Tuesday, August 27, 2002

System Time: 8:21 AM
..wasn't late today..had to make my own version of the 50-meter dash, though... punched in at 7:57 am.. (Yes!) with 3 minutes to spare.. :p

System Time: 1:29 pm
...pretended the whole morning..i feel so..bobo LoL.. mainly because it was my batchmates who discussed the solutions to the problems given to us.. (main reason of course is, I DIDN'T contribute anything hehe)

presently listening to the Corrs - Love Gives Love Takes:

just when i thought i was safe..
you found me in my hiding place..
i promised never again, i wouldn't give my heart, but then...

closer, closer i moved near you
the way i want you makes me fear you

love breaks and love divides
love laughs and love can make you cry
i can't believe the ways
that love can give and love can take away

i find it hard to explain
it's crazy but its happening..
and i'm falling again..
much farther than i've ever been..

i've fallen deeper than the ocean..
i'm lost in this emotion

/me sighs.. i think The Corrs makes the best love songs!

..i'm gonna stare at somebody else's monitor now.. :p

System Time: 3:18 PM
PAK m so sleypi.. -_-

System Time: 4:48 PM
...just got my caffeine and nicotine doses.. hehe.. now i feel like i wanna.. (you know.. LOL).. hope i could continue scanning when i get home so that i could start making the "class libraries" section..
...Koji has been teaching me the logic of his Resizing procedure.. VB sucks.. i mean, if we were using Delphi, auto-resizing would just be a form property..in VB we're coding it step by step... succcccccccckkksssss

..waah my ebil sis texted me and said that she'll use the PC (again!).. gaaaaaaaaahh di pwedeeeee demmit (syempre la na naman akong say)


pak.. i'm having a text debate with my sister.. EBILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tlga bwiset

System Time: 5:36 PM
...has been staring at my monitor for uhh 15 minutes..
just waiting for 6 pm..

System Time: 6:11 pm <------- YAHOOO GTG BABAY!

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