Tuesday, October 22, 2002

System Time: 2:06 PM
... twilight hour has passed... just lost 6 thousand bucks.. :(
..hehe actually i refunded the tickets i sold.. tsk talaga.. now i find meaning in.. "pera na, naging bato pa.." (or in my case.. papel.. ulit)
...globe just called me (they called everyone who got free tickets) and told me to go to the mYx office on friday and claim a few giveaways.. (pampalubag loob in short)..will probably ask my folks to claim it for me.. (vcd daw ng oasis, etc) first of all, dami ko ng absent. 2nd, ayoko nga baka makita ko pa yung nakaaway ko 'dun.. masabihan puh ko ng.. "buti nga 'sayo" LoL!
...they told us to hold on to our tickets, though.. he said the promoter is still negotiating for a new concert date.. hay..

System Time: 2:54 PM
.. i will NOT sing in our christmas party. yak noh.. pwede buh yokong mapahiya. kasi bat meh presentation pang nalalaman e... all new batches for the year are required to present something on the christmas party.. my batchmates and i decided to like form a band.. and of course, the problem is nobody wants to be the vocalist.. basta HELLO... ayaw ko sows.. ano yon comedy lolz..

System Time: 5:14 PM
supervisor: "anong ginagawa mo geri?"
me: "wala po"
supervisor: *gives me dismayed look*
me: *best sheepish look*


so now, i'm officially given the BULK of the reports.. i'm not yet doing them.. bukas na..presently enjoying the process of choosing the songs that we might play.. so far the list is:

1.savage garden - i knew i loved you
2.vertical horizon - you're a god
3.wheatus - teenage dirtbag
4.eagle eyed cherry - save tonight
5.duncan sheik - barely breathing
6.pink - don't let me get me

aliw!.. i'm all in favor for #s 1,4,6

we'll probably play 3 songs.. dapat daw medyo matagal presentation e.. layo pa buh december? excited mashado ano.. that was what i pointed out to my officemates.. but we later realized that we'll only be practising during Saturdays so that leaves us only about 5 practice sessions! para naman wak mashadong mapahiya.. ('pro di talaga ako kakanta eksyuuusmeeeee..)

System Time: 5:53 PM
... just waiting for 6 pm.. got loads of stuff to do just delaying them for tomorrow.. i forgot to include Goo goo dolls - here is gone.. such a sad, sad song.. acoustic version is awesome..

System Time: 6:04 PM
gtg ! bye!

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