Monday, October 16, 2006

...if i were pow chavez' stylist

yeah, she definitely needs one. (pow chavez from philippine idol) enough with the matching suits, what is the stylist thinking, making her look like nino muhlach?! someone should tell her to watch America's Next Top Model cycle 5 and look at Kim's style. They're both lezzies, anyway, so she should be able to adapt easily. What she wore last night was good, though. Its when she's performing that makes me want to *sabunot* her stylist. (or *her* if they're picking clothes themselves)

She should do the preppy look, *fitted* cardigans/sweaters over *fitted* polos, lose the baggy stuff, pow! it makes you look even smaller than you already are.

Someone should introduce Pow to Kim of ANTM Cycle 5

See? Let Pow do some layering!

Anyhoo, enough about her clothes, let's talk about last night. Pow's S A F E!! Yahoooeyyy! I voted about 10 times on my SMART phone, and 6 times on my Globe phone.. next time, I'll buy one of those Prepaid thingies so I can vote 20 times in just one entry. IMHO, Pow gave one of the best performances last saturday, and Mr. C didn't give her justice with that comment. It wasn't an OKAY performance, it was GREAT! and Mr. C's simply losing it by saying Jan (who?!) was his Philippine Idol for that night. I couldn't even remember what he friggin sang. (or who he is) It's not yet uploaded on Youtube, (sorry, my OFW friends) but she sang Til I Met You and she sang it beautifully. Earnest, sincere and so full of emotion. Love Yah Pow!!

Go Pow!

p.s. I don't get Mau fans. really. I absolutely HATE her personality. she's so bitter. enough with the *sanay na ako dito* shit when you're one of the bottom three. just be happy you're even there (after losing to Sarah G). her voice isn't all that recognizable. she's a belter, and that's that. and we've got loads of singers who are AWESOME singers but aren't on the same level as Regine or Sarah or whoever simply because they've got no likeability factor. It's not even on the physical thing, (i mean, look at Sarah G, she's not THAT beautiful but there's something about her that's definitely loveable) Look at Bituin Escalante, Dessa, etc. Do they even have fans? Mau's just another headcount amongst them. So stop whining and just sing and hope that you win some more texters.


rEeYuH said...

i sooooo loooooove POW! sa youtube lang ako umaasa ng mga updates and sa philippineidool2006.blogspot.

i must agree.. nagulat lng ako when she wore the suit. lolz. kainis! hehe un latest na napanood ko is un rnb night. im looking for the results night episode... =/

go POW! *me gf kaya un* haha

geWi said...

ahahaha i've read that somewhere sa forum. meron daw. lucky b**ch. lol!

harbie said...

wow gewi, lab na kita kasi ni-mention mo idol ko ditow! hahaha! *hugs higpet*

anyways, that Mau girl, she dates back to sarah's stint sa Star for A Night?! parang familiar nga yung fez nya eh. kung hindi sya loveable as a performer, she should just do radio shows. hehehe! haven't seen her perform yet.

pow likes janet jackson and usher!? ok, that's enough for me to root for her! biased! hehehe! wikipedia said she has a metal slug on her face?! totoo?!

geWi said...

she said something on the lines of, "para sa mahal nya, magpapabaril ULIT siya".. so i guess it's true.

another reason to root for her, she's TOMASINO! cfad ata or cafa.

harbie said...

huwaw! sold na sold na talaga!

i guess the age-old joke that "thomasians are everywhere" is true. hehehe!