Wednesday, July 19, 2006

...Katamad with a capital K

i think i've started more than a dozen blogs but only got a sentence in.. either i would get interrupted by work or i'll just realize i've got nothing worthwhile to share.. (not that this day is any different.. i'm just too damn bored in the office)

i'm too addicted to the My Girl guy, the actor's name is Lee Dong-Wook.. and he's coming to Manila! /me tili hanggang mawalan ng boses. Grabe.. i've already finished watching it (c/o quiapo, ehehe) and i'm trying to catch it in ABS-CBN.. unsucessfully, that is. i just hate commercials. i tried watching it for the sake of My Guy (hehe) but i remembered the reason why i don't watch too much shows in the local channels, there's just too much advertisements, nakakawala ng momentum!

Lee Dong-Wook.. grabe, todo na toh.

anyway, i needed to infuse some western culture in my system again so I'm currently watching Commander-in-chief starring Geena Davis. (ei harbie, do you watch this?) it's very entertaining, and Geena Davis is so.. presidentiable. hehe. it's not yet shown here in the Philippines, TG for my good old Dad and his quiapo escapades. I'm not sure if the disc has the complete season, so if anyone knows, has the first season finished its showing in the US? i think i've got only 9 episodes in the disc so i'll probably be uber-bitin. Also have the seasons 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy. (Galing talaga ni Itay! lol) Ewan ko ba, ndi pa ako natutuwa dito, maybe because I'm too much of a House MD fan, and i'm always looking for a laugh at these shows and hindi nagpapatawa yung Grey's Anatomy eh hehe (or maybe they do, but i don't find it funny).. i like how House is really categorized as a Drama show but you can't deny how comedic it can be, there's never an episode that i didn't laugh out loud.

naiinip na ako. I wanna go to Singapore already. even if it's just a couple of days, inip na inip na inip na inip na ako. maybe that's why i'm too bored here. and too restless. di ako mapakali. and lagi na akong late. grrr. ako pa naman si 8-5 person. (yahhh 6:30 pa lng, bahay na ako, except on Fridays when i meet my HS kada and we do our yosi session) now i'm 10ish to 7ish person. gaaah, kakairita. ang bagal ng oras uh. and it's not as if i've got nothing to do at work. it's the opposite. i'm just so so friggin lazy to do it. hay.

Monday naiyak ako nung kausap ko si Pangs sa phone. I told him "Pangs.. nalu--luuung *waaaaaaaaaaaahhh* aku!" then i got a grip of myself and said good night. Tuesday night, okey na ako.

I called Pangs and said "I think I know na bakit ako naiyak kahapon"
Pangs: "Bakit?"
me: "Wala kasing mapanood sa TV. naramdam ko ang kalungkutan"
Pangs: "So ngayon, okey ka na?"
me: "Yep. Merong The OC tsaka One Tree Hill eh"
Pangs: "So hindi mo na ako miss?"
me: "Hindi sa ganun, hindi ko lang naiisip na miss kita pero miss parin kita"
Pangs: "galing lumusot uh"

wahehehe. It's true you know, my keeping busy means watching TV. I don't have much of a social life, apart from my HS kada (my saviours!!), as if makakaalis ako pag gabi eh daig ko pa si Cinderella, kelangang 11pm asa bahay na ko. Drastic improvement na nga yung nakakauwi ako ng lagpas 11 pm dahil sinabi ko na ihahatid naman ako ni Jing sa bahay hehe. (plus dun ako natutulog sa bahay namin ni Raymond nun para hindi ako mapagalitan) Grabe noh, parang hindi ako nagtatrabahong bente-singco at meh asawa na. I'm not bitter, i'm so used to it by now. living far away has its perks though,.. i don't have any sleeping problem, i sleep as soon as the shuttle moves.. my bosses usually don't consider me to work on weekends ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") and i can go home the earliest ("malayo bahay nyan eh!") i can make it as an excuse when i'm super tinatamad sa mga lakad ("ang layo namin kasi nyan eh!") and malamig parin samen pag gabi dahil meh bundok pa hehe.

hay. 7pm pa uwi ko. drat.


spread your smile said...

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twistedzero said...

things will change by the time you start to live here. No more pirated. as of now, ala akong cable so no tfc, and lahat malapit, if you travel for more that 30 mins, nakarating ka na from boon lay to pasir ris nun (east to west). And sino ba makakatulog pag may putok katabi mo? uso ata dito yun. wala araw na hinde ako nakasabay ng mabaho! hay! stressful talaga! hehe di lang po yung mga .. ang tinutukoy ko, ibang tiga-rito na babae mas malakas ang power!

harbie said...

uy lapit na ng alis mo gewi! makaka-amoy ka na rin ng putok ng SG! heheheh! =P

rEeYuH said...

"live here" --> kelan na ba? grabe, lapit na gewi! hehe i watched a few episodes of commander-in-chief. she looks the part. dignified. corrupt? hehe i love grey's anatomy! peram naman!

hay naku, dito rin noh mabaho. hehe