Monday, October 14, 2002

System Time: 8:26 PM

...there was a looooong line at the shuttle terminal (it seems as if, every monday, the frigging population doubles) our dad had to directly drop us near my office just so i wouldn't be late again... *sighs*

...haven't heard from momi yet.. but i guess he's okay 'cause his cousin has stopped miscalling my phone.. i don't even know when we'll meet again.. sa tinagal-tagal naming magkasama kahapon.. nakalimutan namen pagusapan yun.. sowss...

..chet i remembered something.. while i was on my way back to sta.mesa (yesterday, after momi and i met)... i was searching for change in my jeans pocket for jeepney fare when i happened to looked down on my jeans... fuuuuckkkkk.. my freaking fly was open! not only "shy-open" but "hey-my-owner's-so-stupid kind of open" waaaH.. so i tried to discreetly close it.. waaahhhhh i was wondering how long it was open... eh before that i was walking ALL over UST not realizing that i might be parading my open zipper for everyone to see... don't know if i just became paranoid but come to think of it, i did get a few weird looks from girls sitted on the cat walk.. LOL! chet. *digs a hole for herself* sasapatusin ko si momi e.. 'di buh nya nakita? baka nakita nya di man lang ako sinabihan haha kahiyuhhhhhhh! sure glad i won't have to go back to UST in a regular basis... don't want to get recognized as the "fly-girl" LOL! pak talaga.

System Time: 9:10 AM
...all my batchmates are doing something..i'm just staring at my monitor and shivering.. *brrr*... i need my blankieeeeeeee

System Time: 9:21 AM
..i'm so sleyyyy-pee -_-
..this is going to be one LOOOng day.

System Time: 11:15 AM
...received new templates to study... it's actually pretty similar to the previous templates except this new one doesn't use class emissaries... i think i've only finished the first form event when i felt my eyes drooping again.. .i'm so sleepy already and it's not even the twilight hour yet..
/me @_@

System Time: 1:20 PM
...hay busog. presently listening to Creed - My Own Prison..wish i had a p3 of Where are you going by DMB.. i know, where you are... is where i want to be.. momi was singing it to me (or was trying to, lol) yesterday....
...i've got to admit.. i've been quite confused this past few days.. i was wondering if i'm just failing to distinguish between being in love and feeling euphoric...'cause it feels as if i'm on drugs since momi came back...high on him.. i know i've been talking of other guys here... especially 'bout PC... who has really affected me as a person,...but you know, i really believe that everything happens for a reason... i mean, of the many things that have occured these past few months, everything just fell back in its place since he came back to my life... everything just made sense... i know we still have a lot of problems to overcome... not to mention the monumental issues every couple have... but you know, it all boils downs to the "who makes you most happy" question... and i'd hafta be lying if i say it isn't him... he makes me so happy with so little effort.. just his presence is enough.. yes, we talk about the future sometimes... but one of the most important lessons i've learned is that nothing's a "sure thing"... and i just try to focus and appreciate every moment in my life..

System Time: 6:10 PM

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