Saturday, October 12, 2002

fuck. momi called me on my cellphone and i was up here in my room and my phone was in our living room. whydapak was my phone on silent on a weekend! hay. hope he calls again. anywayz... bad trippppppppppp! RP lost to Korea by a measly point. huhuhuhu. i was so disappointed i almost cried. huhuhu. The game was ours and we lost it.

ay ay! nagreply na si momi sa text ko. wasn't even sure i should text 'cause i know it's his cousin's phone. (pero, what d heck) ayun. we talked for a while.. i was using my phone which i think only had under a 100 worth of load..

ay brb. landline pown.

was 'pangarap'. momi knows him by name, 'cause he's part of my kwento sometimes.. we sort of agreed last time that we'd watch oasis together.. but momi's getting jealous (i think) 'cause he keeps on saying that why not take my sister or any girl friend with me.. so i guess i'll do just that.


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