Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...tapos naaaaaaaa

ayan reeyuh, hehe.

*one big sigh* nakakalungkot waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. andito na naman ako sa pinas. wala ng smelly na mrt, wala ng unrecognizable food, wala ng incomprehensible english. (i'm trying to psych myself out)

wala na rin Pangs. huhuhuhu.

how was Singapore? each of us will have a different answer, for sure. Kate will probably say, if it wasn't for my Mom, nag-enjoy siya magshopping. Mom will say, if it wasn't for me, mas nakatipid sila/mas madaming napuntahan at madaming pang reklamo. (i'm never going on a vacation with my Mom again. d o n ' t a s k.) Auntie Boots will probably say the same thing as my Mom, except mellow-er. and saken, B I T I N. hay.

(sorry Anshe, ndi tayu nagkita. di talaga kaya eh. *here comes the dreaded sabi ko seyu* sabi ko kasi seyu, dapat nagsabay na tayu ng flight papunta! *WAPAKS*)

was my first time to see the Budget Terminal, it was pretty nice and clean, and exceeded my expectations. same goes for Tiger Airways' airplane. It was pretty new, so there was nothing 'exciting' happening in that ride.

They stayed at Hangout@mt.Emily.. what you see in the internet is pretty much what you get. Plus, they have great english speaking receptionists (probably 'cause most of the backpackers staying there were caucasians) so they're easy to understand. Unlike the receptionist we got at Strand Hotel, where Raymond and I stayed. I cannot understand them! They might as well be speaking chinese. (it sounded chinese)

and back to my Mom.. *sighs* grabi, never again. natawa ako eh, si Kate nga sabi "sorry geri uh, pero your mom, she's testing my patience" lol! natatawa na lang ako pag nagrereklamo ako tungkol keh mommy tapus sasabihin nila Kate/Jing na "ano ka ba, Mom mo yun eh" ngayon, Kate can definitely RELATE. lol. alam na nya what the f*ck i'm talking about. constant reklamo hay. constant comment hay. NAKASTRESS!

hay yun muna. bitin kakainis.


edwin s said...

Hello Geri. i don't understand Tagalog but enjoyed your post nonetheless. oh mothers...they say the darnest things, don't they?

thanks for popping by KLDP. hope to see you soon.

harbie said...

hahaha! baet-baet naman ni tita ah, very accom. i can't imagine her being a reklamadora. =)

bitin ba yung trip? si raymond naman uuwi next time di ba? kelan ba yon?

jane said...

heya gewi.. di tayo nagkita.. hehe.. was buzy packing stuffs for my trip back home..

kitakits sa august 12! =D

geWi said...

heyy edwin!! thanks for dropping by! i'll try to post more in english hehe!

harbieeeeeeeeee: yun ang akala mo. lol!

janeyyyyy: see youuuuu! good luck!

rEeYuH said...

kulang ng "??!!" un title. hehe

onga, kelan uwi ni raymond? raymond, "bitin" daw?

geWi said...

august 9!!

blogtimizer said...

offtopic: just blog hopping!