Saturday, October 19, 2002

ok, ok. so it's taking all my willpower just to stop myself from talking to him or calling him.
but still... i think i can do this. i've just got to distract myself. actually, i've spent most of the morning lying in my bed... now my head hurts from over-sleeping, lol! #3 formerly #2 did mack me last night... i left my PC connected, so when i woke up.. saw a couple of macks from people.. one of whom is #3.. i thought of course, that he's one of those people that just disappears from your life after making them part of yours... so i was really glad when he talked to me.. was just able to talk to him this morning (am also presently chatting with him while writing this blog)... he was like "snab mo ko kagabi" (or something like that)... at least we're still fwends.. he'll probably move up to #2 again with ex-pangarap totally dropping from my rank-list HAHAHA.. *makes the L sign*

hay i'm so freaking bitter. LOL! aminado naman ako, sows. it's just sooooooo unfair that people can easily put me aside and completely erase me from their life whereas i have to do a lot of things just to keep myself busy and distracted...

but i can really do this. i can! (konti puh, maniniwala na rin ako)

time to nurse this headache i got from over-sleeping by sleeping again... nayt

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