Tuesday, August 22, 2006

...random things that irritate me the most

1. Shuttle newbies. - i ride a shuttle service from Makati to COGEO (in Antipolo) or if i'm running a bit late, from Makati to Masinag then I get a FX ride from Masinag to Cogeo. Shuttle newbies irritate the hell out of me. Those who pay (nangunguna ba) before everyone else (Shuttle rule # 1. Fares are collected by the passengers so that isang abot na lang sa driver), those who talk loudly inside the shuttle (Shuttle rule #2, Hellloo? senyu ba tong sasakyan?) and those who feel like i'm some sort of leaning post. (Okay, ok, i may Look like a post (:p) but please, don't lean on me, you stupid fat-assed girl, you weigh a ton) The ride usually lasts for 1 and a half-hours and people usually sleep on this time. Lastly, I hate those who are in earphones but you can hear what they're listening to. Worse when i can only hear the kilansing. Puhhhleaseeeee, is that a speaker in your ear? Do I look like i wanna hear Cueshe (no offense to Cueshe fans)? Arrrggghh. so kaka.

2. Mimicking people. - you know the type, when you say something mundane lng "Uuwi na ako!" and then they go ahead and mimick you, "Uuwi na ako". Diba kakairita? It's not a good example, so you probably didn't get it. Hmm... I'll try another one.. When you say "Yeheyyyyyyyyy Hahaha!" they go and say yeheyyy ha ha ha. l o l. hehehe. It's irritating right?

3. People who cross the street like the own the road. Can i just run them over for once? or maybe nick them a bit so they'll realize they're not the priority here? I especially hate those who put up a hand then when they get you to stop, they'll slow down their walk? I mean, WTF?! I already stopped my damn car for you and this is how you repay me? By walking like you're on the moon? Dagmadit!

4. Spitters. Do i need to elaborate? Wouldn't it make your day if someone's spit accidentally splashes on you? ewww.

5. Jeepney drivers who stop in the middle of the road. Are you really in a hurry? Will it waste too much of your time to actually put your vehicle at the side so that you won't cause traffic?

6. Filipinos living abroad who constantly say bad things about the Philippines to other people from other nationalities. And to those who say na wala nang pag-asa ang pilipinas. Come on, you're already there, living a privileged life, why do you have to bring Filipinos living here down? Will it kill you to talk about the Philippines in a positive way?

7. People who make singit to lines. Ang sarap kotongan. Seriously.

8. Someone kicking your seat. Whether it is in the cinema, or when you're in Mass, or in the office (if someone is near your seat). I wanna go behind them and kick their seat. See how that makes them feel.

9. Salesladies that follow you around in a store trying to "help". Really, if i'll need you, i'll call you. Kaya ayaw ko magBody Shop eh, notorious sila dito. They're so close, I can hear them breathing. If I tuck in my hair fast enough, I can knock them over with my siko. Isn't THAT irritating?

10. (mind you, this was supposed to be a 3 item list. i got carried away) Officemates that sing the SAME song in the office. I mean, really, I admit I sing out loud when I get carried away but at least I move on to the next song when the damn song finishes. I don't sing one single song for WEEKS. (yep, weeks, not hours, not days, WEEKS!) I swear, if i hear Wonderful Journey one more time (OVER MY EARPHONES! yeahh, it's that loud) I'm going to pull the cord out of your friggin computer.

*Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* l o l. sorry about that, i just needed to vent.


rEeYuH said...

i hate seeing people spit! as in. lamu un random spitting lang?!! pwera siguro kung me cough ka at tlgang di mo na maiwasan... o sige, tama na bka mejo graphic na un next description ko. hahaha

harbie said...

uy! andami nating pareho gewi! lemme see: 3-9!!! emphasis on #5, which i miss. =P

and may i just add, people who invade your personal space, like pag nakapila and they are standing too close to you parang tinutulak ka na. you will really hear something from me besides a grunt when you do that.

and similar to #6, pinoys here abroad na ma-ere. di man lang ngingiti pag nakasalubong mo, eh alam mo namang pareho kayong pinoy dahil sa ilong nila! really, really pisses me off! at isa pa in that category, mga trying hard pinoys dito. english-speaking kuno, di na lang Tagalugin. obvious namang hirap na hirap na sila sa pagtranslate. keinis! =P

gee, this comment should be an entirely new blog entry! =P

harbie said...

btw, according to kuya fred, it pisses him off to see pinoy parents in US who don't teach their kids how to use "po" and "opo", at hindi marunong mag-mano. makaluma talaga si lolo fred! hehehe!

geWi said...

seriously, kakapiss off nga yung pilipino hindi marunong magtagalog eh! seriously! mukha silang tanga tuloy pag balik nila dito sa pinas tas hindi sila makaintindi.

geezzz tama ka dun sa invading of personal space. waah ako rin ayaw ko rin yun!

twistedzero said...

sa totoo lang, marunong naman silang magtagalog, pero mas gusto nilang magsalita ng ingles. ewan ko ba. minsan, nakapanood ako ng concert ng pinoy dito, mga banda-banda lang. kakanta sila ng tagalog, tapos pag-iintroduce nila yung next song nila ingles. puro naman pinoy tao dun! hehe

sandali, ako ba yung number 8? hehe!

geWi said...

aha, u remember uh! don't worry, ur forgiven kasi alam ko nagpapakyut ka lang saken nun haha.

was actually referring pag nagsisimba kami, sa cinema 5 kasi sa sta.lucia kami nagmamass, nakakabwiset pag sinisipa upuan kow!