Tuesday, October 31, 2006

...wasted time


so i thought i would be able to finally load up my vision w with videos with my downloaded dvd converter. i spent the whoooole weekend converting the whoooole season 2 of LOST. I thought i was THE bomb because of that. soooo stupid! Why didn't I notice the signs that i will be one huuuge failure?

Sign # 1: it only had an average size of 70mb per episode. (wtf was i thinking?)
Sign # 2: the time it took for me to convert an "episode" was only 45 minutes. (WTFFFFFFFFF was i thinking?)
Sign # 3: i had a TRIAL version of the converter.

I should've known from previous experience that a whole episode would be about 300 mb AND conversion time was about 4 hours. d`oh! *wapaks sarili*

and you know what's even funnier? i only discovered this TODAY. just friggin today when i was watching "Over the Hedge" (yahhh, nagconvert pa ako ng "3" movies) and just when i was completely into the movie and trying to control my friggin laugh at the shuttle, the movie ended. I was like "meh napindot ba ako?" then i noticed that ALL my videos had "00:10:00" as its duration. akala ko ata 10 hours yun. L E C H E. i wanted to cry and throw out my player but the thought of Pangs saying "i told you so" stopped me. Pangs told me to check it. I did friggin check it! I checked each one for about 10 seconds. l o l. L E C H E again.

Anyhoo, I will try to move on and NOT think about our MERALCO bill (i did say i was converting the whole weekend right?) and all that wasted effort. (but its soooooooooo hard. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!)

In Philippine Idol, looks like ABC-5 is reading a couple of PI blogs because they have listened to their miniscule fans and shortened the voting time period for 2 hours (similar to AI) to attempt control over the rich-relatives-texting-brigade. Jeli said bye-bye yesterday, i was so pleasantly surprised. POW was AGAIN at the bottom 4 (which i totally predicted) but was saved, TG. because of the two-hour voting period, I had to text my fingers-off without waiting for any confirmation text so imagine being woken up til the wee hours of the morning by my mobile phone because the confirmation texts were finally being received. i was like, "how many did i friggin text?" L O L. I'm voting for a new Idol hopeful too, its Gian with his rendition of Superstar. Ang galing! ang gwapo pala nya. ehehehe. so gooo Gian and Pow! it was so funny at our house during the results show, we were all so nervous. Mom let out a big shout when Gian was declared safe and i was cringing on my seat when POW was at the bottom 2 of one group. Katawa si Daddy. He said "Bakit si Jeli natanggal, binoto ko yan eh!" I was like "watda? nagtext ka?" Dad said "Oo, Jeli to 2339 diba?" L O L. I said "Kaya natalo! kasi binoto mo! ngayon lang naging bottom yan eh. malas ka!" L O L. In fairness to Jeli, she did make a better performance than POW but I still don't like her.
here's gian's incredible performance, uploaded by starmometerdotcom.

here's POW's.. hay. you can do better.

(updated: ei. it wasn't bad pala eh. hihihi)

Kay POW naman,.. namen, namen POW.. gandahan mo naman song choice mo please? *sighs* sayang tinetext ko sayu, and hirap na ako magdefend sa forum seyu. L O L. not to mention defending my choice to my parents. I was like "prejudiced lang kayo kasi tibo siya!!!" bwahahaha.

Another thing I did in the weekend (while waiting for my friggin 10 minute videos. pak talaga) was Princess Hours. It's another korean series that I just love! i love it na. And so does my Dad, hehe. It's about a student whose grandfather got in a pact with the emperor because the grandfather saved the emperor's life or something like that. The emperor said, that the grandfather's apo will marry his apo, the crowned prince. So the girl only knew about that when the Emperor's Palace contacted them and her fairy tale life started. Syempre, hindi lang tungkol dun, daming twists which I am just too lazy to tell so just get the DVD and watch the series. and Syempre ulit, mas gwapo na naman ang 2nd lead na lalake. Always and forever na lang sa koreanovela. *sighs* We're still on the 12th episode, sana my dad doesn't continue watching it without me (asa pa ako.) here's the cute cast:


ooh, and i've got a flash report. as in ngayon ko lang nalaman, kainish. Erlyn's married na. to coocoo. sabi ko nga keh Erlyn.. "does this mean we can't diss him na?" lol. ni hindi ko nga alam na SILA ulit eh, let alone married. so, congrats na lang and i truly hope he makes you happy. (kasi kung hindi, sasabihin ko keh Sis joy ituloy yung request mo dati!)

that's about it. Don't forget to visit your departed ones tomorrow (or else, they'll visit you, bwahahaha)


harbie said...

gewi! namiss kita sa blog! *hugs*

bad trip yung nangyari sayo ah... sobrang excitement yan, kaya di mo naisip i-check ng maayos. hehehe!

about erlyn, i've been trying to call her since friday afternoon dito. you know her number? tagal sumagot sa email eh. yoko sa email lang mag-congrats eh, lamuyun? =)

anyways, di ko makita yung videos ng PI ah.

rEeYuH said...

di ako makarelate sa mga techie gadgets nyo hehe

masasabi ko lng GO POW! pero di ko feel un kanta nya.... i like gian too! mejo OA lng lumalabas minsan coz theatrical nga ang dating.

wow, Congrats and best wishes to erlyn!

geWi said...

hehe ay ndi ba kita harbie? i dunno eh, inembed ko lng yung nakita ko sa youtube.

i'll ym you erlyn's number!

harbie said...

ei gewi, nakausap ko na si erlyn. hehehe! tengks anyways. di rin ako nakaka-login sa YM eh. bawal sa office, at tamad ako sa bahay, bagal kasi.

wala pa rin akong makitang video. =(