Monday, November 06, 2006

...malapit na!

malapit na ako umalis! yehey!

thanks to my officemates na nagpadespedida saken. nag music 21 kami, had soooo much fun, videoke tsaka poker!

yesterday, met up with my Pre-com Kada, the newlywed erlyn, joy and tenten. its so good to see old friends talaga.

i'm feeling kinda under the weather lately. i dunno why,..i mean, ala akong sipon or ubo.. basta meh lagnat lang. so weird. i still have to report to work until tomorrow. katamad na!

Philippine Idol kahapon! oooh, am so scared for POW. I dunno what's up with Mr. C dissing her. Her performance was totally great! and for them to praise Jan? WTF were they thinking? They should watch Jan's performance again on tape. Siguro, iba ang vibe sa studio, nadala lang sila ng studio audience pero he was totally off key. My sister and I couldn't even look at the TV during his performance! We were cringing and everything, kami ang nahihiya para sa kanya. He wasn't in tune and the dancing was horrible. Totally not Ricky martin, more on William Hung! argggh. So awful. If Simon Cowell was the judge, he'd say "poor imitation. complete and utter mess!"

I was pleasantly suprised with Regine Tolentino, though. Definitely had doubts with her credibility as a guest judge, but she was really insightful and articulate. Quote for the night: (To Miguel) - "Meron lang 2 moves dun na parang.. ay, pa-girl" (something like that).. too funny!!! Miguel should've said in the slumbook portion.. "Miguel in one word?... GAY!" BWAHAHAH. so gay talaga.

I'm liking Gian more and more na. I didn't vote for him because I was so scared for POW, so puro POW lang vote ko. I told my sister she should vote for GIAN. (I think she did) If POW goes out, (please, wag muna!) keh GIAN naman ako. He was great last night too. I don't like Robbie Williams but I loooved his Rock DJ version. He was sooo hot! hot hot hot. ang gwapo ni GIAN. What was Aiza Marquez thinking? haha!

Results night, tonight. hmm.. sana si Miguel matanggal! (ASA pa ako!) feeling ko si POW eh huhuhu wag sana. Pwede na ring si Apple ang matanggal!


harbie said...

i love Rock DJ! anyways, since napanood ko na ata lahat ng sarah geronimo videos sa youtube, career-in ko naman itong PI. hehehe!

goodluck sa manok mo gewi! =)

geWi said...

grabe she was safe.


leche siya!

rEeYuH said...

di ko pa napapanood! since the last elims. naku, di na makakavote si gewiiii waaaaa go POW!

parang pumayat si tenten...

geWi said...

parang lang yan. L O L.