Friday, October 11, 2002

i forgot to post this blog last wednesday, October 9:

System Time: 9:17 AM
gaaaaaaaH.. freaking sleypi again. (what's new...)
..already started making some scripts.. was able to finish 3.. 12 more to go.. all of which are difficult sql statements... i was getting sleepy just by reading the requirements...

System Time: 4:42 PM
..still not finished.. have 7 scripts to go.. waaah it's raining again... :( baka di na naman kami magkita nyan... demmit..
...haaaaaay balik gawa ng sql..

System Time: 5:07 PM
...been staring again at my PC.. (i think for about 7 minutes.. ) finished another script, so 6 more to go.. just really listening to my p3 and staring.. (presently playing.. "The Corrs - Leave Me Alone")

System Time: 5:29 PM
..there's a turtle in our office! hehe ang kyot.. he's not even people-shy.. just sticks his head to anyone who looks at him.. (i'm saying "HIM" by default, ok? am not aware of it's true sexuality hehe)
Sir Herbert said he bought him for 200 bucks.. he's kinda medium sized, as big as a 5510.. i remember seeing some small (cute rate: 10) turtles at Kartimar.. if i'm not mistaken they're 50 bucks each.. but you need at least 10 to make them presentable in an aquarium.. (kawawa naman kung konti.. la syang friends hehe).. plus my mom's kinda superstitious.. malas daw ang mga pagong (mabagal ang pagunlad lol)...sayang, kyot pa naman sila..

System Time: 5:51 PM
...spent around 10 minutes in the CR just to kill time.. don't want to start making the other scripts, 'cause i don't think i'll be able to finish it before 6...figured i'll just listen to 3 songs (ave. of 4 minutes each) then log-out..

bye then. ^_^

hope he's there.

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