Tuesday, October 08, 2002


we weren't able to meet. i was late for 15 minutes.. and when i got to our meeting place, he wasn't there... then pak. all these thoughts came rushing in my head.
what if he wasn't able to go home safely last night? what if something bad happened to him? what if he doesn't want to see my any longer? what if he just left me 'cause i was late.. takteeeeeeeeee

while i was on my way home.. i was praying.. "sana inindyan nya lang ako.. plssssssss" i was soo worried. my sister ate chary took pity on me when she saw i was close to tears.. then my mom said... "Cheeeeeee, dexter daw.."

thought: "TG"

i was so overwhelmed with relief that i think i was stuttering on the phone. it was of course, raining hard and by the time he finished with all the stuff he's supposed to do for his review class, UST was once again flooded..(hanggang tuhod daw).. waahhhhhh *sighs with relief*

he said we'll try to meet again tomorrow..hope it doesn't rain...

waaah kinabahan talaga akoooooooo pakkkkkkkk.

ay kaka emote ko i almost forgot.. I WON oasis concert tickets!!! Woo-Hoo! hope they're good seats.. hafta sleep now.. hay salamat talaga.

nite all!

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