Wednesday, October 16, 2002

forgot to post this yesterday, October 15

System Time 9:18 AM
ggaaaaaH so sleypi again...even forgot to bring my diskette.. tsk tsk
..ei good news! won another pair of Oasis concert tickets.. woo-Hoo.. dunno why i keep on joining.. LoL!.. i'll be able to claim my tickets (and discman :p) on thursday... that's the only time my dad can accompany me..
...momi miscalled my phone this morning.. i had no load (spent it on the contest lol) so i couldn't call him.. i called as soon as i reached the office but his cousin said he already left.. probably for his review class.. tsk.. hope he calls tonight so we could plan as to when we'll meet again..oct. 25 is fast approaching (waaah) and i want to spend as much time with him as possible..

System Time: 9:52 AM
...waaaH i'm sick. i'm sniffing and coughing every 5 seconds. huhuhu. what's so common in a common cold if they can't even find a cure for it...*sniffs* someone once e-mailed me stuff like "isn't it scary that doctors call their profession, "practice"? ... but i happen to admire surgeons... they're the hardest type of doctors to replace.. you really need a sophisticated machine to substitute them... but just imagine.. surgeons who never get tired, never get old, never get pasmado! LoL.. hafta stop this topic before my batchmate slaps me IRC style...

System Time: 11:17 AM
*still sniffing*
fuck. i hate getting sick. i mean, who doesn't? only a fucking masochist... think i'm getting nauseous...

System Time: 11:53 AM
..tagal maglunch time.. chet. i think i'm getting really sick..

System Time: 2:25 PM
*still fucking sniffing*
*eyes watery*
have pity... LOL! anywayz, we ate at some restau in the Globe Building.. they had a TV so we were able to watch Eat Bulaga.. (get, get... awww! lol!)
*sniffs* este *sighs*

hay chet.. my supervisor asked me where i live.. she asked me this while holding my time sheet card.. i was able to mutter.. "antipolo po".. already knew of course why she asked me that.. i myself can't even remember how many times i've been late this cut-off.. plus i've got an ABS.. tsk²

System Time: 5:44 PM
.. been reading LOTR.. has gotten a little exciting 'cause the war is already starting.. but i still almost fell asleep after a few paragraphs.. i swear, LOTR is a cure for insomniacs..

System Time: 6:01 PM
..gtg bye!

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