Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i love summer!

not summer, as in winter spring summer, but Summer as in The OC summer. As in Summer and Seth. Sometimes I forget why I loved (note the past tense) the OC, but I stopped watching because Marissa is just plain irritating. Out of boredom I catched the show last night and Summer really makes me laugh out loud. (Plus the fact that Rachel Bilson is half-pinay is just icing on the cake! Ha!! I knew it!)

Do you know that they're a real couple off-screen? Waaaah kakakilig. lol! I think I loved Seth before Summer so I'm as much as a Seth fan as I am a Summer one. I mean, who doesn't love Seth? Funny, cute,... FUNNY! He's such an adorable, loving geek and Adam Brody plays him to the T. Don't they look awesome here? And they're pretty private with their relationship, and that makes me just like them even better. Hate hollywood couples who flaunt their love life then break up the next minute, makes them look like b i g fakes. oooh, I think I got excited for the latest OC season, 'cause guess what.. Marissa's Dead! waahahah. Aint I the luckiest fan? hihihi. It's like I willed(?) her dead. I've had enough of her bitch*n Ryan and I can't understand how she can't just TRUST ryan. that girl has a LOT of issues. good riddance. *evil laugh*

Love them! Love their banters, love how funny they are as individuals and funnier when they're together. Seth's favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie and thinks Foreigner is ten times cooler than Journey (Ryan's favorite band is Journey. YAHHH. Tell me about it, he's such a bore)!

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