Thursday, October 24, 2002

System Time: 8:56 PM
...gud mawnin! been listening to the same song since yesterday... The Company - You changed my life in a moment.. it's an old song but i never had a p3 of it 'till now.. changed my life in a moment and i'll never be the same changed my life in a moment and it's hard for me to understand, with a touch of your hand, in a moment of time..all my sorrow is gone


have no idea whether dex will drop by our house today.. must have cancelled 2 other engagements just in case he goes..
1. was irvie's birthday yesterday, supposed birthday *free* dinner is today.. had to ask her to move it for tomorrow.. hehe demanding ano lolz .. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRVIE!!!
2. ma'am tabora's father died.. we were supposed to go to the wake today

...why do i get the feeling that i'll just be staying at our house tonight by myself? ..'cause even if dex does decide to go...(he planned on going after lunch) he might not find my folks at home..

me: "alis ka mommy bukas?"
mommy: "malamang.. dun sa bazaar nila Tita Feny"
me: "sa friday na lang kaw pumunta"
mommy: "last day bukas e"
me: "nyeks"
mommy: "bakit?"
me: "dibuh sabi ko baka pumunta si dex"
mommy: "la syang maabutan dito"
me: *di alam kung ano irereak* lol!

...wonder how dex is doing in his board exam.. it's his last day today.. uwi na daw sya sa 25..*sighs*.. this is what you call.. fleeting happiness.. right from the start, i knew that this *joy* i was feeling would only be short-lived.. i mean i thought i had prepared myself emotionally when he leaves manila(and me huhuhu).. it still scares the shit out of me... waah momiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

System Time: 10:47 AM
.. just thought of a really really good song to play! Paano! originally sung by Gary V. but was revived (brialliantly, if i may say so) by freestyle and janno gibbs making it a duet.. extremely nice.. (two thumbs up sign)
.. oh yakaaaaap, yakap ko siya dahil luha'y, dagling dadaloy ngunit paano.. pano ko sasabihin ito...

System Time: 3:08 PM
..have no idea how i would do the rest of the reports.. pak i feel so bobo.. so basically i've been doing... nothing for the past 1 1/2 hours.. hehe.. ay ay! i've been sending "graphic" messages thru 'net send' at my batchmates..

System Time: 5:13 PM
.. pak.. "ur current balance is.. 9 pesos" LOL! can't even call home..
my mother just replied to my text.. she said she's not in the house but my dad is.. hmmmmm.. pumunta kaya si dex... kung pumunta.. pinapasok kaya ng dadi ko!? lol! i forgot to mention that dex has sore eyes! chet wawa momi..san kaya nahawa yun.. hmmmm

System Time: 6:01 PM

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