Wednesday, September 20, 2006

...greatest find

it's not a THING but a person.. she's Kim from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5.. ANTM is really delayed here so it's only cycle 5 that's currently shown here in cable.. after just watching the first 3 episodes, i am completely loving Kim, the out-there lezzie.. she's so beautiful, so funny.. natatawa talaga ako pag pinapanood ko siya kasi lalaking-lalaki kung umasta, with her showing her muscles to Sarah tapos nag push-up pa (pa-bibo! lol!)

i've googled about her.. top 5 lang siya (sad!!) and i definitely think Bre and Jayla should've been eliminated before her.. read a TON of her interviews (she's so smart! she graduated at Wesleyan University with honors), watched some other episodes at, and later found out she's now a VJ at MTV uber, MTV's channel shown at Universities and Colleges at the broadband channel.. too bad there's nothing uploaded in youtube, i just want to see more of her! what's with me and my favorites nowadays.. first POW, now Kim.. what does that say about me? LOL! speaking of POW of Philippine Idol, someone should show her pictures of KIM so she'll know how to style herself better and not look like Nino Muhlach with her baggy clothes.

Back to Kim, i found her MTVU blog.. so happy we have similar tastes when it comes to music.. i don't know if it's possible for me to love her more but i do, i do!! bwahahah! though most of the stuff she talks about, are completely foreign to me (i've downloaded a couple that are available in limewire), i recognize a few bands she mentioned like Spoon, Interpol, The Arcade Fire (i looooove Wake Up) and Talking Heads.. but I downloaded Sunday Morning by Margo Guryan and i looooved it. She's still modeling (saw her picture in Vogue-Knit(? something like that), her portfolio and other pictures.. she looks great! lost a bit of weight, but still awesome)

anyway, because of my recent addiction Kim, i think my boss Melanie caught me watching something in and instantly got a one on one meeting with her.. I got a "Geri, you seem distracted lately" so I just told her the truth that Yep, I am because naiinip na ako, gusto ko ng umalis. bwahahaha. paconsuelo, i told her that I'm trying my best to finish my pending items but its just difficult because i miss my husband and other senti stuff like that.. (i think she believed me)

i'll be going to singapore this 28th, am just counting the days. When I get back here, i'll be giving my resignation letter (hurrah!) and that's just one more month before I can be with Raymond for good. Yeyyyyy!

Ei, promote lang.. visit Raymond's blog, Singapore Daily Photo, kasi ang weird eh, tatlo na silang Singapore daily, parang kakainis, lalo na yung pangatlo. tsaka ang weird pa, bakit pinayagan pa na meh ikatlong blog sa DP family.. i mean, sure, sinasabi ng iba na the more the merrier, pero wait until it happened to THEIR city, let's see how they will feel. Plus, hello, hindi naman ganon kalaki ang Singapore, ang liit-liit nga eh, kaya parang ang weird na meh 3 photo daily blog for that tiny country. hehe yun lang. Raymond's pretty relaxed about it, ako lang ang naggagalaiti.(eh? basta yun)

yun lang.. comment kayo uh keh raymond!


Charolism said...

NYAKAKA America's Next Top Model ROCKS! wait til you watch Cycle 6! Mamaya na ang season premiere ng Cycle 7 YAAAAAAAAAY! Baduy ng Canada's Next Top Model hahaha

BTW, Woiheeeeeeeeeeee si Lucas ang nanalo sa Rockstar: SUpernova! GO CANADA GO haha

I miss you LOL

Regards kay Pangs!

geWi said...

ate chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeishh go lukasssssssssssssssssss bweheheh!

miss you din *hugsss*

nami said...

nice... we've got the same say on Kim... like her too... i wasn't as addicted to this particular ANTM though as compared to the previous one(where Naima reigned over my dear Kahlen)

also glad to know Kim's still on the job ^___^