Tuesday, October 29, 2002

System Time: 10:47 AM
...tagal ng 6 pm!

what i've been doing for the past 2 hours:
1. finished 1 report
2. read some LOTR
3. stared at my monitor
4. more staring
5. moooree staring

actually, i still have a couple of reports to do.. (i think i've been saying this for the past few work days.. ) still haven't finished them... i'm pacing myself, you know.. so that i'll still have some work left for tomorrow.. (HeHe)..

my sister, Ate Chary just called.. she's going to this party tonight (uh-oh) at Libis and she's asking me how i got this taxi go inside our village.. taxi drivers usually don't go that far..so you could just imagine how far our village is from the "city"... maybe i was lucky that night.. just added a few bucks to compensate the distance.. (that was when we went to The Podium and Eboy slept over).. anywayz, before that Ate Chary told me about a guy she met last Friday.. and that same guy is supposedly going to this party again..she's worried that our folks won't allow her.. you see, considering the fact that our house is poorly situated, (as i would like to put it..) my folks are pretty touchy when it comes to going home late at night.. even my sister who's 29 years old (tanda na!) still has a hard time getting their permission.. i told her i'll talk to mom and dad.. (in short, susuportahan ko sya).. this is an opportunity that mustn't be missed!! (she's such a Bridget Jones fan).. Ate chary is a member (may even be an officer, lol) of the NBSB club.. (No Boyfriend Since Birth).. yep, she's 29.. not that she's not pretty.. she is! she looks a little like Dawn Zulueta.. (hope she doesn't read this.. ewww.. my reputation might get tarnished as the "BrattySister") she had a few suitors.. but the guys usually have the 3 P's.. Pandak, Poor and Panget.. lol!.. she even has this Rainier guy calling her almost everyday.. I asked her if she met this guy already and how he looked like.. my sister said.. "Mabait talaga siya.." hahaha! i said to my sister.. "La ka ng panahon maging mabait!" .. i was only (half) joking of course.. so if anyone who's reading this know of someone of good height, average looks, proper wealth and is above 29 years old.. please tell me! we'll arrange for him to have a date with my sister...lol!

hay.. look who's talking, noh? as if my relationship with dexf is somewhere near perfect.. (or normal).. anywayz.. GL to Ate Chary!

..wasn't able to go online last night.. 'te Chary was using the PC.. fell asleep right after watching Charmed.. when i woke up this morning.. i kept on reminding myself of guideline #1 on crushes.. "bawal mag-emote!"
....Pangs has stopped becoming my last call for the day kasi.. dami kasing chix pinalitan na ko..
....di man lang ako nami-miss..
my evil twin is doing the typing, okay? don't mind her! she's talking nonsense.. fuck. ang weird ko. LOL!

next please.

*thinks of other stuff*

i hafta find a buyer for my laptop! ano buhh hanggang ngayon 'di ko puh nabebenta.. i'll double my efforts (what effort?), i promise.. i'll send an ad everyday at Buy and Sell (the newspaper) and ask more people about it.. Ate Ging brought home this mag she bought at Malaysia.. it's full of techie gadgets.. (kaka-lula) new phones, PDAs and an article about game consoles.. been pouring myself over reviews whether to buy Xbox or PS2.. but i still don't have enough money to buy one! demmit! 'di naman ako nag-iipon.. pano nga naman ako magkakapera!? *wapaks sarili*

..uh-oh.. my batchmates are being called by Ma'am Belle (sis and supervisor) one by one.. Chipper just told me through net send that he received a verbal warning regarding his tardiness.. Koji's the one talking to Ma'am now, (nyirks baka sunod na ko).. i don't recall being late this month, but i did have a couple of absences (dibuh?)..
chet. onga pala. baka for last month yun.. i think i had a couple of lates last cut-off.. i did have 29 pesos deducted from me for uTT.. hmmm....
chet. si Froi na tinawag. *thud, thud*
chet. 'di naman mashado late si Froi uh!? mas marami pa kong late dun e.. ngirkssss. tsaka bat ang tagal ng usapan! parang tag-10 minutes bawat isa. nyahhhh!
hmm.. di ako tinawag.. baka dahil 12 pm na e.. LoL! pero bumalik na si Froi..

System Time: 1:17 PM
..ha! Ma'am Belle didn't have "The Talk" with me.. my batchmates all told me that it was only about their tardiness.. plus sermon stuff like "what if asa client kayo, blah blah.."
...uh-oh.. it's the twilight hour.. @_@ .. hafta switch to dance mp3s..

presently listening to Pink - Get this Party Started

*struts sa utak*

.... i'mmmmmmmm coming up so you better get this party started

ay ganda nito.. The Lovebite - Side by Side.. dance music din.. ! diniskette ni Chipper.. 6 na disc lolz.. eka.. babasa lang ulit ako ng LOTR bago maantok..

System Time: 2:51 PM
.. didn't read LOTR.. felt sleepy just looking at it.. to think i borrowed another book by Tolkien from my sister.. The Silmarillion.. (/me kanta.. mangarap kaaaa) ei.. i finished LOTR! i can read anything i set my mind to! hehe
...opened the pseudo-Thesis Anshe (my thesis partner) made.. i guess i should work on this if i want to get my TOR.. i can't even remember the screen layouts i did.. this project has been with me for some time now, but still haven't started modifying it.. i'll try to start doing this at home.. (where i have a copy of documentation.. can't remember a freaking thing..).. still no TOR but i'm employed you ask? (well.... *eHEm*.. dinadaan ko na lang sa entrance test and interviews lol) my HD crashed and in it were 200+ mp3 files and our Thesis. HUHUHUHU. i cried that day when that happened. i was so stupid.. i usually back up our thesis at a separate HD.. i must've deleted it to free some space for more mp3s.. yan!!! nawala tuloy HUHHUHUH. (this occured summer of 2001, i think) Don't get me wrong, we've got our grade and everything...(graduate na ko noh! lol) but our prof. (BWISET) insisted that our thesis should be in a deployable CD for them to release our TOR and Diploma..ayun.. khet anong pakiusap ko ayaw talaga pumayag na wag na lang.. hayy.. bahala sya.. 'di tuloy ako nakakaapply sa malalaking company.. kasi hingi kagad TOR.. anywayz.. after my stint here at Radix (kung 'ndi ako tumopak at magpasisante), 3 years programming experience na ko nun.. woah.. (tanda ko na!) so malamang 'ndi na rin ako hihingan ng TOR.. pero gawin ko parin kasi, wala lang.. para naman meh Diploma ako! (and for Anshe syempre)

System Time: 3:51 PM
... read some previous blogs.. read again the unsent letter to PC (aka #1; Spidey).. revised it.. (again).. still don't know if i'll send it...i mean, if i send it.. i'll be expecting some sort of response and i'll only get disappointed when i don't get any... kaya, STOP EMOTING DEMMIT.

System Time: 5:05 PM
.. yes. 1 hour to go... bowling kami mamaya ng ipismeyts.. then i'll meet ate Ging at powerbooks afterwards... we'll start looking at drum sets..

System Time: 5:45 PM
..been reading previous blogs again.. i'm such a liar (LoL!).. saying stuff like, "this is the last time ek ek.. never again ek ek" and then take back the stuff i'd said the following day.. gaaaH!
...just waiting for 6 pm.. hayy.. just one more day.. then 4-day rest na!..
..6 na.. bye!

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