Thursday, October 12, 2006

...what i like about it


There are dozens of reviews for Creative Zen Vision W that are definitely better and more detailed, so i'll just tell you guys what I really like and hate about it.

Things I like:
1. I could select any picture and set it as my Wallpaper.
2. Awesome, awesome, super large screen. I could control the brightness and even if i set it at 50%, its more than adequate.
3. Reviews said it didn't have the viewing angle problem that Creative Vision had. Never owned that one, so I couldn't compare. All I know is I could share it with my sister and we didn't encounter any problems.
4. It could play some DivX formats (emphasize on SOME, Div3 isn't compatible)
5. Extremely easy to use. Easy to transfer files, Menu very user-friendly.
6. Still believe that Creative beats out Ipod in terms of sound quality. by a distance.

Things I don't like:
1. Bulky. It looks weird when I pull it out of my bag and use it as a mp3 player.
2. No kickstand. I have to hold it while watching videos.
3. The buttons. It's pretty noisy, like an old Nokia celphone.
4. The thing I hate the most: I can't seem to play music or videos WHILE it's Docked. Hate that, cause I want to listen to music while I charge it using the USB. My Creative Zen Micro can do this, so I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong.

Well that's about it. I love that I could watch videos while commuting! So much more fun than reading a book, hehe. =) Medyo nahihiya pa ako kasi para akong meh spotlight pag gabi sa shuttle, so I try covering the sides with the included pouch so I won't disturb my seatmates. (and I usually sit at the very back of the van)

All this will not be possible if not for my wonderful husband. heehee. *mwah* love yah!


harbie said...

woweeee! gewi! =D welcome to the anti-iPod club. mwehehehe! it looks like VisionW IS the "New and Improved" version nga ng Vision ah! everybody hated the viewing angle problem eh. =P

on dislike #4, i haven't really tried playing anything while my player is hooked up on USB. i charge using the charger, and just use USB for transfer. ma-try nga, tignan natin kung pareho.

sana meron sila nung parang lcd hoods no? para pwedeng exclusive lang na ikaw makakakita ng videos. =) dupang. hehehe!

gwabe! chochal ka gewi! enjoy your vision! ;-)

twistedzero said...

Pangs, you forgot something.

#7 in Things I like:
It can copy pictures directly from CF cards which means it can double as a back-up storage device for my digicam. Cool!

hehe! Loveyou!

harbie said...

gwabe na itwu! natutunaw na ang monitor ko sa ka-switan nireng mag-asawang ire! =D

hey pangs-ni-gewi! nice shots ah! =) nakikitingin lang ako sa photoblog mo eh. keep it up! ;-)

geWi said...

lol onga harbie, parang dun sa pinangtatakip sa mata ng kabayo, hehe.

rEeYuH said...

kagaling ba! hehe di pa ko maka relate eh.

ano ba ibig sabihin ng chocha?!!!!

harbie said...

chochaL mare, as in "sosyal", pero ibang level na. hehehe!