Monday, August 28, 2006

...not that bad

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Monday. don't you just hate Mondays? I used to go to work late on Mondays.. then i realize, it puts me in a much worse mood if i do. It's hotter (stupid shuttles with poor airconditioning at the height of the mid-morning), traffic's much, much worse when I leave at 8am, and the day seems longer cause i'd have to leave at 7pm instead of 5pm.. when I haul myself from sleep at 5:45 am, it's waaay easier than all these combined. at least the waking up is only the hard part.

How was your weekend? Saturday I did my most favorite thing. I bummed out at home. Slept, ate, watched DVDs. (watched Friends with Money) Also helped my mom with her accessories. I don't do the actual necklace, I just help her with the pieces. you know, when i put a wire on a bead then i make loops on both ends? Anyway, that was my Saturday, fun eh? hehe.

Sunday, our usual mass at Sta.Lucia first. My ate bought my Lola a blouse and bought her a bag. Then off to Caloocan (at Kanto Tinio, HAHAHAH Morning Breeze, had a laugh at that with my parents.. I kept on repeating in my best konduktor voice.."Mga Kanto Tinio Dyan!!") It was Lola's birthday and we also brought Adobong Crabs and steamed corn. After that we went to St.Lukes to visit Ate Lala and her new baby! (not that she has an old one, well, you know what i mean) but this was not without Drama first. my drama inflicted family. Let's rewind to Saturday, while I was doing the looping thing with the beads and my mother was doing the actual necklace. Dad was standing (I don't know what he was doing, I think he was just passing by) and Mom says "Puntahan naten si Lala sa St.Lukes" (kasi nga kakapanganak pa lang nya) and Dad says "Ang hirap pumarada dun, anu?" or was it "Baka hindi mo alam kung gano kahirap pumarada dun?" (i think it was the latter) and then my Mom says "Edi bukas na lang tayo pumunta pagkatapos pumunta keh Nanay (Lola)" and then my Dad says "Okay". End of story right? So comes Sunday, after leaving Lola's place, we were at EDSA and my sister Ate Chary and Mom were talking about texting Ate Lala and asking her the room number. Ate Chary said "Mommy, Alam ba ni Daddy na pupunta tayong St.Lukes? Baka hindi ka narinig!" ('cause my dad has undiagnosed selective hearing) and then Mom says "Daddy, pupunta tayo sa St.Lukes uh!" and now the drama starts.

Daddy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi ko mahirap magpark dun! Akala ko pag asa Sta.Mesa na sila, dun na lang tayo bibisita!"
Mommy: "Anooooo??! Diba sabi mo kahapon, pumayag ka!"
Daddy: "Diba sabi ko nga mahirap magpark dun kahapon!"
Mommy: "Oo nga, pero sabi ko, ngayon na lang pagkatapos pumunta kay Nanay tas pumayag ka"
Daddy: "Anooooo??! Bakit ako papayag eh mahirap ngang magpark!"
Me: *interjects* "I was there, you did say yes."
Daddy: "Eh bakit nga ako papayag? Eh mahirap nga magpark!"
Me: "I don't know, sabi mo Okay eh."
*daddy takes a right turn then goes on about the woes of parking*
Daddy: "Puro pahirap kasi alam nyo! Nakasakay lang kasi kayo dyan!"
Mommy: "TUMIGIL ka na nga! Ibaba mo na lang ako sa pwede akong kumuha ng TAxi!"
Daddy: "Kahit saan pwede kumuha ng Taxi ano!"
Mommy: "Edi dito na lang! Itabi mo na! Kaming 2 na lang ni Chary pupunta! Maiwan ka Che sa Daddy mo!"
*daddy ignores mommy, mommy continues her taxi idea*
Daddy: "Papunta na tayo noh." then in his most sarcastic voice, "Akala mo EMERGENCY"
Mommy: "Daaaaaaa-dy...Sinong nagsabing emergency? Hindi emergency!"
Daddy: "Eh meh taxi-taxi ka pang sinasabi eh!"
Mommy: *gets another idea* "Idaan mo na lang kami sa St.Lukes tapos umuwi na kayo ni CheChe!"
*stillness/quietness in the van, then we arrive at St.Lukes. Dad parks in front of Greenwich, in front of St.Lukes*
Daddy: "Hihintayin na lang namin kayo dito."
Mommy: "WAG na!! Umuwi na kayo! Tara, Chary!"
*Dad and me watch them cross the street*
Me: "Umuwi na daw tayo."
*Dad ignores me*

We ended up going to the hospital and leaving the van because Kuya Eric (Ate Lala's brother) pulled up right beside us and told us he always parks here and leaves his car there. I said "Daddy! iniiwan daw ni Kuya Eric kotse nya dito, tara na!" So I got to see baby Lourdes Therese (i don't like their chosen name. Lourdes is for Lola, Therese daw is kasi nagdadasal daw si Ate lala keh St.Therese for a baby..anyway, still don't like it, parang hindi creative. I'm gonna name mine Annika Sky. hehe.) and how baby LT cried without tears and started a crying frenzy in the nursery.

That was my weekend. So I guess, Mondays aren't that bad.


rEeYuH said...

naku, me ganyang drama din samen! haha

annika sky? seryoso? parang annakin skywalker. hehehe

harbie said...

ay, samen din! di kaya menopausal na mga tatay naten?! hehehe!

geWi said...

onga anu reeyuh. probably why raymond doesn't like it. but the SKY will remain. hehe!