Friday, December 29, 2006

...happy new year weekend!

December 27, 2006

System Time: 4:57 PM

i'm on my 3rd week now at work, but still no access on anything. ho-hum. I guess that's good news uh, still have nothing to do. I think I'll be like this until January. I'll be attending a formal training (lucky me, none of the other pinoys were able to go to one) for 1 week on january 8-12 and it's a whole day thing so that means no work for me again. (hurrah? hindi ko na alam!!) I'm getting really bored na, tas ang taaagaaaaaal ng oras my gosh.

System Time: 5:03 PM

I attempted to go to HB and ask something about my access but I realized it's already 5:03PM and i'm planning on leaving by 5:30.. i'm not supposed to, pero wala naman akong ginagawa! i don't think anyone will notice since my workstation's awayyy from everybody else's. It'll probably take more than 30 minutes to troubleshoot whatever's bugging my ODBC connections. Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow. If it still doesn't work, then I'll ask.

System Time: 5:17 PM

it's Lara's Birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Lara!!!!! sana nga matuloy yung tinext mo saken kanina!

December 28, 2006

System Time: 5:07 PM

We're going to start viewing flats today. We're just looking at hdbs for now, they're the cheaper ones. hopefully it's near an MRT, so it could justify the high prices at least. We'll be viewing 2 flats, one at the West side, the other at North West side. Pangs said to not keep my hopes high since he has experienced seeing dirty/ugly flats before. But i'm hoping the West one is at least clean, because it's supposed to be near the MRT. anyhoo, we'll know later.

I'm starting to feel a bit weird here at the office. I dunno.. weird in a sense that i'm left out or something. you see, the pinoys in our team are not allowed to group together.. a while later, we were even told to speak english when we talk amongst ourselves. (gosh watda diba) Anyway, that's not my complaint.. it's the pinoys din. particularly these 2 chinese pinoys, they keep talking and talking and when I ask something, they sometimes ignore my question, like i'm not there or they didn't hear me. And it's hard when they talk about other officemates in Tagalog (kaya kami pinagbabawalang maggrupo eh, kasi puro ganon ang usapan), they won't tell me who they're talking about. Dati nangungulit pa ako, now, after one question na "Sino?" then they say something like it's for me to find out, I just say "okay". I guess tama rin ginagawa nila para hindi ako maging prejudiced dun sa pinagkukwentuhan nila. I don't know, maybe I'm a bit paranoid because i was so hungry already. (We were waiting for the other pinoy) I guess, tinatancha ko pa ugali nila. Pero I'll shut up na rin muna. I'll go eat with the Chinese. hehe.

System Time: 5:50 PM

5 minutes to go before uwian. 6 ang uwian pero the company bus leaves exactly at 6. pwede na nga ako umalis eh. hehe. alis na nga ako. babay! Will meet pangs at Jurong East. Bye!

December 29, 2006

System Time: 11:05 AM

today is ate chary's birthday.. Happy Birthday ate!!!

Yesterday we went to see a couple of hdb flats. The first one sucked bigtime. It was dirty, had latrine toilets (yung asa baba, yung bowl lang tas magsqusquat ka para magwiwi. wahahah no way.) the second one was waaay better, newly renovated, all new furniture and appliances. Catch is, super mahal. 1200 for a hdb flat!? no way din! Tas 1 bedroom lang talaga. 2 room siya, pero the other room was smaller. I guess 2 bedroom na rin, pero unit was still small. Now I realize how nice our hdb flat is. I thought dati, bulok siya, maganda pala compared to others haha! first, the old hdbs here, yung elevator, hindi lahat ng floors! kunwari, ang elevator is for 1st, 3rd, 6th level lang. Then you have to use the stairs for other levels. Tapos yung latrine toilets nga. (nyeknyeks) Plus, our hdb flat pala is huge compared to others. 4 bedroom flat kasi siya, tapos malawak yung common space (living room, dining, kitchen). And, infront of our hdb, meh mini-gym, meh playgrounds pa (with S kasi 2 hehe). I received another email from an agent today, I think condo siya, pero baka hindi na namin tingnan kasi, ang mamahal. February pa siguro kami makakalipat, konting tiis lang muna ako para hindi naman kami magipit dahil lumipat kami ng bahay.

Ei, today is declared half-day ulit! yahooo! uwi na ako!


harbie said...

hirap ng baguhan no? pero savor it while it lasts. hehehe!

about going out with the pinoys thing, i have nothing against pinoys, pero somehow, mas relaxed akong kasama yung mga puti kong teammates. once in about 2-3 months, the pinoys go out for lunch, pero pag may company event, hindi kami magkakasama sa isang table, or walang hintayan.

basta ingat ka na lang mare. mas madalas kasi ang inggitan among pinoy groups eh. :p words of wisdom lang ni mama. ;-)

jane said...

yep.. tututs sabi ni beng.. we have that prob in the office big time!

abt the hdb flats.. nagtaas ang market gurl.. bihira na yung mura na maganda.. if i knew you were really looking for one.. sayang.. my office mate just left her flat 1k lang a month.. pero meron ng nakakuha.. ill look out for more.. =)

di nyo ba kasama sa paglipat sila anshe? mas mura kasi kung may kahati kayo e.. ehehe.. =D