Wednesday, August 07, 2002

was my mom and dad's anniversary.. ate at super bowl .... am still full, actually...

hay i was such in a bad mood yesterday.. couldn't even blog to explain what i was feeling.. basically it started with a petty fight with my eldest (evil) sister.. kesyo i was hogging the PC blah blah sya naman daw blah blah... (/me makes the W sign).. then she committed the MORTAL sin of siblingness.. she told my dad! (sinumbong ako in short) so my dad scolded me (blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaah) and told me to allow my sister use the pc.. hay ewan.. i was already in a bad mood even before that ... i think it was because of some unfinished modules/exercises at work.. (i think.. i forgot already)... plus i haven't talked to him for like... 3 days! (4 days including today haaaaay)

i still see him in irc, though... i think i'm in his notify list because he macks me before i even join a channel... but he doesn't call me anymore... which SHOULD be just fine cause i'm just a friend of his plus he apparently loves someone already (accdg to his qm)... oki, oki tama na, sori na lang ako...better luck next time (eh?!)

i'm asking my officemate's help in installing an OS in my notebook.. but he wasn't able to do it.. he gave me the cds and stuff ... but i've been trying to do it for about an hour but i still can't boot from the CD-ROM .. i guess i'll just have to bring it again tomorrow (grrr my notebook's too damn heavy.. mainly because of the transformer and adaptors) and i think they'll have to do the installation or else i might do something to it that wouldn't be repairable..

momi still hasn't replied to my e-mail.. tsk asan buh yun..

ei.. mark this day pala.. for the first time i was the one who finished the assigned exercise first.. iYeHey! hehe...

if i had to rate this day... i'll give it a 7 out of 10.. is high because our family dined out plus the first finisher thingie... isn't perfect because of my freaking useless no-os installed notebook and of missing him...

nite all!

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