Wednesday, October 16, 2002

System Time: 3:08 PM
... nice to know you.. goodbyeeeeeeeeee!

he should have know better... i was only joking and he shouldn't have taken me seriously.. but he did.. and he was really pissed... i'm talking about 'pangarap' (X-pangarap! hmpft).. i think this will be the last time i'll talk about him here... because i have no plans of talking to him ever again... i swear, he'll miss me so much that he'll be singing "let the pain remain" and he'll wish he never met me in the first place... :bleh.

he said: "edi mamatay ka na ngayon!"

..|.. uLewL.

i've lived for 20 years without him... and i could yet live another 20 that if someone asked me if i knew him i would say "no" without hesitation..

i just don't get him... and it's about time i give up trying to understand him...

in the first place, i'm no more than a "favor-giver" to him.. "ate pwede ka magganito..ate pwede buh pakiano..." and i'm like "sure, np..anytime".. but that's me! i'll do the same for ANY of my friends.. but the keyword there is "friends" and i don't think he classifies as such anymore.. i can't even remember one single time when he did me a favor... i've lost far greater friends than him and i'm shooooooor i can handle his absence in my life...

so for the last time... "good-bye!" /me turns away

System Time: 3:56 PM
.. *achooooooooooo* *sniffs*
.. my sniffing has lessened..(only 1 sniff every 7 minutes hehe) been reading LOTR non-stop.. (what a feat!) story has been exciting.. what with the war, joining of forces of Rohan and Gondor.. etc.. just killing time.. me and momi are supposed to meet after work.. hope it doesn't rain..

System Time: 6:04 PM
gtg bye!

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