Friday, July 21, 2006


i'm currently running a script that usually takes more than an hour to finish so i've logged in to friendster, something that i rarely do, only because the site is too damn slow. anyway, i was re-reading my testimonials, (please, those pertaining to you-know-who, could you please make me another one? ehhehe) and i was struck by Davis' testimonial to me, not because we were close or anything like that, it was because his was the most different from the rest.

here's what he had to say about me:

Geri is one of the quiet people I knew in college. She's one of those deep thinkers who sits in a corner while puffing her cigarette. I don't smoke... but I sure enjoy sitting around with her while she does. She's very nice actually. You can talk with
her about your problems, and she gives good advice. And you're sure that your secret is kept well. She can get quite weird when she's already comfortable with you. So try not to get too close to her... lol! joke joke joke!

It always is a fun experience to see Geri. =) Take care now! Miss ya!

btw, kelan ba mauulit yung happy hour?? bwahaha!

isn't that a hoot? l o l. i'd like to think he wasn't sarcastic or anything like that, heehee.

enough about the slowest-site-ever-created-on-cyberspace-friendster. Are you guys watching Rockstar Supernova? Are you with me that these guys absolutely suck? I mean, really, the girls-singing-boy-songs is not working. If they were in AI, Simon would have a fit. Sure it's rock and roll and it's okay to be pitchy or something but you at least have to be in tune, even just for the friggin chorus! The girl who sang It's My Life, or the other one who sang a pathetic version of Drive, or the Aussie guy,.. i am not impressed. kulang ng angst. lalo na yung Josh something, he has a nice voice, but, are you kidding me? He'll be eaten alive by the Supernova guys. I only like two so far, that's Dilana and Lukas. I hope they improve as the show goes on.

It's friday today and i'm jumping for joy. 1 week to go before I see my pangs! Yahooey! and tomorrow, i'll see My GUY (LDW) in TV! yeyyy! have a good weekend everyone!

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Charolism said...

Yes I do ... i like the one na kumanta ng Zombie the other night, I just don't know her name. Pero sa lahat yata sya yung like ko!