Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...guilty pleasures (updated)

1. Regine Velasquez movies. heehee. yeah, i have absolutely watched every single Regine flick, because they're the kind of movies i like.. light, romantic chick-flick comedies. you know what my fave is (I forgot to say that this post is TOP SECRET!), the one with Robin Padilla, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw. wahahaha. Robin is H O T there! sooperdoopah gwapo siya dun. I think there was some sort of filter every time the camera focuses in on him. and guess what?? They've got a new movie coming up! It's titled Til I met You and they're currently now shooting (Well, at least that's what I read in the paper). Weeeeee! I frantically told my sister, Ate Chary that bit of news and as usual, she told me "ngayon mo lang nalaman?" Harumpft. Ateeeee, not everyone watches The Buzz/S-Files and records them.

2. Kim Rae Won. Who?? I first saw him in My Love, Patzzi (My Love, Cindy in the GMA 7 broadcast) and he was the bestfriend of the girl lead but turned out, surprisingly, the guy who gets the girl. It was really a surprise because he wasn't that focused in the story. Anyway, I liked him them. I loved him in the Korean movie, Little Bride. Then I watched another one of his films, "...ing". I swear, this isn't something I planned, or that I look specifically for his movies in piracy lalaland in Quiapo, it just usually turns out to be HIM. I didn't even watch Attic Cat (where he's most known) because I can't stand the ugly girl partnered there with him. But now that they're going to show "Love Story in Harvard" in GMA 7, I am ecstatic. I don't even know why he's my favorite. He's not Lee Dong Wook handsome, just supremely ma-appeal. I liked the "...ing" movie because he played a smoker there and gosh, he's such a gwapo smoker. heehee.


I think I'm so addicted to koreans that they are now part of my dreams. I dreamt that we were in Sta.Mesa. My cousins are there, they live in a compound so when we were young, we would all play hide and seek in Lola's apartment. Anyway, back in my dream, we were playing taguan and guess what, the Koreans were there. I can't even remember which Korean specifically, but they really where there. They even joined in the taguan game and hid themselves (there were at least 3 of them) under the dining table. In the 2nd round, I hid with them under the dining table because my cousins, even though they knew they were hiding there wouldn't call out to them because they couldn't even pronounce the friggin names, much less tag them. So I was pretty safe with the Koreans. Grabe, uber-weird noh? I'm not even going to contemplate what this means.

3. Gerald and Kim (from PBB). Ewan ko ba. I find them, endearing. It's suuuuch a guilty pleasure that I only watch their show in YouTube.com (search "Lovespell", ehehehe) and I can't even urge myself to google them and post their pictures here for I don't want their pictures in MY flickr account. l o l. I've only watched 2 episodes so far, but ooohhh, It feels so weird writing about them, hahaha. so enough already. i'm gonna zip it.

Pangs is going home tomorrow!!! yahoooooeeyy!! I can't wait I can't wait!! *dance dance* WOHOOOOOO!

ANDITO NA SI PANGS! loko yun, he got here around 2:30 PM today. He called me up, and all the while i was thinking he was still in Singapore, he told me "Pangs kowwww andito na ako sa tapat ng PBCom Tower!". sabi ko "niloloko mo ako!!" wahahaha. WAHAHAHAH. BWAHHAHAHHAHAAHHA! *naloka na*

i got his luggage here beside me, i'm still in the office. hmmm. ano kaya pasalubong nya saken? tingnan ko kaya! HAHAHAHA. joke joke pangs kow. I love you! kahit 1 day lang ang nadagdag, best surprise everrrrrrrrr!!


harbie said...

awwww, ang sweet naman! =D mabuti pa si raymond, magaling mag-surprise, at ikaw naman gewi, di ka spoiler! =D

(i hope alfredo gets to read this!!!!)

para kayong telenovela! hehehe!

davisgrana said...

nakapanood ako ng telenovela sa GMA7. Cute nga... kaya pala daming nakandarapa sa Koreanovelas ngayon eh. hahaha!

Ang sweet nyo naman. Kakatuwa kayong dalawa. God bless Gewi!!

~Glo~ said...

Ay naku Geri ngayon ko lang nalaman out of your guilty pleasures post, e same wavelength tayo sa 2 iyan. I have copies of regine's movie, all except for pic pak book. Harap hanapin nun e. My bestfriend and MOH Joy helped me complete my collection. I cant wait for her new movie. Let me know when its out.

Kim Rae Won - I just finished watching Love Story in Harvard. I bought a copy on ebay and kahit na magkandaduling na ko sa kakabasa ng subtitles ok lang. Something about listening to them talk in Korean makes it more authentic. Hehe!

Take care. Keep in touch... gngabriel_78 at yahoo dot com

rEeYuH said...

ang saya saya! supplies! hehe enjoy, gewi! ;-)

Piggy said...

1. my litte bride - he made me cry
2. cat in the attic - also nice.
ask raymond to buy u original korean movies and series here in sg.. always on sale. :-)