Monday, August 14, 2006

...rediscovered music

Don't you just love rediscovering music you've loved and listened to in the past but forgot about it simply because you've found something newer and trendier? I have many musical interests (you can hit me with a boy band song if i feel like it) but I've always been a rocker at heart. I mainly depend on Y!Music (Alternative Station) to keep with the new songs now, so I'm not sure what's a "hit" in the local stations. However, I've been watching Rockstar:Supernova (which in my opinion, should just kick out all the other singers and make it a battle between Lucas, Dilana and Magni) and I just love the songs that they sing there. I've downloaded the songs sang there and most of them are 80s songs and I just love the 80s! i'm not talking much about the new wave stuff (though I'm currently listening to Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, is that new wave?) but the kickass rock songs.

I've got 3 David Bowie Songs in my mp3 playlist. Changes (ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaangessssssss), All the Young Dudes (weeeeee! i love this song! this was in the Clueless soundtrack too. I love Clueless! ultimate chick-flick!) and Under Pressure which is sadly more known as the first few notes of the Ice, Ice Baby track.

I've rediscovered Heart, oooh, i just love their songs. Alone (sang by Carrie in AI), These Dreams (waah peyborit!) and all other songs like What About Love and All I Wanna Do I Make Love To You.

I even like Blondie now (also, because of Rockstar:Supernova) with their 'Call me' song and the mahalay na I Touch Myself song. (I don't want anybody else, when I think abouuuuut you, I touch myself! wow, kakaloka!)

The classic, Baba O'Riley from The Who. If you don't know song, I'll bet my as* off that you do and that you'll go "Aaaaaaaaahh, yan ba yun!" when you hear it. (Teenage wastelandddddddddd, it's only teenage wastelandddd) If you watch House,MD, that's the song he was playing 'pretend' piano and drums to when he was at the office and the Black former-owner of the hospital dude came into the office.

(it's not in the 80s) But found new love for the song Santeria by Sublime. Loooove the song (TY to Josh who sang this in the show, not because he sang it good but just for hearing this oh-so-wonderful-iwanna-go-to-the-beach song again)

I know Billy Idol (who doesn't) but I've been an IDIOT when it comes to his songs. Now, I love 'Rebel Yell' with ALLLL my heart. If you know any other awesome Billy Idol songs (aside from Mony Mony which I don't like because it gives me an image of my Ate Chary dancing to that and that is NOT a good memory), you've got to tell me 'cause I am (repeat) an IDIOT who doesn't know any better. (Update: I'm currently downloading White Wedding and Dancing with Myself)

Anyway, enough about music. Pangs was here from Tuesday til Sunday. (Ohmygosh, so sorry to Jane, hindi kami naka-attend ng wedding mo huhuhuhuh. Grabi kasi sched namin, we're trying to push everything to his 4day visit..nagulintang eh, nawala lahat yung plano namin. Waaah sorrrrrrrrrrryyyy Hope you had a beautiful one! and please speak to me parin. ehehe.)

He's back in Singapore again. (huhuhuhuhuhuh) *sighs* Any words I write cannot describe how devastatingly sad that makes me feel. So I'm just gonna shut-up and change the topic.

(listening now to Billy Idol's White Wedding. Waah I know this song pala, ganda!)

Am back to work now and what can I say but it's still SSDD (same shit different Day) today. I'll just listen to Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself (another awwweeesome song) and hope this day gets better.


harbie said...

funny you mentioned rediscovering music. i'm uploading songs to my (ehem!) mp3 player, i rediscovered a few myself. like Sweet Soul Revue (Pizzicato Five), The Sign (Ace of Base), Canned Heat (Jamiroquai) at kung anu-ano pa. i'm still looking for How Gee! hehehe! =P

geWi said...

ahaaaaaaaaaaa! yung sweet sould revue yung tinatanong ko dati seyu! hehehe. kakatuwa anu?

rEeYuH said...

i was also preparing another entry abt 'sulit' albums... reminiscing, rediscovering din ba. hehe

i liked These Dreams and ALone, esp when Carrie sang it in AI. i just love james ingram, barry manilow songs... yan plng ang na-rediscover ko hehe

harbie said...

i found Ragga Muffin Girl, New Age Girl, Xtasi Xtano, How Gee and the songs from Daimos, Shaider and Bioman. hahaha! wala lang, update ko lang. =P