Tuesday, October 08, 2002

System Time: 8:38 AM
...weirdest thing happened to me this morning... i opened my eyes and peeked on my wallclock.. it said: 5:45 a.m...which is 5 minutes late from my wake-up time.. so i got up and then.. *poof*.. i looked up again in my wallclock and it said 4:30 a.m... i was only dreaming the first time.. so there i was standing in my room and thinking.. "fuck. nagising akong nakatayo". LOL!.. so i jumped on my bed again and fell asleep.. when my dad finally woke me up.. (it was 5:40 a.m.).. i couldn't tell if i was again just dreaming about the "standing up and finding out it was a dream.." i dreamed i was dreaming? hay weird....
..it's all momi's fault! LOL! juk lang momi kow.. we're supposed to meet today again.. i'll probably show him megamall.. di puh nya ata nasisilayan yun e hehe..
..hay.. i missed him so much.. seeing him again,.. i couldn't help but stare at him.. i was trying to memorize his face.. 'cause i know he'll go back to cebu again.. i don't know what'll happen to us once he goes back there.. i'm scared to think that it'll just be the same as last time.. but you know, i'm different now.. stronger.. i know i can handle the distance.. his absence.. i'm just enjoying each day that we're together.. think i ought to have some happiness in my life.. before he left our house, i was hugging him tightly and my heart was beating loudly, i thought i was hearing it.. but then i realized it wasn't my heart beating i was hearing.. it was his.. just as loudly, if not louder than mine.. then at that moment, hope pervaded my soul thinking that maybe, just maybe.. this time.. we'll have our happy ending...

WAHAHAH SENTI *wapaks sarili*

...then of course, there was 'pangarap' aka #2 (formerly #3.. dex isn't numbered hehe) .. he called me when i got home.. i told him i met dex that night.. at first he thought it was Spraken dex and then i said.. "ay kuyuh, si dex as in momi".. if i was looking for a reaction, i didn't get it.. he just said: "ahh talaga", a few "musta naman" stuff then continued with his kwento... if i was feeling a little guilty, all been vanished after that.. i'm really just his "Ate".. i was, as usual.. just deluding myself thinking he has any sort of feelings for me aside from our being friends... at least it makes things a lot less complicated.. my position on dex's return is difficult enough.. besides, i greatly rely on his friendship... i wouldn't want anything to undermine that..not dex, not any confusion that i might be feeling.. i need him.. he's like my daily habit.. my last call for the day.. he once promised me that he'll never leave me.. i have no idea if he still remembers that.. but I do,.. and i'll jog his memory if i have to just so he'll hold on to his promise...

WAAAAAAAH SENTI NA NAMAN *double wapaks sa sarili*

System Time: 11:02 AM
/me reads what i've written so far...
...think sleepiness has clogged up my brain..
/me embeds in mind.. "enjoy every moment" amen.
..i'm freaking thinking of stuff that shouldn't be spared even a minute being pondered upon..

System Time: 4:42 PM
...anghang nung suka.. meh naglako ng pritong lumpia e.. bumili kami hehe.. /me burps *anghang*
...presently listening to Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tease Me..
Tease me, tease me, tease me, tease me baby.. till i lose control, tease me with your loving till i lose control..take all my body and soul *sayaw² sa utak* LoL!
...we've been given a new load of stuff to do...we're creating SQL statements for our reports' recordsets.. i finished the easier ones.. total of 8 reports.. ahmm... 17 more to go.. wahaha dami puh...tinatamad lang puh akong gumawa...
... hay.. nakauwi kaya yun ng maayos kagabi.. magkikita kaya ulit kami mamaya? yeish only 1 hour to go till 6pm..

System Time: 6:11 PM
..chet.. gtg bye!

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