Tuesday, November 07, 2006

...on philippine idol

(this is going to be a POW thread. pagbigyan nyo na ako. si Harbie nga pinagbigyan nyo keh Sarah G eh, l o l)

*whew* pow chavez is safe! woohoo! i have to be honest. i actually let out a sob (which was so unintentional, believe me) when POW was being interviewed by Ryan A when she was called as one of the bottom 3... Ryan A asked her like what could she have done differently in her performance.. she looked really hurt and she didn't know what to say! She was like *big pause here*..ahmm.. i'm not perfect. every time i perform, i just give my best. (waaaaah insert wail here) I hope i'll be given a chance to REINVENT myself.

The reinvent comment is what truly, truly pisses me off. What more does Mr. C want when he said this to POW after her Got to Be Real performance? She already did Usher, she's awesome doing OPM ballad songs, now she's showing she has the moves with this performance. (will post the video below) she was the only one who was all out sa dancing na hindi na-off ang pagkanta. arrrggghh. naiinis na talaga ako sa kanya. Doesn't he know that he's affecting the sway voters? bwisit. kawawa si POW. I don't want her to gooooo. It's not only her singing, it's her personality that's totally endearing. After her performance last night, where she gave this awesome rendition of Nakapagtataka (on the new IDOL CD), waaaaah napaiyak talaga ako. (ibang level na rin ako. lol)

Bottom 3 was Ken, (my) POW (haha) and Apple,.. si Apple natanggal. When Ryan A. said.. "Ur safe.. POW chavez" i let out a big hoot which scandalized my parents hehe. ("HOYYYY ang ingay mo!") and then it was between Ken and Apple and I thought just for a teeny second that Ken-the-feathered-boa-gay-guy will be the one ousted and I was friggin happy for that short span of time. Pero its Apple, pwede na rin siya. I don't like her too.

Pano yaaaaaaaan next week hindi na ako makakapanood. Vero kaw na lang pag-asa ko, pag aralan mo pano mag upload sa Youtube! lol! buong show uh! hahaha!

Here's Pow's performance: (panoorin mo kaya ulit Mr. C noh? stop the POW-dissing please)

(If you can't view this harbie, just go to youtube and search pow chavez. Thanks to starmometer from starmometer.com for this video.)

Si Mamita naman wala ng ibang comment kungdi yung magskirt si POW. get over it! Once you stop teasing your hair, then POW will start wearing a skirt, okay? l o l. I'm not even sure anymore if its really the clothes that's bothering you or POW's sexual preference. hmpft.

Yun lang. POW is SAFE! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeyyy!!!


harbie said...

of course, it's for the ratings mare. tsaka pag laging inaapi si POW, fans tend to vote more! yun nga lang, yung sway votes, they have to have backbones to stand by her kung lagi syang ino-okray.

ibang level ka na nga mare! at least ako hindi umiiyak! hahaha! pero i'm with you in becoming a fan. mwehehe!

still can't view it, mamaya sa bahay. =)

roni said...

hahaha! gewi, i'm not into PI eh...feeling ko kasi parang walang kwenta ung mga judges.. pero sige, para sayo ipopost ko ung kay POW (may bayad 'to ha?! hehe..)

geWi said...

shocks roni thankyouuuuuuu! gusto ko from start hanggang judges comments nung keh POW uh hehe.

feeling ko din super delikado na siya eh. hay. feeling ko she's next to go huhuhuh.

harbie said...

i saw some performances on youtube. uhmmm, will you hate me pag sinabi kong half of the contestants, parang bad auditions lang? hehehe! =P