on my 3rd checkup (4th month).. the doctor said it so casually i almost didn't catch it.. she was like "this is the arm.. the leg.. the penis and the testicles".. i was like "whatt? a boy!? (of course lol) hehe. Pangs is very happy.. he's the only boy left in his family. during my last checkup, i still couldn't feel tsugtsug.. i've read books like saying, it feels different for every mother.. like butterflies in their stomach or something like that.. so i wasn't sure i would know if it was tsugtsug then... but about 2 weeks ago, i started feeling something in my puson.. and its quite frequent! the frequency really surprised me.. i thought it would be like once a week or something like that.. but in a day, i could feel him numerous times! i'm pretty sure its tsugtsug cause i'm feeling it in my puson, and not in my stomach... its like a ripple/wave-like feeling.. i think tsugtsug can hear also because one time everyone laughed at the same time and he moved too.. maybe he was surprised or something hheeh. my stomach's not that big yet... i can still wear lose shirts and not look pregnant.. i don't like it actually.. i want it to become bigger and more prominent.. cause i still don't get offered seats in the MRT! lol! i just look like a thin girl with big puson wahahaha. so sad. i can't wear my old pants anymore.. so now it's either the loose jeans (i used to wear them with belts.. now i don't have to) or my slacks that were loose before (also, no longer loose).. i attempted to buy pants in maternity shops but turns out i'm still too small for anything maternity oriented.. perhaps in Manila i'll have more luck.. i also tried to look for garterized pants in non-maternity shops to no avail.. hopeless.
that's it for now.. this saturday is tsugtsug's 4th checkup.. and i'll see him again! so excited!! bye for now!