Monday, October 21, 2002

System Time: 8:06 AM
delete delete pang nalalaman uh... LOL!

/me hides in a corner

me: "hindi kita matiis kainish"
#2 (reinstated lol): "alam ko naman 'yun e"
me: "bwiset"
#2: "lol"

this was after he kept on mentioning my handle and name... i was already lying in bed when i got up and looked at my IRC and saw it blinking... after staring at my monitor for about 5 minutes...(just reading "zZzLiping snub" being typed over and over) before i could stop myself, i reached for my mouse and slapped his nick once. then it was as if nothing has happened and everything was back to normal. after a few minutes (while i thought i was still talking to him in IRC), the phone rang and it was him.

me: "kausap pa kita, uh"
pangs (lol short for pangarap): "na-dc na ko 'tas tinamad na akong magconnect"

woah. it felt great hearing his voice again. i really am happy i shoved all my nonsense away and talked to him... i could've hugged him if he was with me irl LOL.. he really does know me better than everyone else.. including myself.. he knew all along that i couldn't stay away forever...

hihihihi. i could imagine ate cha's laugh...the one with the blinding effect..

/me tago keh ate cha LoL

my morning wasn't so bad, considering that it's a monday.. actually, i slept pretty well and woke up feeling rested..

it's momi's board exam week. i think i'm more nervous than he is.. /me dasal matindi .. hope all goes well.. waaH.. this is his last week in manila.. we met again last wednesday... we sort of had this "talk"..actually, it was me who was doing all the talking.. i made a big mistake and brought up the past.. so on our way to my house.. he was really quiet.. and it was all about a stupid phone.. *erases from memory* stupid, stupid me...

hay.. sometimes i feel as if he has no idea how much i love him... i truly understand his responsibilities to his family.. all i'm asking is he spare a little time to write once in a while and you know.. just simply make his presence felt.. that isn't asking much, right?

/me hugs momi tightly

System Time: 5:51 PM
..been helping out my batchmates in their programs by testing them.. in short, 'la kong ginagawa.. hehe.. also doing some leftover utilities.. like our report scripts and stuff.. but what i've been really doing is copying p3s! Froi has 3 cds that he copied in his HD.. they're mostly senti stuff but still found some good ones.. like this p3 i'm presently listening.. Stroke 9 - Little Black backpack..
....just don't expect to get your bloody black backpack back

ngek. my sister just called me and told me another bombing has happened.. LRT daw.. she asked me..

sister: "asan ka!?" (frantic voice)
me: "asa office"
sister: "pano ka uuwi?"
me: "bakit?"
sister: "meh sumabog na naman e.. LRT"
me: "ano buh sumabog... Mrt or Lrt?
sister: "LRT"
me: "MRT naman ako e"
sister: "onga, pag mag-bus ka naman delikado rin"
me: "tsambahan naman yun e..malas ko na lang"
sister: "onga hehe"

and with that conversation in mind... i hafta go now.. bye!

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